Friday, April 30, 2010

Great and Fantastic Read

Again Im going to do some advertising. I just got Lover Mine by J R Ward yesterday and it has been really really hard to put it down! I mean it! I think that this one might be her best book out of the series yet! I mean I don't see how True Blood(and I loooove True Blood the show)has HBO to make a series out of it and here J R Ward doesn't have squat for her Black Dagger Brotherhood! I mean these books are so much more than just a "romance"! I mean you have a total and complete story here-a world here that deserves either a TV series or a movie at the very least! It's a full on action that even Rambo would be proud to read let alone watch. I sooo love the Twilight Saga-it will always have a soft part of my heart but OMG THE BLACK DAGGER SERIES SOOOO TRUMPS THE CULLENS! Seriously even our favorite, Underworld and Blade Trilogy. They are THAT DAYAM GOOD! It reminds me of my own writing in the sense that I WANT to be able to tell a story that good! I want to make my characters come to life with a vengence and create a world for them. J R Ward and authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon,Laura Adrian,Lynsay Sands, and others deserve your respect and hommage so reguardless of what genre of books you love to read, make sure you patronize not only your local book stores, online stores like Amazon, but your favorite writers as well!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well as you all know I have a book published by Publish America. I want to tell everyone NOT TO GO THROUGH PUBLISH AMERICA! Please visit and I put alot of heart and soul into my story/manuscript and I'm heartsick about it but I'm not giving up! I am currently working on 5 other stories that I will submit to legit publishers/literary agents.

I have been reading alot of different books lately and I wanted to try something new, so I have to put a plug here for you are wanting to find a book but not sure you know what you're wanting to read-the forums at Amazon are a God send! Be sure you check them out!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Books On the Reading List

While Im creating my own possible best sellers and going through this maddness that is Publish America, I have been reading some good books. Here is a shameless plug, you can find many of these and even preorder the three soon to be released from

The Masters of Time Rose Triology

So far I have read the first two:Dark Embrace and Dark Lover. The books are about immortal Highlanders who can leap through time and through their own magic save innocents from evil. The Rose women are all gifted in some way or another. Some are powerful white witches, lethal slayers(warrior women), and others have various psychic and empathic abilities. All the Rose women in these books are in the present day and are predestined for a Master of Time-the only hitch is neither of them knows it yet! The Highlanders are your very male and very ALPHA MALE warriors. So I totally recommend these books. Not only are they a highland historical kind of romance but they all the thrilling adventure that makes the Paranormal genre awesome!

The Breed Series by Laura Adrian

I have read all these books and OH MY GAWD! You will sooo not be sorry you tried these on for size! They are a total new approach to the whole "vampire" myth! These books currently can be gotten from Amazon at amazing low prices; much cheaper than the book store prices!

The Breed are beings that were sired by alien fathers. They do require blood to survive. Their biggest conflict is the fated blood lust that their "breed" falls prey to, however for the Breed Warriors with their Generation 1 and 2's the Blood lust isn't all they must worry about because an ancient evil threatens their exsistence and the exsistence of the world! The woman of the Breed warriors are no wilting wall flowers-they are strong women that have overcome alot in their lives and the decisions they make and how they fall into the lives of these warriors are life changing for them and are not some willy nilly Romeo and Juliet kind of romance. For when a Breed Warrior comes in contact with their ladies-all hell breaks loose-literally! They are rocked to their very core! So I totally recommend Laura Adrian's Breed Series.

Two books to check out from Sherrilyn Kenyon is the first of her Chronicles of Nick series, Infinity. The Chronicles of Nick begin where Nick Gautier enters the world of the Dark Hunters when he meets up with Kyrian of Thyrace; a Dark Hunter. These books are geared for a younger audience but if you are Kenyon Menyon-you'll be reading this book series and come to love it Im sure as much as you love her other books!

