Monday, June 28, 2010

Theo Theodoridis -Greece The World Is Watching or they Should be

Many may not know the beautiful Greek model Theo Theodoridis. He has graced many a runway and magazine cover not to mention he has enchanted women the world over. I first read of his story from an author on Face Book. He was arrested for trying to traffic 4kilos of cocaine through a Sofia airport. My first thought was how and why he would do something like this. He has done so much charitable work and work for his country. He's been the golden child of Greece and here he is in jail for drug trafficking. Then I read more on the story and I think how can a country just flush him through a toilet basically. We see movies and read books all the time about people being used and threatened by drug cartels and individuals so I do not understand why it would be beyond the realm of belief that this troubled man could not have been the victim of such a plot. Perhaps they could not get over the amount but no matter what after I have read the stories from credible news and what the courts have issued my thoughts are here is a man who has been done wrong and 18 years in prison was too much. He'd never been in trouble but just the opposite.I think its a rot gut shame that a whole country has looked over the fact that he's given so much and done so much for his country to just leave him hanging. I'm not going to say that he's 100 percent lily white but which one of is is? Even in our own United States, he would have been given leinency given his life up unto this point. He needs help not 18 years in prison. He's not some drug cartel monster. So I ask that you join his plight and go as I did to the face book site to We Stand With you Theo Theodoridis.