Saturday, April 10, 2010

Author News

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that if I reach at least 50 books sold I will be hosting a book give away! Soon to come my own website and I've been looking into alot of different options. Besides myspace,blogspot, and facebook-I really have no clue as to getting a site started and the ones offered on PA's site are really complicated. Thanks to everyone that has shown support and purchased a book! It really means alot although I have to be honest and admit I am a little scared. I have been reading alot of mixed reviews for Publish America. More than one person got their book and saw all sorts of grammical errors and editing problems. I hope that is not the case with mine! I mean I hope its not been butchered. I believe I have a really good story and I worked really hard but there are countless authors out there that for some they have spent countless years before they had a major publisher pick up their manuscript. So for me its a bitter sweet thing. I want it to do well-of course and I totally believe that it is a good story. However I am realistic and Im not doing it because I think Im going to be rich-I mean don't get me wrong Old Dave needs the money...but I really want to do this because its something I love and because I think its what I was born to do-if its not in book writing it might be something else so I'm still working my way through-however Im not giving up on one day having a major publishing company like Random House,Little Borwn,St.Martin's Press, or some other company have one of my titles in their list of best sellers!

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