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Meet Ivy Morgan (Character Blog Hop)

Many, many thanks to Denysé Bridger for tagging me in the Character Blog Hop!

Canadian born and bred, and a lifelong dreamer, I began writing at an early age and can’t recall a time when I wasn’t creating in some artistic form. My life has had several on-going love affairs that shape much of what I write, the American West, Victorian England, cowboys, a passion for pirates, Greek Gods, and Ancient Egypt. The other endless love affairs in my life are Italia and Romania, and all their magic, beauty, and dazzling culture. That passion spills into all aspects of my life. A visit to my websites will show the diversity of what is currently available, and the mixing of genres and styles that will be employed in many current, and up-coming projects as well. To stay up to date with all these projects, or to just say hello, please sign up for my newsletter, or follow me on social media!

Introducing Cursed Awakening’s Ivy Morgan

Ivy Morgan may have a broken past, but her future is anything but. Going from Little Cult on the Prairie to Forest Vixen. Now without further ado, I give you Ivy! 

What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or an historic person?
Ivy Morgan and she is the fictional heroine in Cursed Awakening

When and where is the story set?
The story takes place in a fictional town somewhere in the Southwest. The main focal point in the story is the Native American Reservation, which is fictional but based on the actual Pine Ridge Reservation in Henry, Nebraska. It is set in the present day.

What should we know about him/her?
Ivy is an incredibly strong woman even though she has great moments of self-doubt. Ivy is a survivor, having lived through a hell as a wife in a zealous religious cult, but she is determined to not let her past rule her life.  She is always looking for adventure because it takes her one step closer to being her own woman and not her past. Ivy doesn’t trust easily but those that she does, she is fiercely loyal to.  Ivy also is learning and experiencing a lot of new things that are pretty mundane for most of us like shopping, music, freedom to go to college, or just to sleep in late on a Saturday morning. Ivy’s found she loves rock/punk music and loves fashion that comes with it. It would be hard to not see her anywhere without her Goth Hello Kitty bag or her favorite Nightmare Before Christmas shirt. 
What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?
Ivy was born into a religious polygamist cult. She had barely turned fifteen when she was married to one of the Cult’s Elders; who later became their leader. Ivy was punished severely for trying to leave by one of their most severe rituals. She barely survived it and it was at a hospital, where she met her best friend and savior, Lorna. Lorna helped get Ivy free of the cult and gave her a new lease on life but it hasn’t been easy. Ivy has had to basically relearn everything and it has taken a lot of therapy. Ivy has phobias of small spaces and the dark. She deals with PTSD and a lot of inner struggles. Ivy’s a survivor but she is a work in progress and she doesn’t feel bad about it because she knows the place she was at and it was a lot worse than the aftermath. 

What is the personal goal of the character?
I guess Ivy’s goal can be summed up from a quote from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, “Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you are willing to sacrifice everything else for it.”  All Ivy ever had in her previous life were her dreams; there were what kept her going and gave her fuel to survive and now they give her the fuel to live.

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Next up on the Hop is Colleen Love

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Diary of a Mad Wolfswan by Lahni Wahpeton

Dear Diary, 

I have been home for nearly a month now and life as I know it has turned into one big mess. Xander is mending up which is a big relief, but now I have to deal with Shiloh Red Cloud aka. the Alpha A-Hole! Stalker alert, he followed me to Sully's. Just who does he think he is? My dad? 

My keeper? That's a big HELL TO THE NO! He had his chance a long time ago. He blew it. Perhaps I should call Dr.Phil because he's out of his damn mind if he thinks that I'm just going to become some Stepford Squaw. I won't be caged like some animal in a zoo not by him or anyone. God, I miss the road. I can't wait to get back to my band. Being on the road, playing gigs is my version of freedom. I love playing all night, staying in bad hotels-okay I like the good ones better, eating pizza with the my friends and writing songs, and doing what I want when I want. I'm not that little girl who stupidly gave her heart to the only boy outside of my brothers. Khloe and Nyx are both mated and I am happy for them but that is not my life. I don't have that dream anymore. However, I have to admit he still manages to take my breath when he looks at me with those silvery gold eyes of his and let's face it-manhood looks really really really good on him, but I'm definitely not interested. He expects for me to just want him after all these years and even if I did, it would never work. He has an entire clan he leads and I can't play the stay at home wifey. He'll never accept me for the woman I am now so the point is moot. My heart hurts and I feel like I'm breaking in two just with him near and that altogether sucks! Diary, why do some men have to be so thick headed? No use asking my mom or Khloe for advice because I damn well know what they'd say. "Lahni, give him a chance, you can't live your life alone." I have been doing just fine until now. Even now I know he's right outside the house, pure stalker mode, hoping I'll walk out in some virginal white gown and embrace him as if all these years between us never happened. I would have thought that the night four years ago, when he came to the show Pasadena, when I stayed hugged up with Jude that would have sent a message to him that there was nothing that would ever be between us. Did the stalker take the hint? Hell no. Dear Diary, what am I supposed to do? 


