Friday, July 11, 2014

Now Introducing: Julian Notte

Night Class  has NEVER been so HOT!

          Julian Notte is a centuries old vampire who has seen the world change and has traveled the world several times over. Being the hottest professor at Woodridge University can be a royal pain in the fang, but when he meets the miracle of a life mate, his sights steer from just trying to get through the bevy of his female students lusty thoughts and fantasies to her

                 Ariel Thorne has one one goal and one goal only-to get through her classes, get her degree, and get as far away from her step-father as possibly can. She has no interest in college guys or romance for that matter. Her life doesn't give her enough time for it and she has already seen the pitfalls of bad relationships. One complication she doesn't need is having the university's hottest teacher that seems bent on undoing everything she's tried so hard to put into place. She doesn't need a savior, or maybe she does but will she be willing to have a savior who fills her every waking and sleeping moments with lustful and erotic fantasies not to mention his definition of "forever" might be a little too much of a commitment for her. 

           So just who is Julian Notte? He's lived centuries and is a modern vampire with centuries of experience in all things and when I say ALL things I mean ALL THINGS. He's the forbidden fruit that leaves a woman wanting more. Although he's not just a pretty face, he's also cultured and intelligent. Boring, huh? Julian Notte is also a powerful vampire and guards his territory well. He can read nearly everyone's minds with the exception of one certain acerbic book worm and he can shape shift. Since his sire was also a witch, he has other abilities. Don't worry, you'll be able to all about them in Night Lessons coming soon. 

            I would love to tell you more about Ariel, but this is all about Julian. All I will say is that she is not the "damsel in distress" type. Julian is a predator yet his bite is seductive and sexual. So aside from being a sexual wet dream come true, what else is there to know about him? 


                Julian loves literature both classical and modern. He has found he loves teaching even if he detests being "eye candy". 

                  When it comes to music he has a vast appreciation and love of music. Lately, he's been quite hung up on Darkest Days, Korn, Bastille, Cold Play, and Avenged Sevenfold

                  He can shape shift and move with vampiric speed but he loves cars especially Italian and German made sports cars. He has quite a collection of Bugattis, Porches, and Ferarris. He also loves American Muscle cars and has a few of those as well as a few high powered motorcycles. 

                For someone who has seen and done so much in his very long life as a vampire, he has pretty much simple tastes-other than AB Positive. He loves a great book, long walks, but hates Pina Coladas even if it is raining. Julian has been spotted playing guitar at a few local coffee shops and low key bars. 

                In the 21st Century he has come to peace with himself and has survived learning to accept what he is. Julian has a code of honor and it applies to everything even feeding. Until he has come about the revelation of his life mate, he hadn't thought about how lonely he has been through the years but now he has a desire to end his lonely nights with a certain red head that is hell bent on having ZERO to do with him. She has given the whole "Playing hard to get" a whole new meaning but he's patient. After all he's waited centuries for her to come into his life. 

