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2013 and Vampires A Plenty

It's been four years since I sat down and wrote my first book from a simple short story from high school. It's been three years since I got a crash course in the pitfalls of publishing when I fell prey, no that's not entirely true; I swan dived into the black abyss that is vanity publishing. Renegade Night still is my baby and plans for the second book to follow it is definitely in the works, but not until I can get my rights back for Renegade and get it in the hands of a legit publisher. Just as I thought I would never find my way through the dark sewers of Publish America's nightmare, Lo and behold my dear friend and mentor, Denyse Bridger who is a phenomenal woman and author in her own right threw out the life preserver that led me to XoXo Publishing. My first project with XoXo was a feature story in an Anthology collection series called Lost To The Night with Denyse Bridger, Kayden Mcleod, Brigit Aine, and Sara Gonzalas Evans. In this collection, I wrote a short story about a very hot college professor that sported a nice pair of fangs and a shy but very determined no-nonsense kind of girl who had a few secrets of her own. Who hasn't had a crush on a teacher? I did, his name was Mr. Tucker Darby but I don't think he had fangs and he most definitely didn't notice me other than  he liked my Guns N Roses T-Shirt.

My first solo project with XoXo Publishing was an E-Book entitled, Cursed Awakening. Cursed was a labor of some sort because I got the inspiration from a news program and The Oprah Winfrey Show. I have to admit that because of the subject matter,someone might accuse me of trying to ride on the coat tails of a Team Jacob fad. Sorry, but no offense my loyal Twilight fans, but when I think of a man that shifts into a wolf-he's a man not a photo shopped and airbrushed teenage boy. My wolf man has to have more bite than bark. Or would that be howl? I also wanted to pay some sort of tribute to the Native American Culture which I think outside of romance novels has been lost. Native Americans were the first people of our country and their plight is something everyone should take notice of. I always loved Indian lore, and living in Indiana, our schools in the 80s required children to learn about the Miami and different tribes of Indians. In October my county has the Mississenwa 1812 reenactment that for one weekend not only is a historical re-enactment of the battle but brings the Miami Indian culture to center stage. One  of the great Native Indian nations is the Lakota Sioux and that was the culture I chose when I dreamed up Nyx and his family.

So that was 2012, what's new for 2013?
The question is, what ISN'T new for 2013!

I hope to add to Nyx's story, the story of his sister Lahni who is as wild as the wind until she finds herself mated to one of the most powerful clan leaders of their people-Shiloh. Shiloh is afraid of nothing and leads his clan in South Dakota with wisdom and strength. What he says is law and no one dares to oppose him except for Lahni Wahpeton who refuses to be a caged wolf to any man let alone the one man that broke her heart years ago.

Coming soon is the long awaited and 2012 NaNoWriMo winner, The Blood Courtesan. Once a beautiful Venetian Courtesan, Lia was sought after by men of state and even royalty. However one night one man would change her life forever when she awakens as a vampire. When fate would tear them apart, Lia decides to live her life on her own terms and when Darius returns into her life, will she deny her heart or will she risk being broken again for the one man who left her when she needed him?

I hope that you decide to visit not only my books at http;// but check out the other fine authors like Denyse Bridger, Brigit Aine, Kayden Mcleod, Annette Bower, Audrina Leone, G.Mitchell Baker,and many more. There is something for just about anyone's book reading tastes!

So bring it on 2013!

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Shannon Phoenix, Guardians of the Abyss: Giveaway and Much More!

   Come join Shannon Phoenix as she is guest hosted by Kay Dee Royal and leave a comment on Kay Dee's blog for a chance to not only win a copy of Guardian of the Abyss but also Minister's Paige. Here is one of Shannon's favorite parts of her story as courtesy of Kay Dee Royal's Blog interview with the author.

Shannon Phoenix
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Number of pages: 127
Word Count: 43,500
Book Description:
Buried at sea by the sorcerers who created him, Abaddon is unable to heal himself and unable to replenish his energy. He has lived here for longer than he can remember, with no hope of escape. Time is against him as the sea eats away at him, body and soul.
When her diving partner tries to kill her to take over her company, Sarah finds herself trapped beneath the waves and dying. Having brought light to Abaddon's dark existence at last, only she can grant him the courage to do what must be done to escape his watery prison.
Abaddon must sacrifice his wings to save her. Sarah must come to terms with being trapped with someone she has been raised to believe is a demon, and face the betrayal that nearly destroyed her and the company she built. Together, they must take on the ocean and their own fears. The consequence of failure is death.