Lahni's Bio

Lahni is the second oldest girl of the Wahpeton family and is the current wild child. Lahni plays guitar but can kick ass on drums, keyboards, and can even play harmonica, however the guitar is her instrument of choice. Lahni plays for a rock/metal band called Misfits of Babylon. She loves playing any venue. Lahni is a shifter, and her wolf is pure white with pink flecks due to the hot pink tint to her hair which she changes when the moon suits her. Lahni also has a special gift aside from telepathy, she is also clairvoyant and bio kinetic. She also has a special connection to other animals even though her spirit animal is a predator. Lahni is fiercely protective of her family and those closest to her and in a fight she can hold her own. Ever since Lahni was a little girl, she's always shied away from being one of the girls preferring to run with the boys proving she can do just about anything they can do. Like her brother Nyx, Lahni is very close to her grandfather, the patriarch of the family, Night Horse. Her best friend is her sister, Khloe. When Lahni isn't playing or composing music, she likes to read and she's quite the adrenaline junkie. Her latest craze is base jumping. She also loves sky diving, extreme motor sports and even owns a Kawasaki Ninja ZZR. It's rumored she's been doing a lot of not so legal street racing but that's neither here nor there. Unlike her mother and sisters, Lahni hates to cook and her brothers have sworn that in the case of the zombie apocalypse, they would rather take on the zombies than her cooking. However, she does have one dish she's really good at: Pizza. Lahni took art classes at Tulane University in Louisiana but dropped out to pursue music. Aside from her first love of rock and metal music, Lahni loves rhythm and blues and jazz. When it comes to movies, she's a total movie buff. She says that being on the road can be long and she is addicted to Netflix. When she is at home with her family she loves to shift and run, something she doesn't get to do while touring. Lahni is pretty much fearless except for being Closter phobic. 

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Character Showcase: Shiloh Red Cloud


    I have been asked a lot if Cursed Awakening  is going to have a sequel. The answer is "YES" and the story continues with Nyx's sister, Lahni and Shiloh Red Cloud of the Whispering Water clan.

      So who is Shiloh Red Cloud, you might be wondering? Well here are his stats.

Full Name: Shiloh Red Cloud
Status: Clan Leader and Warrior/Lakota Sioux
Age: Early 30s
Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 220lbs of pure muscle
Hair: Jet Black
Eye Color: Mercury Silver with Gold
Tattooes/Piercings: His left arm has the tattoo of a tribal wolf symbol and his left ear is pierced
Mate: Complicated with Lahni Wahpeton (extremely complicated)
Hobbies: He has a clan to oversee, Cinjin to babysit, and Lahni to chase
Music: Rock, Metal, and Classical
Favorite Saying: "It's not the wolf in the fight but the fight in the wolf."
Pet Peeves: Cinjin and Lahni's brothers
Best Friend: Cinjin
          It's said that Shiloh is a descendant from the great Sioux Chiefs, Red Cloud and Crazy Horse. He grew up at the New Hope Reservation with the Wahpeton family. It is also rumored that he and Dyami Wahpeton's daughter, Lahni were sweethearts until Shiloh's father died and he had to leave to take his father's place. He is a force to be reckoned with and is a fierce warrior. He is well respected among his people and those who know him, well except for Lahni; she considers him the bane of her existence, have given him their trust. He's head strong but uses wisdom before he acts.


 Savage Dawn

              Shiloh Red Cloud is a proud and fierce clan leader. He has fought many battles but his biggest and hardest battle has yet to be won. Forced to become a man much sooner than he planned; he sacrificed the only woman he's ever loved for the greater good. Now that He's returned, he's going to claim what he should have so many years before. 

               Lahni Wahpeton has a great career as a guitarist in a metal band, a great family, and she has her own life. When her family needed her she came, but she didn't expect Shiloh Red Cloud to be camped out on her family's land. The only person to ever break Lahni was Shiloh and it was a wound that never really healed. She wants nothing to do with him and refuses to even hold a civil conversation with him. She can't wait to get back to her band, the music, and as far from Shiloh Red Cloud as she can get because if she would let him in, it might just destroy her.

