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Lost To The Night Vol. 2: We're Baaack!

Long, well not that long ago, 5 authors
 created 5 tales of spellbinding paranormal romance.
At long last, just released from XoXo Publishing,
the long awaited sequel to Lost to the Night Vol. 1
Lost To The Night: Vol.2

That's right folks, the second installment of the series. Once again five authors have been summoned to write five captivating, enchanting, chilling, and sensual stories. New to the line-up of amazing authors is Susan Van Nort and Trent Kinsey. Both Susan and Trent have lent their talents to ensure that the second installment of the Lost To The Night Anthology series leaves readers begging for more. Susan VanNort delivers on her ghostly tale of new love yet a love that poses some pretty steep obstacles with A Ghostly Story. Trent Kinsey has not only came up with a ghost story that will make a reader think twice about turning the light off; but also takes you through the Twilight Zone and then base jumps off that cliff with his story, Ghosts of the Storm.

Kayden Mcleod, not only is a highly gifted graphic arts designer but she is a very talented author as well. Deep Water Legends is thrusting the reader back into Kayden's vampire world where only the strong survive and two unlikely beings are thrust together in the midst.  
Back again to add to her Prince of Shadows is author Brigit Aine, who takes us back to where the story ended with Keri and Draken as they forge through their new found love yet trying to save two worlds.

Last time in Lost To The Night: Vol 1, I introduced the very seductive Dante Notte, who could melt butter in a freezer with one glance not to mention what it was doing to all the young women in his classroom except for one. In this installment, I'm leaving my vampires in between their satin sheets and I've written the story of Cinjin and Khloe Wahpeton. Khloe Wahpeton and Cinjin are both characters that are already mated in my book, Cursed Awakening, but I thought I would write about how Khloe managed to tame one of the most feral warriors and probably the biggest smart ass ego-centered male on the planet.



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Fantasy Pages: Blind leading the blind or Dumb and Dumber?

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Become Entranced Into the Erotic World of The Blood Courtesan. Exclusive Sneak Peek!

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Excerpt from The Blood Courtesan

Warning:This isn't A Cinderella Story

            Lia stood under the pulsing lights and music of the underground club that had been made out of the catacombs of the old church that Raph had drug her to. Surrounding her were other vampires, demons, and mortals that were literally dying for their affections. She loathed blood clubs but Raphael had promised her that this wasn’t what she thought it was. The bartender was a behemoth of a man dressed like in full steam punk fashion that was serving not only alcohol but blood as well. No doubt it was laced with all sorts of endorphins and aphrodisiacs. Lia had no desire for any of that. She scanned the room for Raph, but he was probably wrapped up in one of the enclaves with a few pretty humans or other sensual delights. Damn him for just up and leaving her. When she thought the night couldn’t get any worse, a familiar sensation caught her; Darius. What the hell was he doing here? She turned and right there standing not more than a few feet from her stood her sire and once upon a time, her mate. He was wearing a pair of black low rise jeans that accentuated his already too perfect male physique and the tight black t-shirt only made him more delectable. She shook her head and resolved herself that she was not going to go down that road…again.
          Darius watched her as Lia scowled at him from a distance. She stood at the bar wearing a tight black dress that was cut so low in the back that it left nothing to the imagination of that firmly rounded ass of hers. Her dark hair hung down in a shining sheath of silk and he had to resist the urge to drool. He felt his dick harden as she finished her drink. Darius remembered those plump lips all too well and what that mouth of hers was capable of.  Just before he could approach her, a human male walked up to her and Darius watched as she smiled at the man. She actually just smiled at the man and even touched his hand. Lia was playing with fire, and before Darius could catch himself he had grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to where most of the clientele were dancing.

            Lia was stunned at first and then angry the next. She tried to pull away from him but couldn’t. Darius held onto her and pulled her body flush with his. He began to dance and grind against her. Lia tried to ignore how good his body felt against her and how he affected her. She tried to push all the memories of how well she knew his body; intimately. The beat of the music changed to a more sensual and erotic one and for a brief few moments she was lost as she began to mimic Darius’s movements. Darius lowered his head and claimed her lips. He fought past those soft and sensual lips that were a perfect Cupid’s bow, and began kissing her deeply mingling his tongue with hers. The moment Lia felt what sense she had left start to disappear she shoved Darius away from her and ran. She pushed through the throngs of dancers and didn’t even stop to try and find Raph; the traitor. Onward she ran and hurried down corridor after corridor until she realized she was lost.
            Darius followed her until she stopped inside a darkened corridor. There was only cool silence since this is where priests had been buried long ago. When she turned around to face him he pressed her against the wall, caging her with hi strength. His eyes lit the darkness.