No Mercy-will be the latest installment of the Dark Hunter Series starring Dev Peltier and the Dark Hunter Dog's of War huntress Samia. Dev is a were-hunter; an Arcadian Bear that sports the Artemis Double Bow as a joke. Dev is ever the charmer and the doorman of his family's bar, Sanctuary. When Samia comes into the picture for the first time Dev has met his match! However Dev's story isn't the only one to be told in this book. No Mercy leaves off where Bad Moon Rising and Dream Warrior leaves off. Stryker has got a bag of tricks and a whole lot of mess is about to hit Acheron's beloved New Orleans. There will be No Mercy given and spoils will go to the victor!

Lover Mine by J R Ward-The first paranormal romance I read was Dark Lover by J R Ward and having read her entire series, I can honestly say that Lover Mine-has been well anticipated! The central story lies between John Matthews as he has come of age and his mission to save Xhex-the female he has pledged his life and love to whether she knows it or wants it! Xhex was kidnapped by the evil Omega's son, Lash and there is going to be hell to pay when JM finds her! I am sure there is going to be alot of action and drama as well as tears in this book and alot of questions will be answered. If you've not read anything by J R Ward-I suggest that you do, her Black Dagger Series is awesome and well worth the read.

All these books are and will be avail at and I hope you check them out and share your own reading lists with me!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Publish America Disturbia

You know, I figure alot of authors who may not be instant sensations like J K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer have to do alot of grub work to become a successful author. I sent my manuscript off to alot of literary agents and publishers. Most didn't even give me much more of a denial than "We're not interested at this time" or "We're not acceptiong that genre" Some just didn't reply at all. I think one has to have a thick skin to be an author because rejection is a constant. Anyhow I found Publish America and I did read the good and bad. I seen where they went and sued for slander of their unethical publishing practices so I mean it gave me a little hope that I might have signed with a reputable company. Here is the skinny-I believe I wrote a pretty good story. I put alot of work and did everything they asked me to do. So far what I got was a book that has been escalated in price points-I got the email today saying they would not lower the cost of my book-plus the places that had agreed to me doing a book signing wanted me to consign copies because they could not shell out the money for PA books. So this is what Im going to say-I was so thrilled about being "published" however had I wanted to self publish I would have went that route but I wanted to be chosen to be published. So please keep visiting my site here and my ning page because Im going to keep working at it! I mean I don't expect anyone to pay 30 bucks for a soft cover book even if it is my loved ones. Anyone that does or has bought a copy-it means so very much to me that you did! However to those who haven't, I'll say this I will furnish you will an ecopy of the book! Just ask!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ideas Abounding

I am currenly working on 6 manuscripts right now. The bulk of them have endings I have yet to write. One that I am currently working on like a demon is more of a historical romance. It's about my favorite time period, The Medieval era. I don't do outlines because I like to go with whatever ideas pop into my head. I have the characters and I do the research but as far as working out an outline, I don't. Now I have read alot of blogs and such that point out that Outlines are essential. I do do story crafting where I write out ideas and work out how those ideas relate to the plots. So I want to know from all of you that write even if its non fiction-what directions you use when constructing your stories.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Author News

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that if I reach at least 50 books sold I will be hosting a book give away! Soon to come my own website and I've been looking into alot of different options. Besides myspace,blogspot, and facebook-I really have no clue as to getting a site started and the ones offered on PA's site are really complicated. Thanks to everyone that has shown support and purchased a book! It really means alot although I have to be honest and admit I am a little scared. I have been reading alot of mixed reviews for Publish America. More than one person got their book and saw all sorts of grammical errors and editing problems. I hope that is not the case with mine! I mean I hope its not been butchered. I believe I have a really good story and I worked really hard but there are countless authors out there that for some they have spent countless years before they had a major publisher pick up their manuscript. So for me its a bitter sweet thing. I want it to do well-of course and I totally believe that it is a good story. However I am realistic and Im not doing it because I think Im going to be rich-I mean don't get me wrong Old Dave needs the money...but I really want to do this because its something I love and because I think its what I was born to do-if its not in book writing it might be something else so I'm still working my way through-however Im not giving up on one day having a major publishing company like Random House,Little Borwn,St.Martin's Press, or some other company have one of my titles in their list of best sellers!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Renegade Night is already released on PA Website