                                             ~Tasty Tidbit~

                   Julian came back to the duplex after he had fed. When he’d gotten so close to her he’d felt his incisors slide down and hunger had nearly gotten the best of him.  She was on the second floor, asleep. He could smell her from her slightly opened window and with his exceptional night vision, he could see every detail of her room, the bed she slept in, and of course the calm serene look on her sleeping face.  He shifted into a small owl and flew in through the small opening in her window and perched on her dresser. Looking around he seen that she had posters of faraway places; Paris, The London Eye, Ireland, Spain, and Florence, Italy. There were a few pictures of what looked like to be her and her mother. He flew silently towards the bedside table where a large portrait of her mother sat.
            Ariel had her mother’s facial structure; delicate angles and features but where her mother’s eyes were a light blue, hers were green almost emerald colored. Her mother also had light blonde hair with streaks of gold through it piled atop her head. He wondered what Ariel’s father must have looked like but there were no photographs of him. There were pictures of her with friends and one of her graduating from high school but she was standing with who was probably her roommate Jenna. She also had a book shelf that was packed with books. There were some mysteries, many classical titles, horror and thrillers, and tons of paranormal/ fantasy selections.  He wanted to smile at that. So his little book worm wasn’t all about all work and no play.  He watched as she moved while she slept. Even within the body of an owl, he hungered for her.  Her hair looked like a river of dark red silk against the pillow and she wore just a thin tank top that outlined her full breasts. He would have bet his fangs that she was wearing tiny white panties beneath the cartoonish looking blanket.
            Just then the fates dealt Julian a cruel blow, Ariel turned and kicked part of her covers off her revealing a fair amount of ass. Julian almost shifted back to his own form at that moment but opted for flying out of her room to keep from embarrassing his self and scaring her half to death.  As he flew towards his lair he couldn’t get those soft lips, full breasts, and that body out of his head. He decided he needed to get out of the sky before he ended up flying into a tree or worse-fell out of the sky. He hovered a moment over the faculty parking garage and when he was sure that the night guards had done their nightly patrol, he flew down and shifted. If the security cameras caught anything it would have been of him walking towards his Aston Martin Vanquish which was one of his favorites in his car collection. He pressed the button on the keypad and it unlocked and he slid in. Within moments he was already heading off the university grounds and to his lair that was conveniently outside the city limits. Julian was determined to slip inside Ariel’s dreams since it was the only way he could get inside her head-a relative new experience since he’d never been able to dream walk before which just proved she was his fated mate.
            Ariel felt the warmth of the sun kissing her skin as she walked along the beach. It was secluded with lush green palms and foliage that framed the crystal blue waters. She breathed in the salty clean air as the waves gently lapped the shore. Overhead she could hear the call of the gulls that flew over. Just then she focused on a gorgeous sloop sail boat that had a gorgeous set of sails that were gently billowing in the wind. She walked towards the boat just as a man that looked a lot like Julian Notte, but this was all a dream so she waved and he waved back.
            He stood wearing an open white linen shirt and low cut jeans with his hair tied back. Ariel smiled at all the naughty thoughts running through her mind.
            “Ahoy.” She called out in a sing songy voice.
            “Ahoy yourself.”
“Permission to come aboard, Captain?”
“Sure, come around and I’ll help you up.”
 She nearly skipped as she went around to the side where a small plank had been dropped down. He stood offering his hand. Ariel took it and he helped her onto the sloop.
            “Thanks. You have a gorgeous boat.”
            Pride shown in his golden eyes, “She is a beauty but I think the company has her beat.”
            Ariel felt herself blush. This one was a charmer but since this was her dream, of course he would be a charmer.
            “Would you like to go for a sail?” he asked hopeful she’d accept.
            Ariel looked around at the open blue water and nodded enthusiastically, “Yes, I would love a sail. My name is Ariel by the way.”
            He walked over and began pulling up the anchor while she helped pull up the gang plank. In moments the sails were catching the wind and they were at a good steady pace. She loved how the water parted for the boat and the wind blew her hair.
            “My name is Julian, but you knew that already didn’t you Ariel?”
            He said with an air of confidence as he handed her a cool drink.
            She slowly took a sip of what looked and tasted like a Mimosa. She reclined on the bench seat and winked at him.
            “Why not, sure.”
            Julian returned to the wheel. When he set the course he returned to the bench seat, she was smiling at him, a sexy little mischievous smile that she’d never used on anyone but this was her dream; a fantasy. He gently moved a strand of hair away from her face before he moved in close and touched his lips to hers. Ariel’s whole body came alive as he deepened the kiss by moving his tongue erotically over hers.  Ariel couldn’t help how her body was reacting to him. She arched closer into him. His hand had moved to her breast and with a simple flick, he had her breast free from her bikini top. His hand felt good, too good. Her nipple had hardened and he moved from kissing her to popping her nipple into his mouth. Ariel jerked and cried out as pleasure flooded her body

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