               Shiloh refuses to give up on Lahni and he's willing to fight for her if he doesn't end up strangling her first. Can Lahni forgive the past and take a chance again with her heart? Will Shiloh be able to love the woman Lahni is today instead of the young girl she once was? Two havles that are destined to find each other and forces that will try to tear them apart will erupt in Savage Dawn. 


              Khloe stood at the window of her old room as she watched Shiloh’s truck pull up. She could hear the screaming and arguing going on. No doubt everyone in the house could hear it. She watched as Shiloh grabbed her sister by the wrist and tried to pull her back to him, but she out stepped him and jerked her hand away and ran up the steps and slammed the door. Shiloh just stood there for the longest time. Lahni ran up the stairs and she heard her sister close her door. Her parents were stirring, no doubt worried over their daughter. She watched as Shiloh hung his head slightly and turned back towards his truck. Cinjin wrapped his arms around her and she sighed as she leaned back against his chest.
            “Is he going to be alright?” she asked softly.
            Cinjin nuzzled her cheek, “I’m sure he will be. He’s not going to give up on her, Khloe.”
            Khloe turned in his arms and looked up at him, cupping his face with her hands, “I love you Cinjin. She’s my sister and it hurts me to see her in so much pain. I couldn’t imagine life without you.”
             Cinjin grinned, “Well it wasn’t so long ago you tried to resist my…charm and sex appeal.”
            Khloe laughed, “Oh baby, I was on to your sex appeal from the get go, but you were in need of training.”
            He arched an eyebrow before cupping her ass and lifting her. Khloe wrapped her legs around his waist as he placed her against the wall. Cinjin ground against her pussy, already hard for her, “You like me wild and untamed, remember?”
            Khloe’s breasts were heavy and her nipples hard as she arched into his chest. She was already wet and in need for him and Cinjin was more than happy to sate her need.
            Lahni took a good long shower wishing she could wash away the anger and heartache. Her emotions were bouncing all over the place to the point she’d caused more than a few light bulbs to shatter. After she stepped out of the bathroom and had dressed in her pajamas, she went to her window and outside sat a silver grey wolf at the tree line. He was going to destroy her all over again but the worst part was that a part of her still wanted him. She pulled the blind and shut her curtains and flopped on her bed. She couldn’t stop the tears that fell down her face onto her pillow.
            Shiloh sat listening to the soft crying of his mate. It ripped at his soul and he wanted to do nothing more than go to her and soothe her. However, it was going to be a trial through fire to get her to accept him close enough to do any of that. Since he was forced to leave her, he’d done everything he could in the hopes of one day claiming her. Shiloh had filled his father’s shoes, took hold of his people, and built a home she would be proud to share with him. All these things he had done and broke his back to do and now he was having his doubts Lahni would ever be truly his. He allowed himself a few more moments of self-pity before he shook it off. He was going to win her heart again even if it killed him. Long ago, they had formed a bond; both their animal spirits had recognized one another as mates, and a wolf simply did not walk away from its mate. In Lahni’s eyes though, he had done just that. He could still remember that fateful day. The heartbreak in those unusual eyes of hers had branded him for life.
            “Little Bird, where are you hiding today?” he called out to her knowing already where she was hiding.
            He walked silently through the forest, careful not to snap a branch. There was the faint sound of laughter which caused him to smile. He shifted quickly and darted to the right. Just as he cleared a fallen log, out she shot like a streak of lightening. Shiloh pushed himself faster until he was on her. They ran through the forest and out into a great meadow that was covered with tall grass and a rainbow of wild flowers. Lahni feigned to the right but it was too late. Shiloh had pounced and now had her underneath him. He laughed inside her mind as she did him. He bent and nipped gently at her ear. For what seemed like an eternity they had played in that meadow; the same one that as young children they had considered their own playground. Shiloh shifted as did Lahni. Their nudity had never made Lahni shy before but Shiloh noticed her blush as she tried to shield herself from him. Her hair was long and it reminded him of pale gold wheat. He took her hand and pulled her to him, cuddling her as he always had; shielding her nakedness. He tried to not notice that her arousal and beauty wasn’t making him hard as a rock but by the look in her blue and green eyes, she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. He almost come apart when she nuzzled his chest and kissed a path up to his neck. One day, and one day soon he was going to go have to go to her father and ask for her, but right now all he could do was get lost in those depths of green and blue.
