Friday, April 16, 2010

Publish America Disturbia

You know, I figure alot of authors who may not be instant sensations like J K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer have to do alot of grub work to become a successful author. I sent my manuscript off to alot of literary agents and publishers. Most didn't even give me much more of a denial than "We're not interested at this time" or "We're not acceptiong that genre" Some just didn't reply at all. I think one has to have a thick skin to be an author because rejection is a constant. Anyhow I found Publish America and I did read the good and bad. I seen where they went and sued for slander of their unethical publishing practices so I mean it gave me a little hope that I might have signed with a reputable company. Here is the skinny-I believe I wrote a pretty good story. I put alot of work and did everything they asked me to do. So far what I got was a book that has been escalated in price points-I got the email today saying they would not lower the cost of my book-plus the places that had agreed to me doing a book signing wanted me to consign copies because they could not shell out the money for PA books. So this is what Im going to say-I was so thrilled about being "published" however had I wanted to self publish I would have went that route but I wanted to be chosen to be published. So please keep visiting my site here and my ning page because Im going to keep working at it! I mean I don't expect anyone to pay 30 bucks for a soft cover book even if it is my loved ones. Anyone that does or has bought a copy-it means so very much to me that you did! However to those who haven't, I'll say this I will furnish you will an ecopy of the book! Just ask!

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