Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Renegade Night will be released in a week!!


My name is Nikki Noffsinger and in the next week, at, my very first book will be available. Renegade Night is my first attempt at a published paranormal romance novel. Publish America is not a self-publish site and I did have to submit a manuscript. It's been a long long long process that started in October of 2009.

Renegade Night was originally called Guardian of the Night. It is a new spin on the Vampire story. I promise-they don't sparkle but its just another way to look at vampires. I have always loved vampires since I was a kid and was an avid Anne Rice fan. I hope to one day be as good as she, but I'm starting out so we'll have to see where it goes. I hope you all purchase a copy and fall in love with the story.

Renegade Night is about a young woman named Lainey Thomas. When Lainey was but a young girl her mother and father were killed savagely. From the time she was five until she was in her late teens she had been through foster homes and a children's home. Settled in a small town post college, she is a librarian for the local library in Aurora Falls. She dreams of working at a publishing house in New York and leaving the hum drum life of Aurora Falls.

Alexi Romamnov Tussier is a hunter; an assassin. He works for the governing council of his people to hunt down renegades. Renegades are those vampires that threaten vampire and humanity alike. They kill to feed and kill for the thrill of it. They are sociopathic,narcisstic, and evil. They have lost all empathy and fear nothing. They are predators. Alexi like many other guardians; is executioner to renegades. A duty he relishes. Unlike many of his bretheren, he was not born a vampire nor did he want the dark gift when it was forced upon him. Alexi was born into one of the most powerful families of all Russia. When his uncle Nicholas and the royal family were taken and chaos errupted in his homeland; he fled with his mother and ailing sister. Being a young boy who not only had lost his family but lost his mother and sister, Alexi had to depend on no one but himself. He grew up in the streets of Paris,France. He had thought his life had changed for the better when he found the love of his life Cosette. Then one night his dreams of family ended when he came home to find his beloved who was with child being fed upon by two vampires. That night had changed Alexi forever! He was given the dark gift by Mordacai Vermeer; a guardian and council elder who found him. Alexi never wanted this life and vowed never to care about another living being. He did his job without feeling or conscious. He was a cold assasin.

One night his path would cross with a woman who he could not control or read mentally. In his world that only meant one thing: A mate; his lifemate. Fight it as he may he had to protect Lainey Thomas because at this very moment she was being stalked by one of the most dangerous of all renegades, Warren Langford. Warren had once been a great healer to not just to his people but to humans alike. Warren was also one of the first guardians when their council formed. It is not sure why he turned and it is not clear why he has become so obsessed with Lainey Thomas but one thing is for sure-Alexi will protect her with his life if need be but the real fight is the one he wages war with his heart as this woman threatens to tear down his defenses. Together and with the help of the guardians, Lainey and Alexi will have to fight not just for their own survival but to end the Renegade Night.

Please check it out at, Renegade Night by Nikki Noffsinger-Adult Paranormal Romance.


tree_owen said...

Is this a book i would enjoy? And would I have to hide it from children who like to read? lol

nikkitrueblue said...

Well I wouldn't want you to let kids read it-I mean its kind of rated R but you might like it. Just have to pick it up dude and make that choice for yourself.