Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Celebrate Earth Day


 Today is a great day to reflect on Mother Earth and what YOU can do to reduce the size of your carbon foot print. Let's face it-we only get one Earth. Already we have global warming and the effects from that have been huge not to mention the pollution of our oceans and seas that is slowly causing sea water to decrease. 

In celebration of Earth Day, I have some great tips and even a great discount from All Romance Books on this special day when we celebrate Mother Earth. 

 Reducing our impact on our environment is the first and most important step in living Green and making our world better. 

What is living Green mean? Living Green means that we recycle, use toxin free chemicals, we stop dumping in and depleting natural resources, we conserve our natural resources as well as habitats, and cutting down on how much power we use. 

Living Green is attainable. Already many are catching on to harnessing solar, wind, and Geo-thermal energy sources and using re purposed building compounds for their homes and businesses. When a tornado leveled a town in Kansas in 2007, leaders sought to rebuild but they wanted to innovate Green technology into the works. Celebrity, Leonardo Di Caprio and his team helped to bring in every Green expert there was to help the citizens of Greensburg, Kansas to rebuild using smart Green technology. 

Today, Greensburg, Kansas along with many cities in Colorado are among the leaders in Green energy technology and building. They are leaders in how we can embrace ways to cut down on our use of fossil fuels, chemicals, agriculture,and energy use. Being off the grid is the new wave of the future. 


Most people believe that to live Green means that it isn't affordable. Here are the top ten easiest and cheapest ways to live Green. 

  Top 10

  1. Use only natural cleaning products-Natural cleaning products are just as good as the ones that are filled with chemicals only they won't take minutes off your life, expose you to carcinogens, damage your lung tissue, and even cause brain cell death. They also will not harm the environment.  
  2. Buy generic organic produce-BUY FROM YOUR FARMERS AND LOCAL PRODUCE STANDS and look for the organic. Organic means that the fruits and vegetables have not been exposed to harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Name brand or big chain store produce will cost more money and sometimes it can be shipped or placed near the produce that is NOT organic.
  3. Grow your own Produce. Nothing is more beneficial to you, your family, and to Mother Earth. Using organic compost and organic pesticides can ensure that you're creating a food source that will have many benefits as well as enrichment to the Earth. 
  4.  DON'T WASTE FOOD! Whether you are dining in or out-don't waste food. If you need to bring left overs home from the restaurant, request that the content be placed in a biodegradable container or use your own.
  5. Burn Less Fuel-If you're looking to purchase a car-choose a vehicle that takes Flex Fuel or Alternative fuels. Now, some of us can't do that so limit your trips-try to group destinations together so that you're doing more yet driving less. Carpool when you can also saves on fossil fuel emissions into our air.
  6. Reduce Energy costs and usage by unplugging your appliances, televisions, and electronics when not in use. "Vampire" or "Phantom Energy Use" are terms that define the amount of energy still being used even if something is "turned off" yet is still plugged in. The less you leave plugged in-the less energy you're getting billed for and wasting. 
  7. Think about installing or leasing Solar Panels or a Wind Turbine. Many of us cannot afford solar panels or wind turbine systems to our homes but there is a new trend where people are leasing them. However,  adding solar panels or even home turbines can really make a difference and will pay off in the long run. So think of making an investment into buying your own at some point. 
  8. Having a well insulated home means you are saving heating and cooling costs which cuts down on the loss of energy and impact on the environment. Always make sure you use insulation that is made from earth friendly components and is installed or placed correctly. 
  9. Ditch those old mercury thermostats and upgrade to a digital thermostat. The benefits of a digital thermostat is that it will electronically set the temperature for accuracy which means savings both in your pocket and with your energy. 
  10. INSTALL LED LIGHTBULBS! They are an investment but they will save you money within the first month. These light bulbs are even more efficient than the compact florescent bulbs because they use less energy yet still perform just  as well if not better.

Book Lovers, Earth Day has not left you out! 

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Fictional Candy: Savage by Jade C Jamison (Review, Excerpt, Giveawa...

Fictional Candy: Savage by Jade C Jamison (Review, Excerpt, Giveawa...: Title: Savage Series: Standalone Author: Jade C Jamison Published: March 31, 2015 Format: Ebook received for tour review Pages: 403 p...

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Dreamwalker: Key to Paradise
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Dreamwalking isn’t a foreign concept to Davis Ryker. But when his own dream is hijacked, he has to wonder if the beautiful, and naked, stranger in his dream is simply a sexy fantasy drawn from the depths of his subconscious or something more. Either way, he’s quite willing to see where she takes him.


Lena Andrews sat on a light blue beach towel, on warm island sand as a balmy breeze ruffled the loose strands of her short hair away from her face. An exotic, floral hint of fragrance lingered on the air and a brilliant sunset hovered over the horizon with bold reds giving way to golden oranges and falling into the deep blues of the water.

She wrapped her arms around her drawn up legs and rested her chin on her bare knees.

Naked in paradise.

Not too hard to figure this dream out, considering the two feet of snow outside her mountain cabin window, with more falling and not scheduled to stop until morning. The thought of trudging through all of that to get to the ski lodge and work tomorrow morning had had her burrowing down with the electric blanket on high and the covers over her head.

Yeah, sitting on a deserted island beach sounded blissful.

And warm.

She’d face the snow and the cold once the alarm blared and yanked her from this dream. 

Arching her back, she rotated her shoulders then lifted her face to the gentle breeze to let it caress her skin. Blissful. The naked part, though. Hmmm. Puzzling.

“Well, hello.” A deep, gravelly, male voice came from the right, just behind her. Tingles of awareness careened across her skin.

What the – Lena’s shoulders came forward, that first instinctual urge to fold into herself. To minimize her vulnerability.

No. This is my dream, dammit.

She straightened her back and squared her shoulders before angling her head to look over her right shoulder.

Her breath caught. Held. 

Well, hello was right.

Pure maleness. One hundred percent, testosterone filled, naked male.

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