I have to say that having my release date moved up is pretty neat! If you go to the PA website and put my name in the search bar you get my book! So in the next few days I will be calling bookstores*which for me means ones in other cities because we lost our Walden Books* to try and generate some buzz about it! The only thing I hate to say is the price point they have set the book to. I know many people will not be able to afford it and I'm going to work on getting the price down. Please don't let the price detour you from reading the book! If you look below-there is a exerpt from the book!

However, when he tried to sift through her mind, it was blank; as if a wall was in place he could not breech. He could not even hear one whisper of a thought. Strange, he thought to himself as he kept trying. The more he tried the more he nearly gave himself a headache. She was still walking and if he didn’t figure out something she was going to be in trouble! Alexi thought for a moment of how to proceed. Alexi finally decided to engage the woman in casual conversation and escort her wherever she was headed. She was walking further ahead so he quickened his pace.
“Excuse me; Miss, could you help me? I am new to your city and I am-I mean I am looking for an eatery or somewhere to get a drink perhaps.” He felt moronic as the words fell out of his mouth.
Manners had been lost to him for so long; it felt weird forcing himself to be so polite. However since he couldn’t manipulate her mind and didn’t want to scare her off, it was necessary to gain her trust. After all knocking her unconscious while he flung her over his shoulder probably wasn’t the best way to proceed. It might draw attention and he didn’t want to hurt her. The woman stopped and turned to face him, and he could hear in the acceleration of her heart just the amount of mistrust and fear. The woman looked around nervously as if she was weighing her options of either talking to him or making a run for it. He almost really smiled at the latter because for a human she was small; not tiny but compared to him it would have been funny watching her run while he had just to pick up his pace to keep up.
“Well, um-there is a few fast food places across town and there’s Randy’s Bar and Grill just down the street next to the carwash.” She replied anxiously. It was good that she wasn’t running. Still she was nervous and frightened but she wasn’t running. Alexi took this as a token from heaven.
Alexi smiled to keep things light. He knew the renegade he was tracking was very close, perhaps even watching them now.
“Thank-You, but I am afraid I have been rude. My name is Alexi Tussier. Would you mind having something to eat or drink with me?” he used perfect etiquette.
Lainey was waiting for someone to jump out of the bushes or something and yell “punked!” but there was no Ashton or camera crew. Lainey took a good look at this man; he was gorgeous! He was so big though; broad shoulders, tall, and looked as if he lived in a gym. There was something about this tall stranger, something more than his dazzling good looks. His dark eyes were shadowed by his long lashes and hair. His hair was so black that it actually looked a little iridescent in the glow of the street light. His face was well defined and had a day’s worth of stubble on it. The man looked delicious; sinfully delicious and dangerous.
Alexi had to move the woman away from the street and get her somewhere public where there were people. Warren Langford had been apprehended more times than he could count. Always the council had given him numerous chances and now Warren’s luck had run out due to the fact the council was finally tired of his antics! Warren was dangerous because he was a renegade; a vampire that not only fed off humans but also killed them. Mordacai had given the order to all Guardians to find Warren and dispose of him. Warren’s views were that humans were nothing more than cattle. Alexi set his focus back on the young woman standing in front of him. Alexi wasn’t immune to that there was something about this woman; almost magnetic.
“We can go to Randy’s; it’s just down the street. If you’d like, that is.” The woman said with a slight polite smile.
She was still pretty tense. He was standing over six feet tall and dressed all in black. He was all but stranger to her yet somehow she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Plus he was drop dead model gorgeous! She felt like a mouse next to his great height. His hair was as black as a raven’s wing and shone in the light. It was just past his shoulders, and Lainey found herself picturing what it would be like to have her fingers in it. She shook her head to get her mind back on track.
Warren cursed into the night as he saw Alexi Romanov, the council’s one man brute squad walk away with his midnight snack. Warren couldn’t help but feel just a teeny bit elated, after all the council had sent their very best when they sent Alexi. What a boon it was for his ego. It would make for an interesting game! Warren shrugged his shoulders the man walking his dog on the next block over never even knew what hit him, until it was too late.