Stop by Kay Dee Royal's Blog for your chance to win not only this selection but Minister's Paige and discover yet another wonderful author, Shannon Phoenix! 

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Ghosts of Wives Past, A Curse, and a Time Traveler Determined To Save The Man She Loves: Loc Glin's Curse of Winford Manor Is A Must Read!

 Introducing Loc Glin's historical and paranormal romance tale is a must read for the holiday season. Available on E-Book format from Book Strand Romance, The Curse of Winford Manor will leave you wanting more. 


Leslie Braddock feels responsible for her husband's death. She is having trouble reentering thedating scene. Leslie travels back in time, where she meets Sir James. Sir James Winford is a three-time widower. He believes he is cursed, and is certain death to any woman he loves. He has vowed never to love again. Emily, the ghost of Sir James's first wife, has unfinished business, and still lingers at the Manor. She wants to see her husband happy, and she wants to bring her murderer to justice. Rose has loved Sir James since childhood. She must live with the unspeakable things she has done trying to make James see her as more than a child. She believes she is close to achieving that goal when Leslie shows up. Leslie and Sir James share the experience of losing a loved one. Will Leslie be the woman to break the curse? Or will she be just another victim?

A Siren BookStrand Mainstream Romance   [BookStrand Historical Paranormal Romance, Time Travel, HEA]
Tangie from Two Lips Reviews rates it 4 Lips and 1 Chile (after all it is a mainstream romance) She said, "I enjoyed The Curse of Winford Manor by Loc Glin." AND "I thought this was a sweet love story by Ms. Glin." For her entire review visit:

Book Excerpt
                        Leslie searched for the road that led to the Gypsy camp. What was I thinking? When Stephanie canceled I should have just stayed home. "There it is. It's a wonder anyone can find it at all." She turned onto the dirt road. It was getting difficult to see in the fading light. Her small car found every bump in the road. Finally, she thought as the camp came into view. The bonfire in the middle of the camp and the music gave the place a mysterious and exotic feel. Darkness had settled in for the night.
"Excuse me," she said to a young boy running by. "Where can I find the fortune teller?"
The boy stopped and smiled, showing his missing front teeth. "She's in the blue wagon with the stars and moons." He pointed in its direction before he dashed away. She was glad he added the stars and moons, because there were three blue wagons, each wildly decorated. She parked the car and made her way to the wagon. The people around the campfire glanced up and then went back to their conversation. The music never stopped. She reached up and hesitated a moment. Maybe she should go home. She felt sort of strange. Oh well, she was here. She pushed her reservations aside and knocked on the door.
A middle-aged woman in Gypsy garb, complete with kerchief around the head, jewelry, and bangles, answered. "Come in," she said as she opened the door.
Leslie stepped up and entered a scene straight from the movies. Heavy curtains, beads, and ornate upholstery adorned the room. Two chairs and a table were in the center of the room. A crystal ball and a deck of tarot cards were placed off to the side on the table. Both sat patiently waiting for the fortune teller. Incense burned. Its fragrance added to the ambiance of the setting.
"Have a seat," the woman said. Her hand made a graceful but exaggerated gesture toward the chair. "I am called Madam Galina. You are here to have your fortune told. Yes?"
"Yes," Leslie said as she settled into the chair.
Madam Galina made a great show of rustling her skirt and clinking her bangles as she passed Leslie. She settled gracefully into her chair. She settled her skirt just so about her. "Let us get started. Give me your hands," she ordered. Her thick accent added to the mysterious allure of the moment.
Leslie put her hands onto the table. Madam Galina took first one and then the other. She examined each carefully. She rubbed her thumb across Leslie's open palm as if she were trying to clear away a smudge as she examined them. She squinted and frowned. It was a few minutes before she spoke. "You have had a loss in your life, and it makes you unhappy."
It doesn't take much to guess that. "Yes."
"One moment while I consult my crystal," she said as she moved her hands in circles over the crystal ball, now in the center of the table. Madam Galina's rings caught the light and sparkled. Her bangles slid on her arms, creating a rhythmless music all their own.
The music outside, Galina's bangles clinking, it all felt so contrived. How could Stephanie believe any of this?
"My crystal ball is of no use. All I can see is fog, nothing beyond that." Madam Galina wrinkled her brow. "Quite unusual and disturbing I must say."
I bet.
"Maybe the cards can clear up the mystery. May I do a tarot card reading?" Madam Galina asked.
"Please shuffle the deck." Frowning once again, she handed the cards to Leslie. Leslie shuffled the deck. "I've never seen fog in my crystal before. What could it mean?" she mumbled as Leslie handed the cards back to her. She then used a Tree of Life spread to read Leslie's fortune. 
* * * *
What can I tell this woman? Madam Galena thought as she looked at the cards. They point to no future, but not to death. Does that mean she'll be in a coma? The cards about her past are clear. I can see the lost love. As for romance, a love will come into her life, and soon, but even that is strange. Leslie fidgeted in her seat, bringing Madam Galina's attention back to her. "I am sorry it has taken me so long."
"That's okay," Leslie said politely. Her face didn't quite hide her agitation or her apprehension. "Stephanie said you were good. Maybe this is what she meant."
"I am sorry if I have frightened you," Galina apologized. "May I continue?"
