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#NewRelease #Giveaway Tour: Dark Captive: Manlove Edition by @EvernightPub #GLBT #Romance

Everyone has a dark side.., 

Dark Captive is an exclusive collection of dark erotic romance stories featuring alpha men with fierce sexual appetites. They'll stop at nothing to get what they want. And they have their sights on one man. Possessive and bold, these heroes give their conquests exactly what they crave—to be taken … to be owned. Any resistance offered will be tested, but in the end love rules. 

Kidnapping, abduction, and sexual slavery are just a few of the titillating taboo themes in this hand-picked manlove anthology.

Collecting His Debt by Angelique Voisen

He wakes a beast inside me that I can’t ignore, but I want what I can’t have. Carter Slater is twenty-one, a promising football star, and I’m a stone-cold killer, a debt collector. He’s the son of my enemy, completely out of my reach, until the night I save him from a group of gay bashers.

Even bruised and injured, Carter is perfect, grateful for my protection, but I didn’t save him for noble reasons. Once I get a taste of him, I can’t stop, and neither can he. I need to possess Carter in every way, even if that means making him my captive.


“Are you going to kill me?” My voice sounds calm, strange, like my mouth and body no longer belongs to me.
He reaches me and my heart thuds in fear and incomprehensible anticipation. I look up at him, daring him to make the next move. Logic defies my action. Any rational being will fight and claw his way to freedom, but I’m not one of them. My dad says I’m born wrong, not just because of my sexuality, but my internal mechanism isn’t the same as everyone else’s.
This stranger says I’m his prize, helpless, and his to toy with, but that’s not entirely true. Bruised and bloody, I knew there’s something broken in him, because I see myself in him. I don’t even know his name and he might know everything about me, but we’re alike.
Grabbing my chin, he tilts my head up, so I’m looking into his face. Christ, those eyes. They tell me secrets I don’t want to know, and call to all the dark parts of me I make sure to hide from my father, my teammates, and the entire world for fear of discovery.
What did it matter? I told my very own angel of death to spare Rod, Bron, and Barry. If they live, my secret would come out, and ruin my career. I tell myself I play football to get back at my father, to prove I can make something out of myself, but despite all that, I’m still that scared little boy, eager to please. Where did that get me? I tried to be what my family wanted—good little Catholic boy, loyal son, everyone’s golden boy, but I’m tired of being what I’m not.
My father will hunt me down if word gets out about the truth he’s worked so hard to hide, even though we haven’t spoken in years. The chief’s done with teaching lessons. He’ll make certain I’m lying in the dirt.
Did I even love Rod, or is what I want the allure of the forbidden?
I don’t have anything to lose. I’m free and it feels fucking good, amazing even.
“You shouldn’t be looking at me like that, golden boy,” he says, voice harsh.
I can hear the longing in his voice, and the pain he tries to hide. “How am I looking at you?”
“This isn’t going the way I fucking thought it would. I thought you’d have more fight in you.”
“You saved me,” I state, but he frowns, furrowing his dark brows, not understanding. “You almost sound disappointed.”
He barks out a laugh, the sound like gravel, but it sends a flutter in my belly. Fuck, but he’s exactly my type. The kind of guy I go for, because I’m sure he won’t disappoint in giving me the kind of sex and right amount of pain I crave.
“I didn’t save you because I want to be model fucking citizen of the year. You’re mine, golden boy. Mine to torment and tease, break apart and build back up again.”

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New Release Tour: Sabotaged Desires by @RebeccaAiries #SciFi #Menage @SensuousPromos @RedSagePublish

Suz Lore thought she had everything she wanted, a job as an engineer and a position on a colony ship headed to another planet. That was before her arranged ménage marriage with Robert Smith and David Bradford turned into a disaster. She’d thought they were building more than a sizzling sexual relationship, but all they do is argue now. She isn't surprised when they're sequestered in a room in order to reignite the passion between them and learn to trust again. Robert believes she betrayed him while David is stuck in the middle of their conflict. Getting Robert to talk about what made him angry is difficult, but they discover there's far more behind their problems than a message with misleading information. A virus has overtaken the ship's computers, put them on a different heading and cut them off from all communication. They must work together to find a way to survive and rebuild their relationship.