            Shiloh lowered his head and kissed the curve of her ear before whispering, “Lahni, you’re going to get us both in trouble.”
            She looked up at him and licked her lips as she cupped his face, “You’re mine Shiloh, all mine!” then she pressed her lips to his.
            Shiloh opened his mouth and sought hers with his own, his hands finding purchase with her breasts that had seemed to mature overnight. He laid her back against the soft grass and ground against the place he wanted to be the most. She moaned and let her hands explore his back and arms. Shiloh felt himself coming apart at the seams as if was losing control.
            “We have to stop Lahni. I have to speak to your father.” That was about all he got out before she invade his mouth and wrapped her legs around his waist rubbing herself against him and damn if she wasn’t wet. Shiloh growled as he fought to stay in control. He lifted his head once more, “Lahni,” but he was interrupted as they both caught a familiar scent…they were not alone anymore. Immediately Shiloh shifted and stood in front of Lahni as she shifted. A large dark red wolf came just into view. It was Lahni’s brother Nauru. Nauru was the eldest, and somewhere close by had to be his twin. The two were rarely separated from one another. Shiloh worried that he and Lahni had been caught. The red wolf approached cautiously. Shiloh ran to meet him so that Nauru wouldn’t get a whiff of what they’d been doing. He didn’t want Lahni to be shamed. She deserved better than her father’s disapproval of pre-mated sex.
            “Shiloh, you’re needed at your mother’s house. Now.” Nauru spoke gruffly which caused Lahni to snarl at her brother.
            Shiloh looked back at Lahni and they both headed to the Reservation. His mother was a fine and healthy woman. He prayed to the Great Spirit all would be well.
            “Shiloh, did you hear me son? You’re father has died and you…you are to go with your grandfather to the Whispering Water clan.” His mother had said through tears.
            Shiloh hadn’t seen his dad more than a few times in the past eight years. He barely knew him let alone the older man who stood before him that had introduced himself as his grandfather. Lahni stood next to her own grandfather, the Shaman of her clan and Chief Elder to the New Hope Reservation council. Nauru and his twin kept close.
            “I cannot go Mother.”
            His mother was barely holding herself together and wiping at her eyes, it was funny that he didn’t feel the same level of grief, maybe he should have but he didn’t. She shook her head, “My son, you must go. You are the son of a clan leader.”
            He looked at Lahni who had a single tear streaked down her cheek.
            “No, I won’t. I never knew my father, not really.”
            The grandfather stepped closer, “Grandson, your father has passed his duty on to you. You have to know you were his pride and heart just as you are mine as well. You must come and learn to lead your people and your clan.”
            Shiloh straightened up to his full height of six feet, though he was still skinny for his age, he still towered over the older man who looked bewildered.
            “Duty? Duty is to the life I have made with my mother here. Duty is to the clan that has been the ones to do the job that my father was supposed to do and didn’t. I will not go.”
            Shiloh’s mother looked up at him with a strange look on her face-one he’d never seen on her before. She walked over to him and slapped him right across the face. He heard Lahni cry out but all he could do was feel shocked and hurt that his own mother had struck him.
            “Never speak ill of the man I loved and the one who was your father! He never abandoned us! Not once, because I understood his path. Mine was to raise you and I had to do it here. He never demanded the rights of a clan chief of me when it came to you and I was most grateful for that. The only agreement we had was that when you were old enough, you’d go to him so he could teach you to be a man and a strong leader. Do not shame him or I by using cold angry words.”
            She embraced him and he just stood there as the only world he’d ever known fell to pieces around him. He looked grimly at Lahni. He knew he would have to go, but he didn’t want to leave her. How could he? She was his soul and his heart. Lahni’s grandfather, Nighthorse, held her close to his chest as she cried. She knew it too. Damn traditions and damn his father!
            “Lahni listen to me damn it! I have no choice in this, you were there.”
            Lahni held on to his arms, “Please, don’t go! We could run away-we could live far from everyone. Don’t leave me Shi, please!”
            He cupped her face in his hands, “My Little Bird, don’t you think my heart is breaking too? I don’t want to leave but we cannot run. It’s not right and you know it. They would only hunt us down and we’d hurt everyone we cared about if we did that. I’ll write you every day and as soon as I am accepted as their clan chief, I will come back for you and we will be mated the right way and spend the rest of our lives together.”
            She collapsed against his chest and he wrapped her arms around her and held her, fighting his own tears. How was he going to survive without her? How was he going to be able to leave her like this?