"I see a man coming into your life." That much was true. "I see a promotion at work or possibly a change in your job. I see a change of residence." She saw these things, but they were jumbled, so she lied or guessed, depending on how you looked at it. "And I see car trouble."
"Everyone has car trouble sooner or later," Leslie whispered. "A tall, dark stranger?" Leslie asked sardonically.
"Actually, yes, I know it sounds cliché, but there will be a tall man entering your life very soon. I can tell you things about your past if you like. Some of the things I have mentioned may have already happened. The cards indicate they have, but also that they will. Your future is not clear enough for me to say." At least that is the truth.
"No, no that's enough. How much do I owe you?"
Madam Galina looked at the cards again. In all her years of reading fortunes, this was the first that truly puzzled her. "For that reading I cannot charge you. I usually receive more information from the cards. I am sorry." She shook her head. She was puzzled and could only hope that no harm would come to the young woman sitting across from her.
"You're not charging me?"
"Well, if you want me to…" she said as she stood.
"No, that's quite all right," Leslie put the strap of her purse over her shoulder as she rose from the seat and moved toward the exit. She opened the door. "Fog," she said as she stepped outside.
Madam Galina gasped and put her hand to her chest.
"Thank you," Leslie said. She carefully stepped down and out of the wagon.
"Be careful," Madam Galina said. She made the sign of the cross, blessing herself, and said a silent prayer.
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Unwrap This Read in Your E-Book Collection: Return To Love by Denyse Bridger

Genre: Historical Western - sensual romance
Blurb: Clay Butler is a man who rules the quiet town of Cedar Springs with an iron will, and a code of honor that defines all he is. But the past haunts him, and the loss of a woman who was his second chance at happiness weighs heavily on his over-burdened mind...
The stage came thundering to a stop a short distance from the Lucky Star Saloon, and the driver, a man called Noah, shouted greetings, his laughter filling the air outside the carriage. Inside, the sole passenger fought down waves of nerve-induced nausea.
Amber Hamilton clutched her stomach for a second, and offered Noah a weak smile when he opened the door and held out his hand to help her to the street. The ground below her feet was hard, still frozen by winter. In a few weeks the road would be a mire of mud.
“Butler’s gonna be a happier man than he’s been lately, once he sees you, Miss Amber.”
Her smile brightened a little and she touched his arm in a gesture of appreciation.
“I hope you’re right, Noah,” she replied, though the knot of apprehension didn’t ease in the slightest.
“I know I am, ma’am,” he said with a grin.
Amber hesitated, stared up at the balcony that ran across the front of the club. Clay’s door should have been open. He should have been perched at the corner, smoking, smiling at the people who populated the busy street. The shutters were still down, and there was stillness about the place that was unnerving.
“He’s not out of town, is he?” Inside, she knew he was only a short distance away; she could feel his presence as keenly as if he stood next to her.
“No, ma’am,” Noah answered, then turned to shout at Walker.
Amber turned as well and saw guarded curiosity in Jesse Walker’s light blue eyes as he halted next to the stage. He hadn’t changed much in the past six months. Walker was still the scruffy, attractive, mysterious, outwardly hard man she’d always felt mildly intimidated by. Yet, there was a peace in his manner that had been absent before. She spotted the silver star pinned to his vest and inquisitiveness all but ran away with her.
“It’s nice to see you again, Mr. Walker.” She smiled. “Sheriff Walker?” she corrected with enough surprise to make it a question. Jenny and Austin had always wanted him to be the Sheriff of the town, he’d never been interested. She admired Jesse, he was one of the few men who challenged Clay, and kept him from crossing lines from which there would be no returning.
“Butler know you’re back?” Walker acknowledged her greeting with a nod of his head, and ignored the query she hadn’t directly made.
Denysé Bridger
"Live the Romance, Become the Fantasy..."
** Best-Selling Author of 2011 **
Fantasy Pages (general): 
Bound By Passion (adult content):