Fun Author Interview

Who I am: Writer, sister, daughter, friend, gamer, crafter, and a horror, action adventure, and sci fi movie enthusiast
What genres I write in: I write Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci Fi erotic romance
Favorite genres to read: Just about anything. Fantasy, horror, sci fi and anything romance
Favorite TV shows: Criminal Minds and the newest Two in a Million
Last movie I saw on the big screen Insidious 3.
What’s on my Netflix list (to be watched) Still, Walking Dead. I haven’t caught any of them yet.
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Chocolate or Caramel: Caramel
Apple Cider or Pumpkin Spice: Apple Cider
Rock N Roll or Country : Rock and Roll
Lumberjack or Police Officer: Police Officer
Tropical Island or Winter Cabin: Tropical Island. If I want to snuggle in front of the fire, I’ll crank up the air conditioner.

Author Bio
A voracious reader since childhood, Rebecca Airies has always enjoyed getting lost in the fantastic worlds of science fiction, horror, fantasy and romance. When she began to write her own stories, they always had a romantic edge.
Rebecca currently lives in Texas and writes with the help of a couple feline critics. She’s a multi-published author whose muse loves fantasy, sci-fi and the paranormal, as well as strong heroines who are sometimes as stubborn as their heroes. She loves to here from her readers. Email her at

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New Release Book Tour: Nightmare Come True Nightmares 1 by Sage Marlowe

Dreams can come true—but sometimes nightmares are very real, too.

When Michael—Mikey—Fawkes bags himself a job as a handyman for a film production company and meets his favourite actor, gay porn star Colin Meighan, he believes his dream has come true. Colin indeed appears to be a dream turned to flesh. Handsome, young and as insatiable sexually as the roles he plays suggest, he makes his way into Mikey’s bed and introduces him to unknown carnal pleasures.

A slick lover and sweet talker, Colin also finds a place in Mikey’s heart, but as Mikey lets his new lover lure him deeper and deeper into a world of decadent on and off-screen sex, their indulgences begin to take their toll on Mikey. Curious to find out more about the strange and inexplicable effect Colin has on his sex partners, Mikey discovers that there is a terrible reason why one man alone can never be enough to satisfy Colin’s hunger and he realises that dreams can come true—but sometimes nightmares are very real, too.

Reader advisory: This is the first book in a series with an ongoing story arc. It is best enjoyed as part of the series in order of release. Contains mild BDSM, M/M/M/M/M sex and MCs that have sex with secondary characters. Revised edition.

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Excerpts: A Nightmare Come True (Nightmares 1) by Sage Marlowe

Copyright © Sage Marlowe, 2013/2016

Excerpt 3: Dating Colin

“So, Mikey. Tell me, why are you so keen on taking me out for coffee?” Colin’s expression was dead serious as he stirred his caramel latte an hour later.

I squirmed under his inquisitive green gaze. “Well, uh… I just thought… It’s what people do, isn’t it? Go out, grab a coffee, talk… You know, the usual stuff.”

He looked at me with the same unsettling curiosity a moment longer, then his soft lips curved into a smile. “Hey, hey, no need to break a sweat. I just wanted to know what you see in this.”

“Right. Um, two guys drinking coffee—or rather one guy drinking it. You seem more intent on stirring yours until the milk turns into whipped cream. Anyway, a friendly chat over drinks, that’s what I see in this.”

“Why me?”

I nearly dropped my cup but I managed to set it on the table without breaking it. “Good grief, Colin,” I snapped, sharper than I’d meant to. “What do you want to hear? I’m sure you get asked on dates all the time, so there’s no need to—”

His triumphant grin shut me up. “So you do consider it a date.”

I groaned. So much for slick and casual. He’d seen right through me. “So what if I do? Another thing that happens all the time. People go out on dates.” I shrugged. “Nothing unusual.”

“It is. For me.” Colin dropped his gaze. Staring at the table in front of him, he drew random patterns with his fingers.

“Is it?”

“Well, yes.”

“But you are, well, you are you. I would have thought you have guys queuing up all the way down the road for a chance to be with you.”

He picked up his spoon and toyed with it, watching as he twirled it through his fingers. I was also watching and was having a hard time not thinking of where else he could put those long, nimble fingers to good use. After a few moments he looked up at me, frowning. “They want to be with me, yes. But the guys who want to take me out on a date want to be with the porn actor. They want my public image and get pissed off if I haven’t offered them a blow job within five minutes of meeting them.”