As they walked to the bar and grill, Alexi scanned the dimly light room then settled back on the young woman.
“I have told you my name but I have not had the pleasure of knowing yours!” Alexi’s tone was polite and charming as he pulled a chair out from a table they’d stopped at.
His lips were full and masculine. He had strong facial structure. His eyes that were as green as emeralds seemed to sparkle and were framed with thick dark lashes. There was some sort of danger to this man, and she could feel it. He smiled, briefly but his gaze was still intense. It was so unlike her to just hang out in the dark let alone go out to eat with a total stranger. She had the oddest feeling in her chest that he was oddly familiar though and that was the only reason why she was here sitting across from him now. Lainey forced her eyes off his face and body and silently hoped she hadn’t looked oblivious.
She turned her face up towards him, and pushed through her nerves, “I’m sorry, my name is Lainey Thomas. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier. Are you new here to Aurora Falls or just passing through?” Lainey was nervous as hell, here was this total stranger and yet she was drooling over him and he could have been a mass murderer for all she knew.
There was something about the way he looked at her, as if he wanted to devour her. It was almost a magnetic connection. He smiled but there was something about those swirling pools of jeweled green; like he was battle scarred or something. She took note of how he constantly looked around the room and how he concentrated on every word he said. Alexi was up to bat at being uneasy. He didn’t quite know how to answer her question. So he blurted out the first thing that passed through his mind.
“Oh, I am here on business.” He uttered. Alexi was finding it hard to look into those depths of blue and violet. Something was stirring in his chest. Something he intended to fight. He kept telling himself that he was doing his job; this was all part of his job. Nothing more and nothing less he reminded himself.
Lainey loved the way his voice sounded. It was a rich deep baritone. It had a slight accent that she couldn’t quite place but it just added to her list of things that made her heart jump and take off running.
“Where are you from, if you don’t mind me asking? You have somewhat of an accent.” She asked innocently.
Then suddenly an image of Esther came to her mind. ‘God, please don’t let me sound like a nib nose!’ she lamented to herself.
“No, it’s okay. Yes, well Louisiana has been my home for quite some time now but I do travel a lot!” he said quickly but he didn’t sound from the south or Creole, Lainey thought. More like European or something.
They hadn’t been seated long until a waitress sat down two water glasses and set down two menus. Lainey wondered to herself, exactly how she was going to be able to eat much less make small talk with a real life GQ model across the table. There were other women at Randy’s; many of them more beautiful than she was and she could tell they knew it too because they kept giving her the evil eye! She focused on the menu.
A waitress came and took their order. Alexi ordered a glass of dry red wine. Lainey ordered something light, a Sea Breeze and the Island Chicken plate. Then the waitress took the menus and flitted away, nearly tripping as she had her neck craned to keep her eyes on Alexi. Lainey pretended to not notice. Alexi almost chuckled, because he did notice! The hint of blush on Lainey’s cheeks and the way she had slightly narrowed her eyes was almost his undoing.
Lainey suddenly became self conscious since he hadn’t ordered any food. Then she started to worry that perhaps he didn’t order because she might have ordered something he felt obligated to pay for. Alexi sensed her distress. This woman was quite interesting and he found himself oddly wanting to smile at her little bout of jealousy and distress. He couldn’t read her but he could sense it though. Something was bothering her and then he concluded that it was because he wasn’t eating. He sighed.
“I dined earlier. I was looking more for of a social spot; company you know.” He explained coolly.
Lainey didn’t know if she should have been a bit concerned about that or not. The waitress brought their drinks. Lainey sipped hers while she watched him hold the wine glass. It was funny how a man with such powerful and perfect hands could hold something as delicate as a thin stemmed wine glass, but he did. Lainey has not even half way through with her drink when the waitress brought another glass of wine and Lainey’s chicken. Lainey cut a piece of her chicken that was basically Caribbean jerk chicken and offered him a piece.
“It’s really good, and Randy marinates them all day. It’s one of the more popular items on the menu.”
