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Howling For Another Cursed Awakening Bite? Sink Your Teeth Into This!


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An ancient evil has returned and betrayal is everywhere. In the midst of all hell breaking loose, two hearts-one wild and the other one still wounded will stand before hell itself to fight for what's right and for a love forged from a Cursed Awakening.

Ivy Morgan has re-invented herself and is looking forward to the future for the first time, in a very long time. Since fleeing for her life from an overzealous religious cult, she is able to be a modern woman that is gaining her independence; so taking up with a sexy stranger named Nyx is the last thing she needs. Or, is it?

Nyx Wahpeton can’t stop thinking about the young woman he’s met. It couldn’t have come at the worse possible time with the clans meeting and his family wrapped up in a centuries old war that’s nothing short of what horror movies are made from. He’s been a protector of his people and those that reside at the Reservation. There’s betrayal and evil at his front door; but, in his heart he knows Ivy is the one for him. She’s surrounded by secrets that he’s vowed to unlock, as well as her heart. However, can he keep her safe from his own secrets?


They walked through the brush off the beaten path. Ivy heard rushing water as they got closer to wherever it was they were going. When they came out of the trees, Ivy was awestruck. They were standing on top of a cliff that overlooked a beautiful waterfall. She could actually see a prism of rainbow colors as the sun streaked through the rushing waters. 

“Oh, my God Nyx, it’s beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it before!” 

Nyx pulled her close; the Hope Falls was one of his favorite places in the world. “I’m glad you like it baby! I was thinking that maybe we could be married here if you’d like!” He could feel her smiling. 

“Nyx, you’re Native American right?” she asked a little hesitantly. 

“Yeah, born and bred Lakota Sioux. Why do you ask?” 

“Well…don’t you have some sort of tradition that your family would want for you? I mean I, I don’t have any traditions but I hardly doubt you want to marry in the Shepherds of the Flock tradition.” 

“We have different types of wedding ceremonies. My family won’t mind what we choose and ‘No’ I don’t want any Shitters of the Flock ceremonies.” Ivy had to laugh at Nyx for his candor. 

“Ivy, what exactly do they do…I mean you don’t have to do anything weird or cruel or anything?” Nyx was curious now. 

“Well, it’s simple really. I mean first of all they make us drink goat’s blood and…” she giggled and then stepped back from him. For a moment he blanched, and then she really let the laughter go. He gave her that look of utter mischief that sent her heart into over drive. 

“Oh, you, are so funny, Ivy.” He said as he took a step towards her. 

“Well, I try to be anyhow! Still not as funny looking as Y-O-U when I race you back to the ATV!” she taunted as she started to kick her legs into gear. 

Nyx laughed deep and loud in a rich bell tone while he gave her a heads start. Ivy never even got to the line of trees before he had her rolling on the soft grass among the wildflowers that dotted the landscape. He hovered over her moving a strand of hair that was hanging in her face before he gently touched his lips to hers. He pulled back to look at her and lost himself. Thinking back to where he was this time last year, he had thought himself in love with Tanya; it had been just an infatuation. They had been good in bed together, but it was nothing compared to the fire and heaven he had found with Ivy! 

From the first time he looked into those beautiful eyes of hers it was like she was the sun and he was pulled towards her by a force that he wasn’t able to control. Nyx felt Ivy’s hands cradle his face. He closed his eyes at the sensation of her touch. It was so gentle and warm. It soothed the animal inside him. 

“Nyx, I love you…I love you so very much! If we’re to be married, I want it to use one of your customs! I don’t have any and the one I know of isn’t something I’m ever doing again.” Ivy’s soft voice was like music surrounding his heart. 

He opened his eyes and ran his tongue along the outside of her lip before he kissed her again. This time he parted her lips and slid his tongue in to taste her. Ivy was getting really good at kissing, but it was easy when you had someone as talented as Nyx. He pulled back and flipped her up on his chest so he was underneath her. “You know Ivy, I can’t seem to get enough of you!” he breathed.

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