         “You’re not running from me anymore Evangelia!” he growled before dipping his head to kiss her.
          His kiss was one of possession and claiming. She felt it as sure as if she’d feel a lightning bolt if she ever dared to touch one. He moved from her mouth to her neck; his lips dancing over her skin. Lia almost cried out when his hand dropped lower claiming her breast with a sensual kneading. He could scent her arousal and the beast within him demanded he take what was his. Lia surrendered to it as his hand moved lower and hiked up her mini dress. She wasn’t wearing any panties and Darius almost wanted to smile as he began to caress her plump pussy. He knew exactly how to make her cum; how to make her scream. Lia knew this was all a bad idea but when he lowered himself and put one of her legs on his shoulder and began to lathe at her core, she could only moan and hiss with exhilaration. Darius parted her pussy and sucked and nipped at her clit while using two of his fingers from his other hand to stick into her tight and wet passage. He moved them slowly and rhythmically in and out; shallow and then deep while he suckled her. When her orgasm hit she screamed from it. Her body trembled and ached for more and that is when her brain kicked in.

          “Stop! Stop Darius!” she screamed and tried to push at him.
        Darius stopped immediately but stayed close to her. “You want this, and I want to give you want you want.”

         Lia fought the tears. She was not going to break down and cry in front of him. She shook her head.

          “We can’t. I-I don’t want this. You have to leave! You have to let me go!” her words cut him to the very soul.
          Darius wanted to roar. He couldn’t let her go! She was his mate and somehow he had to make up for lost time. Just as he was about to convince her, Raphael showed up.

          “Lia? Are you alright?” Raphael asked as he assessed the situation between Lia and Darius.
The tension was so thick it was suffocating. However Raphael’s first duty was towards Lia. She had not been his fledgling nor was she his lover, but she was his family; something he’d never called anyone. Raphael peeled off his vintage blue opticals and tucked them neatly into his vest pocket and assessed the situation. It would really burn his ass if he had to ruin his brand new Jarvis frock coat not to mention he hated to get brain matter on his Italian leather boots.
          Lia was trembling with fury and out of fear. She had let herself down; already so quick to jump right back into the role of Courtesan. Raphael simply held out his hand to her and eagerly took it. He let her pass by him and whispered something in her ear and waited till she was out of earshot. Raphael looked up at Darius who was seething, and who could blame the guy? Surely not Raphael but again, Lia had to come first but Darius was her sire and her fate was tied to his. That one single fact Raphael could not dismiss nor ignore.

       Raphael nodded and held his silver topped cane up to Darius, “It’s lady’s choice, and she’s made hers.”

         Darius gritted his teeth. His fangs bit into the inside of his lower lip, “For now,” then he looked towards the opening knowing she was just around the corner listening, “For now Evangelia, but we have much to discuss.”
        Raphael gave him a curt nod and a smile and walked outside the corridor. Lia grabbed onto him as if he were a lifeline, but then again that was what she thought he was;  her lifeline to safety and sanity.

      Darius watched as they left with his hands fisted at his sides. For now he’d give her a little reprieve. He wasn’t going to let Raphael, no matter how ancient he was, take from him what was rightfully his. Evangelia was his and there wasn’t a force above or below who was going to keep her from him.
Behind The Scenes

       I hope you enjoyed reading just a taste of The Blood Courtesan. I found myself totally enamored with the roles of Courtesans. Just about every culture has some sort of history with women who served men of power in the bedroom. From the Middle East to Africa, harems were kept by wealthy men and Sultans. However, in contrast to the beautiful women who were basically sex slaves to their masters’ whims, Courtesans and Geishas were educated in more than just how to please a man in bed. Venetian Courtesans were educated in a time when women were not. They were taught to read, write, play musical instruments or sing, dance, and all other forms of entertainment. The same can be said for Geishas who are given the honor of being chosen as young girls to serve. For the most part, Courtesans were usually women who had no prospects due to their family’s station or those whom were without dowry. Women usually with no prospects of a good marriage usually had the choice of joining the convent or becoming a Courtesan. Courtesans of Venice were renowned and were beautiful as well as quite intelligent. One of the most famous was Victoria De Franco and it was her story that inspired The Blood Courtesan. Look for The Blood Courtesan later this year and be prepared to be go on an erotic and mysterious journey with Lia, Darius, and Raphael.


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