Alexi held up a hand and took a drink of the wine. He didn’t want to tell her he’d dined on two bags of blood and could still taste it on his lips. That had more than satiated his hunger. She prattled on about various points of interest, and Alexi found himself intrigued with her. She had long pale gold blonde hair and violet-blue eyes framed with long lashes. Lainey had a small narrow nose, high cheekbones, and a heart shaped face. She had almost a regal look to her appearance. Lainey was a real beauty and no doubt would be a prize to some man. There was something in the way her eyes lit up when she would smile that warmed him. Something like a childlike innocence; or the way an angel would look and it threw him for a loop. He focused on her mouth, the two full lips that looked like a pink bow. Any man would be lucky to have those to brush up against their skin or to kiss.
He was caught up in the violet-blue depths of her eyes and almost imagined what it would be like to move his lips against hers while looking into them. Then Cosette came to his mind. Alexi had a job to do and he needed to get his head back in the game! This was no time for fanciful thoughts! He’d play his part and then he’d move on to his next assignment. That was how it was with him! In all the years he had been with Cosette, he’d never give women a second glance. He’d gotten sick at his stomach in the old days when he’d fed directly from the source. Alexi had cringed every time he’d have to glamour a woman feeding her false fantasies and empty promises. Lainey didn’t make him sick but he pushed those thoughts of attraction right out of his mind! Trouble was, they seemed to push right back in!
“So, Lainey tell me what do you do for a living?” he asked wryly to try and get his head clear.
Lainey suddenly became embarrassed. Here was a traveled and educated not to mention devilishly handsome man and here she was a lowly librarian.
“Umm, I work at the library here in Aurora Falls. I’m just working there until I can get something better!” she stammered.
“Do you live close by?” he asked, not knowing himself why he wanted to know.
Lainey gave him a peculiar look; after all it was a little odd he’d want to know where she lived unless he was stalker or serial killer. She banished the latter when she noticed he was waiting for her answer.
“Yes, well I live about 8 blocks from the library in an apartment complex on the west end of town. That is about as interesting as my life seems to be, I don’t even own a cat!” she answered lowering her eyes.
He leaned back casually back in the chair. “You don’t look like a librarian?” he asked nonchalantly; while thinking, you are much too beautiful to be stuck in a library.
Lainey shifted in her chair and took a drink of her dinner cocktail. “Well, I have a Bachelors’ in English Literature and Liberal Arts. I am hoping one day to get a job working at a publishing house as an agent and work my way up. What is it that you do?”
Now he was in the hot seat for sure and it was turned on incinerate!
“I am well you could say I am in to acquisitions.” He answered a bit qualmish. Alexi didn’t want her to catch on to his anxiety so he kept the conversation going.
“Why would you want to work at a publishing house? Are you a writer?” he asked using a much lighter tone.
Lainey finished chewing her food and then took a drink before answering. “I write but that is just for leisure. I want to be a publisher; you know work my way up from an agent and learn the ropes. Take more school if I need to.”
That impressed him, that she was ambitious. Suddenly he caught the sensation, the warning- it was Warren!
“Would you please excuse me for a moment?” he didn’t wait for her answer as he stood and strode toward the back of the bar.
He had to get outside to look around. Lainey was appealing more to him than he liked and it was irritating the hell out of him. For over two hundred years no woman other than his beloved Cosette had appealed to him! Unlike his fellow vampires, he had shunned love and sex. Dash Babtiste his usual partner, enjoyed human women-well actually any woman was worth Dash’s time. He found all women beautiful, ‘different flavors’ he had put it, and when he wasn’t doing his job he felt no shame in bedding women sometimes more than one at a time. Peter, another Guardian, had even married a human female and later turned her. It wasn’t uncommon. As for Alexi, he couldn’t let Cosette go! Alexi walked out the back door and cleared his mind so he could pick up Warren’s scent so to speak. He could sense him close by but he could be anywhere! As he scaled the adjacent building he heard a muffled scream about ten miles south.
Alexi took off streaking through the darkness. In an alleyway Warren was bent over what looked to be a homeless man drinking his life’s blood. Warren raised his head abruptly and hissed at Alexi with blood running from his mouth down his chin. Alexi reached into his coat and drew out his tiger head silver Kukri dagger. Warren dropped the man who was now dead and leaned into a crouch to defend. Alexi was cool; he’d fought stronger opponents than Warren and knew exactly what Warren’s first move of attack would be. He could read Warren without effort but unlike Alexi; Warren couldn’t get a read on him because Alexi was blocking Warren from his mind. Warren spit a curse at Alexi. Alexi stood ready with his dagger tightly gripped in his hand.
“So you are eager for my head tracker?” Warren growled.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Renegade Night will be released in a week!!