            “Promise me you’ll come back. Don’t go away and not come back Shi, I couldn’t bear it.” She sobbed against his heart.
            Shiloh tucked his head against her neck, breathing in her scent as he murmured, “I’ll come back every chance I can get baby. Be strong and hold on for me; for us.”
            A half hour later, his grandfather and her brothers had packed up a truck. Shiloh said his final good-bye’s to his mother and all his friends. He saved Lahni for last. The look of utter heartbreak in her eyes ripped his soul apart. Before he could take her into his arms, she stepped back and said, “Come back to me, remember your promise.” Then she shifted and ran. Her grandfather had put an arm around his shoulders, “Things will be okay. I will speak to her and things will be right again. Your grandfather is a good man and you will learn much from him.”
            Shiloh looked at his grandfather and sighed as he began to take steps to a new life-one he wasn’t sure he wanted.
            Shiloh drew himself out of the past. His grandfather had been a good man and had taught him a great deal. He’d kept his promise, he’d written to Lahni every day but she’d never written to him. When he’d visited his mother, her brother Caleb had explained that had gone away that summer to some sort of art camp. He’d given Caleb a letter and some gifts to give to her. She’d never so much had sent a “Thank-You” card. When she’d gone away to Tulane all the way in New Orleans, Louisiana, he had driven up there on his own just to miss her again. Finally when his mother had passed away, she’d been at his mother’s wake and burial ceremony. In his grief, he had been cold and angry at her when it wasn’t her fault, but she’d seemed unaffected. The day after the funeral, he’d gone to apologize, but she refused to see him. Then there was the night a few years later, when he’d caught up with her at a bar where she was playing with a rock band.
            “You look about as miserable as a wolf caught in a bear trap.” Bodhi groused as he came up next to Shiloh.
            Shiloh looked up at Bodhi and snorted, You should put on some clothes. You never know when a female might come by and fall over from laughing.
            Bodhi laughed, “Shit, if a female came by, she’d be scared away by that perpetual scowl you always wear.”
            Shiloh turned his head, How did it happen that you weren’t eaten at birth? Even wolves have been known to eat their young.
            “Dude, has anyone ever told you that you’re a buzzkill Shi? Damn man go get laid or something.” Body reached over at a tree where clothing was tied up and pulled out a pair of sweat pants.
            Shiloh would love to get laid but if he went near Lahni, she’d probably rip all the parts he was partial to off in a way that would ensure he’d walk funny and speak like Betty White for the rest of his life. He sighed.
            Bodhi looked at Shiloh then up at Lahni’s window and back a Shiloh. He knew the story with those two all too well. When Shiloh had left, Lahni had gone weeks without eating. She had made herself sick and their grandfather and Khloe had been the only two people that could reach her. Every day she waited to hear from Shiloh but never had. Then when everyone was pretty sure she was going to grieve herself to death and her father had made the decision to go drag Shiloh back, she’d snapped out of it and went on about life as if he’d never existed. It was also around that time when she’d left home too.
            “Sorry man, I didn’t mean to bust your balls.” He squatted next to Shiloh, “I’ll give you some advice,” Shiloh looked back at him, “Don’t let her go. Somewhere down deep she still loves you. I see flickers now and then when she looks at you or she hears your name right before she wants to cut off your bits and pieces then nail them to a wall. For moments, she remembers you but she puts that wall down and you gotta get through the wall man. You were her friend once, and her best friend at that. Find that common ground you both once shared.”
            Shiloh nodded his head, Thanks Bodhi. I’ll try. I never wanted to leave her. Never.
            Bodhi winked and headed up into the house. He held the door open, Why don’t you crash here tonight? You’re folks are all nice and secure for the night and your man Josiah and my brothers are running patrols in the area.
            Shiloh thought it out for a moment, I don’t think Lahni would like waking up and me being in her home.
            Bodhi’s smile went a mile wide, “I know, that’s the fun part about it all. It will not be comfortable or expected. C’mon man, everything is cool.”
            Shiloh agreed but went to run one last check himself and grab some clothes. Bodhi was waiting when he returned. Shiloh shifted in the woods before walking out towards the house.
            “I hope she doesn’t wake up and decide to neuter me.” Shiloh murmured as he walked through the door.
            Bodhi chuckled, “That would suck, epically. No worries man, no one comes in my room, not even Caleb and he’s my twin.
            Once Shiloh seen Bodhi’s room, he could see why. It was a total wreck.
            Bodhi flopped on his bed, “Welcome to my bachelor pad.”
            Shiloh grinned, “You and Cinjin have a lot in common.”