“But that’s ridiculous!” I protested. “You’re a guy who just happens to work in the sex industry. That doesn’t mean you’re more easily available than any other man.”

He raised an eyebrow and stared at me but said nothing, so I ploughed on. “In fact, you might be less interested in random sexual encounters seeing as you get laid frequently.”

Colin stopped playing with the spoon. His eyes widened, his lips twitched then he burst out laughing. “Oh my,” he gasped. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

I struggled to keep my outward calm. “Well, yes. Lots of guys hook up for a quick fuck with a sexy stranger only to get their rocks off, we all know that. But I guess you don’t ever get desperate for a fuck.”

The atmosphere between us changed the moment the words were out. Colin watched me, chewing that plump bottom lip of his in a way that made my cock twitch in hope. “I’m fairly desperate now. Wanna leave?”

I nearly choked on my mouthful of coffee. “Are you serious?”

“Yep. Why not?”

“Because, uh…” I searched for something to say. His offer was tempting. I’d fantasised about him countless times and I was no stranger to casual hook-ups. “Because I think it’s not really what you want,” I heard myself say. “Because I think that you’re offering sex because it’s the only intimacy you can get.” Shut up! a voice inside my head shouted but it was too late. The words were out and they hadn’t failed to impress. Colin scowled.

“I didn’t know I was dealing with Freud’s master student,” he said, suddenly cold.

“You’re not. I just… Oh, I don’t know. I just figured that you might appreciate it if someone tried to see more in you than the porn actor. Isn’t that what you said?”

He sighed and shook his head. “Look, I fuck with lots of guys. I enjoy sex on and off the clock and I’m not a poor, traumatised soul who got bullied into this by an abusive lover or whatever crazy idea you’ve come up with. I don’t need to be rescued. I’m very much capable of looking after myself. So, and this is the last time I ask, do you want to leave?”

“For a fuck, you mean?”

He didn’t bat an eyelid. “Yes. Or two.”

“No.” The answer surprised me and it clearly wasn’t what he’d expected either. He blinked and raised his eyebrows, then he leaned in. “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” I groaned. “Don’t ask me why. I can’t explain it and I must be bloody stupid to reject you, but I don’t think we should.”

I really couldn’t explain it and I was bloody stupid to reject him. He was so unfairly gorgeous and I wanted him badly—again—but I felt mistrustful of my good luck, much as if I’d been given the keys to an expensive sports car. I was an average guy and luxuries like sports cars or beautiful porn actors just weren’t mine to have. They belonged in a different world—in a world where money and beauty ruled.

Colin watched me with an unfathomable expression on his face. “Just why on earth did you ask me out for coffee?”

“Because you’re too good to let go and I didn’t know if I’d see you again.”

Chuckling, Colin rolled his eyes. “I just don’t get you, kid. You ask me out for coffee even though you’re so nervous you nearly swallow your tongue. Now we’re here and I offer to give you what you obviously wanted and you chicken out? Why?”

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I do know that I’m going to curse myself to hell and back tomorrow for not taking you up on this, but right now, I think we just shouldn’t do it.”

“Have you watched my films?”


“You heard. Have you?”

The heat that promptly began to tint my cheeks should’ve told him all, but I nodded anyway. “Yes. All of them.”

“And? What do you think?”

I shrugged, wondering. His face still gave nothing away. “They’re hot. You are hot. But they’re films. Fantasies acted out to titillate. I’m not fool enough to believe that you’re the ever-horny, always available sex maniac you so often impersonate. Not any more than the shy but curious virgin-cum-slut role you played earlier today.”

He trailed the rim of his glass with his long, elegant fingers, regarding me with a thoughtful expression as if he was trying to look into my soul. “I have to admit, I underestimated you. You’re a lot more perceptive than I would have thought. A lot more…”


He smiled. “Ready to look beyond the surface.”

“Well, just because I’m too dumb to hold down a decent job doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”

“I never said you were stupid.” His tone was matter-of-fact, too crisp to allow me to whine, and too emotionless to make me want to fight. “And I know nothing of the jobs you do or don’t hold down. Even if I did, I’m hardly one to point a finger.”

Sage Marlowe

Flavours of gay erotic fiction