Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lost To The Night Vol. 2: We're Baaack!

Long, well not that long ago, 5 authors
 created 5 tales of spellbinding paranormal romance.
At long last, just released from XoXo Publishing,
the long awaited sequel to Lost to the Night Vol. 1
Lost To The Night: Vol.2

That's right folks, the second installment of the series. Once again five authors have been summoned to write five captivating, enchanting, chilling, and sensual stories. New to the line-up of amazing authors is Susan Van Nort and Trent Kinsey. Both Susan and Trent have lent their talents to ensure that the second installment of the Lost To The Night Anthology series leaves readers begging for more. Susan VanNort delivers on her ghostly tale of new love yet a love that poses some pretty steep obstacles with A Ghostly Story. Trent Kinsey has not only came up with a ghost story that will make a reader think twice about turning the light off; but also takes you through the Twilight Zone and then base jumps off that cliff with his story, Ghosts of the Storm.

Kayden Mcleod, not only is a highly gifted graphic arts designer but she is a very talented author as well. Deep Water Legends is thrusting the reader back into Kayden's vampire world where only the strong survive and two unlikely beings are thrust together in the midst.  
Back again to add to her Prince of Shadows is author Brigit Aine, who takes us back to where the story ended with Keri and Draken as they forge through their new found love yet trying to save two worlds.

Last time in Lost To The Night: Vol 1, I introduced the very seductive Dante Notte, who could melt butter in a freezer with one glance not to mention what it was doing to all the young women in his classroom except for one. In this installment, I'm leaving my vampires in between their satin sheets and I've written the story of Cinjin and Khloe Wahpeton. Khloe Wahpeton and Cinjin are both characters that are already mated in my book, Cursed Awakening, but I thought I would write about how Khloe managed to tame one of the most feral warriors and probably the biggest smart ass ego-centered male on the planet.



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Mona Livsey said...

Can I order one and have you all sign it!! Want one for me & one for mom! You guys Rock Niks!!

Nicole Noffsinger said...

Thank you Momma Mona! You've always been a great supporter. Okay I have a few options I can do. I, personally, can sign you an autograph if you A. Download your copy of Lost To The Night 2, and burn it on a CD and send it to me. I'll sign it. Or Option 2, I can get a Print of the book cover and I can sign it and possibly maybe can send it to the other authors and they might lend their signatures and send it on but I could definitely autograph one of those and whether they would agree to sign and mail it, I can't guarentee but I can guarentee you that I would sign a picture of the book cover to send to you. Either option, you at least will have my signature.