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The New Kid On The Block: Introducing Elizabeth Smith-Babcock

Bringing passion, seduction, and fantasy...

I was lucky to sit down with this special lady and find out what she's working on and what she would like readers to know about her. 

NN: Tell me a little about yourself? 

ESB: I have five kids. Four boys one girl. I also have three spolied dogs. I have been married sixteen years. I live near Toronto Canada. 

NN: How long have you known you were a writer and what book or poem turned you on? 

ESB: It wasn't a book or poem that turned me on. It was a teacher who gave me a list of words. She said I could write sentences or make up stories. I chose stories. 

NN: What authors/books do you like and have inspired you? 

ESB: I like J.R Ward, Denyse Bridger, Charlaine Harris, J.K Rowling, Sylvia Day, Chloe Neill and many more 

NN: What genre is your favorite to write? Why? 

ESB: I don't know if I have a "genre " sometimes an idea will hit me and I can't do anything but write it down. Be it vampire...a love story a sports story or a poem. 

NN: Tell me about the dream. What and where do see yourself as far as writing? 

ESB: The dream? Everyone dreams big right? I just want one day someone to ask "Hey you wrote that?" 

NN: What projects are you working on right now? 

ESB: I am working on a few. I have one where a family finds the daughter whose mother had been killed 17 years ago. I am also working on a sports story about a wide receiver who is small but fast. There might even be a vampire story in there or two... 

NN: When do you find you do your most reading? 

ESB: In my house whenever I can. 

NN: Some writers need quiet, others need noise. Myself, I love to write to music or have several pictures lying around. What do you require when the muse strikes? 

ESB: I like music and pictures. I like my music hard and LOUD! 

NN: Who or what is your favorite main character of your stories, and why? 

ESB: I like Jess she is a lot like me in many ways. 

NN: Would you say you draw your inspiration to write from classic literature or are you a wild child who revels in the voices in your head? 

ESB: Well if you haven't figured it out yet.... I am pure wild child! Sometime I have an idea in my head and I just need to get it down. I will take anything and just start writing. 

Now for the FUN! 

1. Favorite Food and Drink? I have a soft spot for shrimp and sweets. My favorite drink is sex and the beach ; ) 

2. Favorite Movie and TV Show? I love movies!! The Notebook is one I like the best. T.v. I would say Castle.. 

3. What is your secret guilty pleasure? Guilty?? Sweetheart I am never guilty lol But I do take pleasure in a nice glass of Ice wine now and then. 

4. Classic Rock or Modern Pop/Rock? Classic Rock Headstone 

5. Twilight Saga or Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice? No choice of both huh?? How about J.R ward Black Dagger Brotherhood? 

6. Dragons or Animal Shifters? Animal shifters. But I would love to see a dragon! 

7. Tropical Island or Mountain Retreat? Tropical Island. I have to have the sun, the beach, the cabana boys ; ) 

8. Ideal Night Out? Me and the hubby doesn't matter what we do as long as it is together. 

9. If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why? I miss my grandfather. I didn't get his story about where he was in World war two. When I was old enough to care he had forgotten it. 

10. If you could live in any Book or series, which would it be and why? I have to chose one ?? I read so many... I will go with the Black Dagger Brotherhood. As for the why HOT vampires HELLO!!



A sneak peak, a tease if you will, of Elizabeth's soon to be released "A Leap For Love" 


The sun was bright as Jess and Liv walked into their office located in their apartment. 

Jess and Liv were eager to get a start on their day. 

Liv had uploaded her newest song onto YouTube and every other media outlet that would listen to a new rocker. Today could end her career if it didn't go well. 

"Are we ready?" 

"I don't know Jess if this doesn't go well I don't know what we would do." Liv said in a worried voice. 

"Well we won't find anything out staring at a blank computer screen." Liv was trying to sound upbeat.

Jess turned on the laptop and waited for it to startup. Liv turned on the radio. 

"That song is the new break out single by Liv Martin. It is breaking all new release records." The radio host said as Liv turned it down and looked at me with a huge smile on her face.

The phone started ringing before she could say anything. 

Jess took a deep breath and answered the phone. 

"Liv Martin entertainment this is Jessica Miller her agent and personal assistant how can I help you today?" 

"I sure hope you can Miss Miller." came the sexy voice with a slight Irish accent that Jess had talked to once before.