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Sensual Treats For The Holidays: Lindsay Townsend's Asking Too Much

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some sinfully delicious reads that should be on every romance fan's  TBR and Christmas lists. My very first recommendation is the very talented romance author. She has many titles but her most recent release is Asking Too Much, and dear reader it will have you wondering what exactly too much is too much.  Thanks to Sensual Promotions, I can share with you a very special treat-an excerpt. If you like it and you're thirsty for more, simply follow the links, join her blog, and most importantly TELL EVERYONE ABOUT LINDSAY TOWNSEND! Now is that asking too much? Remember, 'tis the season for sharing and helping out your fellow man or woman. Happy Reading!

Asking Too Much

By: Lindsay Townsend | Other books by Lindsay Townsend 
Categories: Erotic RomanceFuturistic
Word Count: 34,505
Heat Level: SIZZLING
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. 
AVAILABLE: NOW in ebook and print.
[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Romance, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]
In New Athens in 2061, men and women can sell themselves into slavery. Sofia Buccharis, golden, beautiful, and grieving, faced with an uncertain future, offers herself to the man she has admired for years, the former tyrant of New Athens, Theo Leventis. In a daring proposal, she goes further and suggests that they marry. She will be his slave bride—his virgin slave bride.
Intrigued, Theo, a man who has cloaked his emotions in mastery since a devastating divorce, seeks the gentle beauty out again after she has left him to consider her idea. He rescues Sofia from her bullying father and takes her to his private island. Theo courts Sofia, teaching her what lovemaking can be, and she teaches him about emotional intimacy.
In a month's time they will marry—and will Sofia's gamble pay off? Will Theo be a loving master and husband, or has she asked too much of the tyrant of New Athens?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Chapter 1
New Athens , late spring, 2061
The naked slave lay across his lap, her head and arms down, her bottom raised. She was a blonde, like his ex-wife, but this young woman was a warm, golden blonde, not cold as Daphne had been. Theo ran a finger down the length of her curved spine and felt her tremble, although her body remained relaxed and submissive. He cupped her ass with his hand, savoring the feel of her smooth, pliant skin.
“What is your name?” He knew, but he wanted to hear her say it.
“Sir will do for now.” She was so tender under his fingers, so vulnerable. He mastered himself to ask what needed to be asked. “Your records state that you offered yourself as a companion-slave on your twenty-first birthday, two days ago. Why are you in such haste to sell yourself?”
“Slavery is legal in New Athens,” she replied softly. “Men and women can sell themselves for a time of two years.”
“And gain great riches for themselves. Is that why you are here?”
“No.” She shook her head. “I want…this—” She swallowed abruptly, as if too tense to say more. So Sofia was partly compliant, he noted, but she had not truly answered him. Allowing her evasion, Theo brushed a long, curling lock of gold hair away from her face.
“You are very beautiful,” he went on. “How is it that  you are still a virgin?”
She stiffened, a pale rose color sweeping into her face and down her long, narrow throat. “I’ve cared for my grandparents since I was fourteen. I had no time for anything else.” He felt a sigh run through her slender form. “They died last month, before my birthday.”
Two recent, close deaths in her young life, and there was far more here still, Theo knew. Sofia had a complicated history, only hinted at in her records. He had found out more, of course, but he would allow her some privacy. All slaves, even experienced ones, were owed that. For the moment he brushed his fingers lightly through her amazing cloud of hair and planted a soft kiss on her shoulder, two gentle acts to reassure her.
“You did not wish to experiment sexually before now? Not even for one night?”
“No!” Her denial was absolute, and her limbs stiffened in complete rejection of the idea. Seeking to calm her afresh, Theo stroked the middle of her back.
“You wish to have a true, long-lasting relationship,” he said.
She nodded again, and he saw tears glistening in the corners of her bright blue eyes. At once a fierce protectiveness stormed through him. Touched by her honest, open responses, it took all his self-control to keep her as she was, submissive across his knee, and not gather her into a protective embrace.
That was the problem, of course. Since Daphne’s bitter, unlamented departure he had cloaked himself and his emotions in dominance. Sofia , beautiful and appealing, wrung other feelings from him.
Startled by his wish to hold and comfort her instantly, Theo regretfully admitted to himself that he had made a mistake, a bad one, unforgivable in a master. He was accustomed to more experienced bed partners. He knew what to do and where he was in a master-slave relationship. There could be caring, respect, concern, and great mutual pleasure in such alliances, but this young virgin was an unknown, even to herself.
I should not have asked the slaver to bring Sofia here today. I should never have sought her consent to examine her. But from the instant he had spotted her on the holograph slave-block, he had been entranced.
And she had agreed to meet him. She was still free, and at this point and even beyond, her wishes were paramount. That was how the law of slavery in New Athens worked. Why is she interested in me? My money and power, of course, but there are other rich and powerful men and women in the colony, so why me, especially?
Whatever her reasons, she was here. They were at his closest island retreat to New Athens, within his secluded gardens. She had accepted his orders without hesitation or demur, showing him the small, temporary medical bracelet around her wrist that proved she was healthy and her birth control fully active for two years before stripping off and coming across his knees as if she had done the same a thousand times before.
Which I know she has not, for I have made it my business to find out.
He rested a hand on her bottom again, so tempted to squeeze and pat her pert, round ass cheeks. She was a delicious, beguiling indulgence, but he should not take advantage. Already he knew he had done too much, for he had no intention of buying her. He cleared his throat and tried to explain, aware that some masters never gave a full account for what they did or did not do.
