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Spring Into Spring With These HOT New Releases Plus A Special Exclusive From "Red Cloud Rising".

Spring is officially here and so are some great books.

   Did the Easter Bunny leave you a little blue this year? No worries, these Paranormal and Sci Fi steamy reads will have you forgetting that lonely bunny trail.

      Coming in at first place is no surprise, is the latest installment in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brother Hood Series, "Chosen". If you survived "The Shadows" then you already know that Layla, a beloved Chosen in the vampire society, has given birth and while she should be enjoying the joys of motherhood, her heart still goes to Xcor; a traitor and one of the villainous Band of Bastards. Xcor cut things off with Layla but that hasn't stopped her heart from aching. (Get your Kleenex out now folks) Xcor has done it all. He has killed, he has stole. He barely survived the Bloodletter and his small band of misfits depend on him. The last thing he's ever thought for himself was love let alone the love of a Chosen. He's had to purchase everything in blood and bone.

   That's all you are getting from me except for that this book is one hell of a roller coaster ride. If you thought that "The Shadows" ripped the heart in two, then you haven't seen nothing yet. You will hate some of your beloved favorites and you will root for ones you never thought you would in this book. It's one of the best ones that Ward has written in quite some time. 


    I told myself I wasn't going to give any spoilers, but here's one...Forget everything you thought you knew about the Chosen because Layla for all her purity and sweetness, she's total bad ass in this book. No joke. She went from Mary Quite Contrary to that Xena chick.  Oh and Lassiter has a huge surprise and I'm not even dropping that one and no, there are no ass less chaps or Elvis moments. Sorry.

Nalini Singh is back with our favorite Archangel Raphael  and his hunter borne Elena in her latest installment of her Guild Hunter Series, "Archangel's Heart"  Elena is the only human to ever be "angel made" and true to Nalini's heroines, she's no cookie cutter wall flower. Elena is about as tough as they come but she has a weakness; Raphael, the strongest of the Archangels. After stopping another Archangel and the Cascade from ending the world, Elena grows uneasy with the relative new peace. She's constantly on guard for when that "other shoe drops" and her world and everything and one that she loves is thrown once again into the mouth of hell. Her "shoe" comes in the form of an invitation that cannot be turned down, not even for Raphael. The Luminata are older than time itself and they have summoned the Archangels for a meeting. Elena is not only troubled by the impending meet and greet, but she's also worried about the Archangel that no one seems to know anything about that nearly tried to end the world. 

Once again Elena and Raphael are thrust into not just a battle with outside forces but against themselves.

This book, like all her other Guild Hunter books are like these intricate but delicious puzzles that grabs the reader and immerses them into the story. If "The Da Vinci Code" had been this much of an adventure thrill ride with some sexiness thrown in, I might have not fallen asleep halfway through it.

Forget about that Channing Tatum guy and get ready to not only have a cold shower ready, but your heart strings pulled with Cheyenne Meadows' Human Interaction Series. In her first three books, Shy is a recently widowed college student and gopher who is trying to raise two twin boys on her own when she finds herself at a strip club and at the mercy of one of the dancers, Meat.
Meat is a shifter and aside from being the club's sexiest dancer, he's also a private eye who has no inclinations of settling down, let alone with a human woman, but Shyanne is different in more ways than one. In the first three books not only will the reader be seduced and thoroughly getting an experience way better than that Magical Mike guy, but will find themselves laughing at all the comedy with this series.

In her fourth installment, "Interaction with a Dragon", Cannibal is one of the most feared Enforcers around and having to break in a new gopher, personal assistant, is not something he is looking forward to. Alex is in need of a job and dealing with a surly Enforcer is just something she's going to have to do to stay out of the homeless shelter. When Cannibal is summoned to his home, he has to take Alex with him but what neither of them expect is the sparks that fly between them, literally, since Cannibal is a dragon shifter.  Be ready for one heck of a sexy adventure ride with "Interaction with a Dragon".

Ever been on a blind date? Ever been on a blind date with a vampire or a werewolf? Let's flip for it. 

In these two delightfully sinful funny treats, Cheyenne Meadows tells the stories of Charlotte and Timber. 

In "Heads: Vampire" Charlotte is a skeptic when it comes to love let alone love at first blind date. When her match maker friend, Ginger, pairs her with Ethan, a very arrogant and snobby vampire she believes her night cannot get much worse. However, when she's his only hope of not ending up ash at morning's light, Ethan discovers that there's something he finds endearing and surprising about Charlotte. 

In "Tails: Werewolf", Rock doesn't really have the time to go on a blind date but with a power shift coming up within his pack and the stress to find his "mate", he agrees reluctantly to a New Year's Eve blind date. 