My name is Nikki Noffsinger and in the next week, at, my very first book will be available. Renegade Night is my first attempt at a published paranormal romance novel. Publish America is not a self-publish site and I did have to submit a manuscript. It's been a long long long process that started in October of 2009.

Renegade Night was originally called Guardian of the Night. It is a new spin on the Vampire story. I promise-they don't sparkle but its just another way to look at vampires. I have always loved vampires since I was a kid and was an avid Anne Rice fan. I hope to one day be as good as she, but I'm starting out so we'll have to see where it goes. I hope you all purchase a copy and fall in love with the story.

Renegade Night is about a young woman named Lainey Thomas. When Lainey was but a young girl her mother and father were killed savagely. From the time she was five until she was in her late teens she had been through foster homes and a children's home. Settled in a small town post college, she is a librarian for the local library in Aurora Falls. She dreams of working at a publishing house in New York and leaving the hum drum life of Aurora Falls.

Alexi Romamnov Tussier is a hunter; an assassin. He works for the governing council of his people to hunt down renegades. Renegades are those vampires that threaten vampire and humanity alike. They kill to feed and kill for the thrill of it. They are sociopathic,narcisstic, and evil. They have lost all empathy and fear nothing. They are predators. Alexi like many other guardians; is executioner to renegades. A duty he relishes. Unlike many of his bretheren, he was not born a vampire nor did he want the dark gift when it was forced upon him. Alexi was born into one of the most powerful families of all Russia. When his uncle Nicholas and the royal family were taken and chaos errupted in his homeland; he fled with his mother and ailing sister. Being a young boy who not only had lost his family but lost his mother and sister, Alexi had to depend on no one but himself. He grew up in the streets of Paris,France. He had thought his life had changed for the better when he found the love of his life Cosette. Then one night his dreams of family ended when he came home to find his beloved who was with child being fed upon by two vampires. That night had changed Alexi forever! He was given the dark gift by Mordacai Vermeer; a guardian and council elder who found him. Alexi never wanted this life and vowed never to care about another living being. He did his job without feeling or conscious. He was a cold assasin.

One night his path would cross with a woman who he could not control or read mentally. In his world that only meant one thing: A mate; his lifemate. Fight it as he may he had to protect Lainey Thomas because at this very moment she was being stalked by one of the most dangerous of all renegades, Warren Langford. Warren had once been a great healer to not just to his people but to humans alike. Warren was also one of the first guardians when their council formed. It is not sure why he turned and it is not clear why he has become so obsessed with Lainey Thomas but one thing is for sure-Alexi will protect her with his life if need be but the real fight is the one he wages war with his heart as this woman threatens to tear down his defenses. Together and with the help of the guardians, Lainey and Alexi will have to fight not just for their own survival but to end the Renegade Night.

Please check it out at, Renegade Night by Nikki Noffsinger-Adult Paranormal Romance.