So? I am my own master! But not where it comes to this slave, it seems.
“I wanted to see if you were as beautiful in the flesh as you are in the hologram. I find you are more so, Sofia , far more.”
Seeing her had not been enough. He had felt compelled to touch and handle her. Another mistake on his part and one he should be ashamed of, but his conscience said one thing and his blood another.
Let her up and let her go, hissed his reason, while lust urged, not yet.
“You are a virgin. My other slave-companions have been experienced.” He ran his thumb across the curve of her ass, feeling her haunches rise slightly to welcome his semi-caress. Already aroused, he felt himself grow harder still.
“I want what you offer,” she whispered.
After she made this admission, a tremble ran through her body, and he decided to lighten the mood a little. “Mastery lite?” He used the term he had used in his presentation.
“Yes,” the young woman laid across his lap now murmured. She wriggled as she spoke, and his erection became painful. You don’t want to do that, young lady, not unless you want some sex and spanking right now.
Sofia yawned and stretched, her body content and sated in a way she had never known before. Raising her arms above her head, she curved and arched sleekly before memory struck her with the force of a speeding solar jet.
“Master Theo!”
She skidded over in bed, colliding with his reaching arms. “Master, forgive me, I never meant to go to sleep. I did not know I would sleep, but it was all so glorious, and I am sorry.”
“Three cold showers later, my girl? You should be.”
Horrified, she trailed kisses down his strong form, registering somewhere in her panic that he was naked, that they were both naked. “Please, please, let me please you,” she gabbled, dropping off the bed onto her knees before him. “I know I do not deserve another chance, but I beg you to let me try.”
He caught her by her hair and tugged her close. “Have I complained?”
His eyes, dark and arresting, stripped her completely. She could only mouth, “No, sir,” and then she was moving again, drawn by his eyes and by his arm, scooped off the floor and back onto the bed, him hovering above her, her lying prone and stunned beneath him.
“Master.” Deeply ashamed, she peeped up at him through swimming eyes.
“Foolish one.” He tipped up her face, forced her to look at him properly. “I am not angry. Your orgasm is a gift, and I will take more, believe me.” He kissed her swollen eyelids. “Stop your crying, now, there is no need. You please me exactly as you are, how you are and how you react. Was that the first time it was so powerful?”
She nodded, grateful for his understanding.
“You are very appealing. I enjoy your slavish honesty.” He traced her jaw with a finger, and that simple touch ignited her afresh.
“May I touch you?” She longed to kiss him all over, lick and brush her fingers and hair over his long, lean body, take his jutting, aroused cock in her mouth and pleasure him.
“Not yet.”
She moaned in disappointment, and he struck her sharply on her still-smarting bottom. “Not yet while you owe me another spanking, little trespasser,” he went on, smiling as she gasped and clutched at him, “and while I would still trespass on you further, like this.”
Speaking, he parted her thighs and began to rub her swollen pussy, his fingers easing surely and sweetly between the moist folds. Again, the dizzying rush began to spiral in her. “Master!”
“Hush.” Still rubbing, he leaned over and swallowed her groan with a kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and exploring as his fingers thrust surely between her legs. “Good girl,” he panted, as her body tightened and her breath stopped when he switched his kisses to her breasts, sucking and tonguing each nipple.
“Here.” His fingers delicately traced her inside, and then he commenced stretching her tight, virgin pussy with first one fingertip and then a whole finger. He half turned her so she was resting against him on her side and continued to stroke her pussy, her glowing ass, and inside her, where soon, soon, she prayed, he would follow his subtle, careful finger.
“Here is more.”
She felt two fingers within her, stretching and easing. “Oh, please!” she cried, and he cupped her deliciously sore, reddened bottom in his hands, lifted her hips, and smoothly entered her with his cock.
She felt the rupture of the final barrier as a tiny spark of pain, no more, and now he lay on her, supporting his weight on his arms but still on her and in her, enveloped deep within her vagina.
His, completely.
“Steady, Sofia ,” he murmured as she stiffened, caught bewilderingly between joy and panic. “Easy, now, sweet.”
He smiled, his eyes shining, showing her own startled face in the middle of his expanded pupils, his muscular, powerful body suspended, it seemed, effortlessly just on her, so she could feel him but not be crushed by him. Still he did not move, giving her time to adjust to these new sensations, her new nonvirgin state.
“I am glad you are my bride,” he groaned, husky and dark. “So very glad.”
Her heart swelled. I have gambled and risked, and now I am his. Can life be more complete than this?
He kissed her again, and her tongue flicked daringly into his mouth, whipping softly against the insides of his lips and against his teeth. His eyes widened at her erotic onslaught, and he shuddered once briefly above her, powerful as an earthquake. It empowered her that she could make him shiver, and then she felt ashamed.
“Master Theo.” She acknowledged him, what he was, what she was.
“Pretty slave.” His hands stroked to her flanks, gripping her firmly. “All mine.”
Again she felt tears pool in her eyes as a contentment she had never known in her life before bloomed inside her, its fragrance his musky scent and the inward colors that of a beating, vibrant flower.
“Wrap your legs around me, Sofia,” he coaxed, and she did so at once, feeling him slide even deeper into her .
“Good girl,” he praised her again, and now he moved, slowly at first and then with increasing speed, powering into her, driving them both into the mattress. She hung on, dazed, feeling him right inside her, and the fireworks were in her blood and head.
“You are so tight, so lush,” he panted, thrusting faster and faster.
“Come for me, come,” he urged, pounding her, and his command was enough. She screamed her release, and he stormed into her, his body jerking as he lost control.
Best wishes, Lindsay Townsend

Lindsay Townsend, historical romance. 
or follow me at Twitter: @lindsayromantic