Timber is the perfect example of a woman who doesn't need a man to define her. However, down deep she wouldn't mind  having an equal partner. The werewolf she's been paired with however, seems to be more of a hound dog than a date until he shows her he's more than the beast he shifts into. Rock and Timber's budding romance is threatened by another who would see Rock dead rather than happy, let alone as Alpha of the pack. Rock convinces Timber to let him keep her safe but who is going to keep him safe from all her questions about werewolves?

Cheyenne Meadows delivers on the steamy passion while providing the comic relief. 

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Exclusive Excerpt from

"Red Cloud Rising" 


Nikki Noffsinger

Lahni closed her eyes, begging the tears that pricked her eyelids to not fall. It would be so easy to believe everything. Her chest hurt, and it was almost unbearable the longer she sat there, but sit she did. She was unaware her hands were shaking until he took them into his own hands.
“I-I can’t do this Shiloh. I can’t,” she whispered, hoarse from the emotions choking her.
Shiloh moved so fast she didn’t have any chance; he covered her body with his and cupped her face with his hands as he laid her down against the soft forest floor. Before she could say another word, he claimed her mouth, and she was helpless to stop him because kissing him had been all she had wanted to do since he’d arrived on her family’s lands.
As he moved against her, she felt how hard he was even through her jeans. The friction made her need increase. His hand moved gently from her face to her breast, and her body arched into his as if it had missed his touch as well. She couldn’t help but moan against his lips as he massaged and teased her breast.
He lifted his head as he pulled her shirt up so he could suckle at her breast, and she stiffened. His head snapped up, and he met her eyes. His voice was tender when he said, “If you want me to stop, just tell me, Little Owl.”
Nervousness and shyness made her voice quiver. “I have never been with anyone.”
Shiloh tilted his head and smiled a little. “It’s all right, Lahni. I don’t mind if there were others before me.”
She licked her swollen lips. “No. I mean, I haven’t had others.”
He pushed himself up and flipped his hair to one side so he could see her. “It’s all right if there had been. I have seen you with men.”
Lahni pushed at him as her libido took a nosedive and her temper rose to the surface. “Let me up. Let me up. Get off me now!”
He let her up but kept hold of her wrist. “Why are you angry? I don’t understand. All is forgiven. It’s fine.”
Her jaw dropped open. “Forgiven? What exactly do I need forgiven for?” She narrowed her eyes. “How many women have you been with, Shiloh Red Cloud?”
Shiloh frowned. “I don’t think that is important. I told you, it doesn’t matter.”
“Oh, you bet your sweet ass it matters.” She stood up. “Oh, it matters all right, buddy. You’re willing to forgive me for being a tramp when I have been with no one in all these years, but you have been hound dogging it up.” Her hands fisted as she fixed her shirt. “I knew this was a mistake, but oh no, no I had to throw myself right at you and the heartache to follow.”
His eyes nearly glowing silver, his muscles taut, he said, “I have been with women. Does that hurt you? Every time I saw you with some man, all I wanted to do was find him and rip his throat out and feast on his entrails. I slept with women, but it was only because I wanted you.”
Lahni snarled. “Well, bully for you! While you were sating your anger between the legs of everything with a twat, I was trying to forget you, but unlike you, I couldn’t just spread my legs for any man who thought I was some prize to be had. That isn’t even what makes me mad, though. I didn’t expect you to stay chaste. Hell, I hoped you would have found someone else to fall for. What pisses me off is that you couldn’t believe me. What would you have thought had I just laid there when you stuck your dick in and found I still had a hymen? Would you have just assumed I had surgery, or would you have even known what it was I was giving you? God, you make me sick!” She shifted and shot out of her clothes, leaving them in a heap as she burst into a run. She ran faster over the lands she’d known her whole life, not wanting to hear anything else from him.
Shiloh growled as he shifted and went after her.
Lahni, stop! I’m sorry. I was stupid.
Go to hell, you bastard! I’m done with all this, and done with you! I’m going home, and then I’m leaving for good. Have a nice life, Shiloh, because you’ve wrecked enough of mine!
He was bigger and faster, and he cut her off and snarled at her as he kept her trapped, daring her to run.
Lahni, you are mine. I have been with others, but none of them were you. I never made love to a woman the way I wanted to with you. I only wanted you to know that I didn’t care if you’d had past lovers, only that I was your last. I am sorry, baby. So damn sorry. But don’t take this from us. We can’t survive without one another. There is no Shi without his Little Owl. Do you remember when I gave you that name?
Stop. Stop trying to make me crazy. We’re toxic, Shiloh. We’re just two pieces that can’t fit!
Lahni shifted back, her body shaking with sobs, her braids covering her face.
Shiloh shifted and pulled her into his arms. “I’m so sorry, baby, so damn sorry, but don’t run from me. I can’t lose you again.”
Lahni sobbed into his chest. “I can’t either.”

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