"AHHH, Evan Young from Rolling Stone Magazine. "Jess let a smile spread across her face."I didn't think I would be hearing from you again. Did I miss the memo, did hell freeze over?"

"You know I hadn't heard THAT song that you posted. You sent me a different song. I still stand on the fact that the lack of background information on your client could be trouble. Tabloids can be brutal. They tend to make up information as they go. With the lack of information they could ruin her career!"

"It seems to me with my clients song hitting number one worldwide in twenty four hours and one million You Tube hits proves you wrong. Plus you had said any song she sung had a snowballs chance in hell of making it!" Jess took a quick pause, now time to cover up the lack of background information on Liv. "Liv could be anyone's daughter, sister ir girlfriend. She could be from anywhere. That is where the lack of information comes into play. She can relate to everyone! So it wouldn't matter if Liv was from Mars or London. She could be a Queen's daughter or drug dealers. Because her voice speaks to everyone, the public won't care." Jess threw out her cover story for Liv. She knew her friend wanted to make a name on her own. Liv didn't want to ride her father's coattails or doubt that it was her talent selling the records. 

Liv and Jess had met in High school. Liv stood up to some bullies for Jess. They became instant friends. Jess had covered for Liv since. That was why she became her best friend’s manager. She had cut ties from her awful parents to be taken care of now by Liv's.

The loud sigh from the other side of the phone line brought Jess back to the here and now. 

"How did you get that song everywhere in twenty four hours" he asked 

Jess could tell he was frustrated his accent was thicker. "It's an alien mind trick. We are controlling everyone's minds. Forcing everyone to listen and like Liv." She wanted to yank his chain after all the cruel things he had said about her friend. 

"Do you cook crow Miss Miller?"

His question was confusing and Jess wasn't sure how to answer it. 

"Are you still there Jess? "

"Yes I am. “

"Look I don't say this often so listen to what I say closely. I was wrong! How about dinner? Just you and me. We can talk about an article for Liv? You and I can cover what way to best promote your client. Or we can just get to know each other better." Evan's voice had switched to being seductive.

"I don't think Liv wants YOU to do the article anymore. She found your response to her music and her right to have some things remain private very uncalled for. "Jess didn’t want dinner with this man his voice was sexy as hell. She had put her love life on hold to get Liv where she was now. She also knew that most men found her unattractive. Her own parents had thought so as well. Her life with them had been hell. They hated Liv and they hated her. She was never good enough.

"Jess.... Jess, are you there? My phone must be cutting out. "

Crap Jess had to get her shit together. This was Liv's career on the line and hers. They could both end up with nothing after all their hard work. 

"I am sorry Mr. Young I think it was my phone not yours. I don't have time to meet with you. I can ask Liv about a Face Time interview with her then get back to you. " she was flustered

"Did you ever think Maybe it's you I want to just spend time with Jess?" His voice has lowered into a sexy purr her insides quivered. 

"I don't date. Please send me emails with a few times that are good for you and I will email you back." Jess didn't wait for what he said next she hung up on him.

"What the hell was that Jess. Did I miss something”?

"I ... don't know...I mean we have emailed. We have bantered. The whole wanting a date thing. I am at a loss."

"He is really into you. When did this happen? Why are you turning him down?"

Jess had no clue when Evan started liking her. She showed Liv their emails and Liv said she had missed all the classic signs of a flirting. 

So two weeks after the song's release and many e-mails later between them.

Liv had convinced her to go on a date with Evan. She had told Jess sometimes you had to go for it. Jess and Evan had agreed to a first date at the sex club. Him assuming she had experience, her wanting to have an experience. 

He had sent her a lovely leather collar with matching handcuffs before their date. In the package had a note. 

"Instead of crow I think I will eat you tonight." There was also a list of his rules. 

The club was sensory overload for Jess. There were woman and men around her with hardly anything on. The bouncer at the entrance to the private rooms asked her for a safety word. She chose chunky monkey.

*BEEP * Went her cell phone alarm for her five minute warning. She had set alarms because she hated waiting. She also didn't want to wait forever. She was on her knees on a bed her head was facing away from the door. If the next alarm went off and her "date” hadn't shown she was out the door leaving the collar and handcuffs behind. She should have known she wasn't worthy. Evan didn't want her and she didn't have time for this. She had Liv's carrier to think about. Maybe he only wanted extra information on Liv. The NDA (None Disclosure Agreement) she had sent to him prevented it. He had signed it, but was that why he was a no show? 

