Friday, December 3, 2010

The RP World of Facebook

You know Facebook is more than just an ordinary social and networking site. Role Playing is really huge. Now,I've never been one for that whole Dungeons and Dragons aside from the Saturday morning cartoon, but you can find groups of people starting groups based on their favorite movies, books, and even just made up characters. I belong to a few of the book related groups myself and it's really neat to see a lot of them giving a glimpse into furthering stories where the books leave off. You can meet all sorts of really cool people and finally the freaks and geeks have found their place! I say that with much love because I pride myself on being a book freak. However, with anything there is always a negative element. People can get overly absorbed in these groups and feelings can be hurt if not totally torn assunder. Narcisism is pretty much common place because people can lose themselves or feed into their darker sides. They can hurt people whereas outside of the net, they are basically good on the outside. Then you have people that form cliques and since online, there is no way to see a person's motives or persona other than what they type. All in all though, these groups for the most part are really fun and they put a lot of time and effort into being the characters they portray. So if you can get past the negative element-I recommend trying these groups out. Im not saying to become a role player, but just being a fan of a character's page or group is pretty fun! For me, I only interact w/book based characters. I'm big with the Sherrilyn Kenyon, J R Ward, Gena Showalter, and Kressley Cole book groups. If these appeal to you, then I suggest you try out: BDB Eternity, DH NOLA, DH UNLEASHED, DHUK(for my UK friends), Immortals After Dark, Lords of the Underworld(LOTU), DH Revolt, DH Third Realm, and those are just a few! There are also the Christine Feehan groups. So get out of your face book comfort zone and check out the world of RP groups.