The next thing she heard was the door opening with a creak.

She inhaled deeply. He smelled good. This was it. Her mind raced. She hoped she would please him. She hadn't told him she was chunky. Would he walk back out the door? 

She felt Evan's fingers running softly and slowly up her toes, up her calves. So very slowly his hands were moving on her body.

Then Evan's masculine hands were rubbing thighs....slowly and gently he went higher. She was feeling things she had never felt before. His hands were on her thick round ass now. He was kneading her ass like bread. He took one of his hands and slowly went to her breast. Evan gave them the same treatment. Nice slow and getting a tad rougher. Evan touched everywhere gently. She was forgetting all about her friends carrier and being obese. 

*BEEP BEEP BEEP * Went her next alarm. FUCK SHE had just messed up rule number three. There was to be no outside distractions. 

"Do you have somewhere more important to be tonight"? Evan asked lazily in that thick Irish accent that made her melt. His hands stopped moving but he hadn't taken them off. She hoped Evan would let the small mistake pass. 

Evan's hands started to move again, slowly and softly. Slowly going to her panties he rubbed the outside of them. Slowly rubbing and touching. Evan found her clit and started rubbing it. He moved fast and then slower all around her pussy. Evan slid a finger inside her slowly. Jess knew she was wet. Her panties were soaked. Evan rained soft kisses on her back, up to her neck then back down to her butt. Then Evan stopped, leaving her begging for more. 

He moved away from her "Keep the gifts. Maybe next time you will be more patient and wait for me. You need to learn that is good to go nice and slow sometimes”. With that he left. 

Jess was left wanting, needing and dripping wet....

Evan stood on the other side of the door. What the hell just happened? He knew Jess had gotten his rules. Maybe he was being too hard on her. Evan let the back of his head rest on the door. Evan also knew what he felt when his finger slid into her pussy. Jess had lied, she was a virgin. In her emails she sounded experienced. He wanted to start something with her. Starting fresh with someone who knew nothing would be a challenge. Would she be worth it? 

Jess sat on the bed staring at the wall. She heard the door re-open. It was probably the bouncer saying they needed the room.

"Not what I wanted from this night Jess. You’re not what I expected!"

"Sorry I should have told you I was obese!"

"Umm no maybe the fact you are a virgin would have helped. Otherwise you are perfect!"

Jess looked at Evan he was model looking good with amazing green eyes. Jess had seen his pictures with models and starlets. 

"Bull Evan you don’t have to lie to me."

Evan walked over to where she sat and knelt down in front of her. Evan's green eyes looking into her's. His eyes looking straight into her soul.

Evy lips met hers with a fierce need. It was her first kiss and she wanted him to be the only man to kiss her. 

"I want you. You are funny you are charming you are unpredictable. " Evan's voice was rough and ragged.

Jess moaned his kiss re-light the fire where his hands had been earlier. 

Evan's hands started to roam her body. She started touching him. He had so many muscles. Suddenly Evan pulled back.

"We need to go slow." Eva was panting with need

"No now please" she begged. 

Evan shook his head no and lifted her off the bed and out of the club. 

It had been a month since the club. Jess hadn't heard from Evan. Not one single email only his article on Liv. 

"Look what just came" Liv walked into their office with an armful of flowers. 

"Ohhh goodie more flowers for the newest queen of rock. Whose talk show is it this week? " 

"Nope these are for you!" Liv handed me the flowers 

Jess pulled out the card and read it. 

“One flower for every first thing you are about to experience together. One is for our first fight. Another one for is first time you forgive me. "

"I don't think twenty four will cover it." Jess said with a laugh. 

"Ohhhhhhh this isn't all of them."

Liv dragged Jess into the living room area. 

Evan stood in the living room a red rose in his hand. A picnic lunch on the floor and surrounded by all kinds of flowers.

Evan's green eyes met hers. 

"This should have been our first date." Evan walked over and pulled Jess into his arms. His kiss melted her heart. Evan was lightning her insides on fire. But he had walked away without a word. Why was he here?

"Why me? Where have you been?"

"I could go on for days about why you! But I should ask you, why would you choose me? I fucked up! I left here that night trying to figure out how to date you! I finally figured it out. We start simple, we start slow, we start fresh."

Jess considered it for a moment. Evan's green eyes were full of love and promise. Jess had to have a first love sometime in her life twenty four was old compared to most. Jess could end up getting ger heart broken but she had to try. Jess chose to leap for love.