Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dreams Worth Fighting For: R.M Alexander's Right One Is A Tender Read That Touches The Heart

Okay my booky wooky friends, you know my tastes and very seldom do I ever really turn to contemporary or sweet romances that remind me of all those classic literature books we all had to read time and time again. However, once and awhile, I get a book that I didn't think I would end up reading, let alone ENJOY reading. Author R.M Alexander's Right One, was the right book to read.

Big dreams take strength and determination. 

Cami Lockhart’s dream is on the verge of becoming a reality. Lockhart Sanctuary, a refuge for abused and confiscated cats, is what Cami has worked for her entire life. But a dream that big requires a daily commitment. Cami yearns for someone to share the dream with, and knows everyone in town thinks Alex is the perfect man for the job. There’s one problem. She wants fireworks with every kiss, not just a friendship with a hint of something more. 

Sometimes what you wish for is closer than you think. 

Alex Reynolds shares Cami’s passion for the sanctuary, and at her head ranchhand, spends every day helping her dream come true. He longs to tell Cami she’s held his heart since childhood, but losing a lifetime of friendship is a big risk to take. Being by Cami’s side at the sanctuary is better than letting go, but Alex knows someday he’ll want more. 

Risk losing everything or fight for the dreams to come true. 

The sanctuary is put in jeopardy when ignored threats take a painful turn. Cami and Alex must each chose to stand and fight, or lose everything they dream of.

This story is sweet, passionate, and makes the reader feel a whole range of emotions right along with the main characters, Cami and Alex but does it without being to hot and heavy. For those of you who want something light yet powerful and leaves you feeling not so jaded about love without fearing a cliche Disney movie, then add Right One by R.M. Alexander to your reading list now! 

RM Alexander is an author of Sweet / Clean Romances that are sometimes contemporary, sometimes paranormal or suspense, but are always ruled by the heart of true romance. 

With characters who look for love in wrong places and are victims of the worse kind of betrayals while fighting for what they want and believe in, RM's novels promise a good read with unexpected twists and turns.

When she's not writing, RM is spending time with her husband and two small children in Michigan. She loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World, and can often be found on Twitter or Facebook chatting with other authors and fans.



1. No coffee for me, thanks. But I love orange juice, and drink a gallon or more a week.

2. My favorite place to vacation is Walt Disney World

3. I was a travel agent in another life.

4. I love chocolate, and my favorite is Ghiradelli dark with caramel.

5. I’m eclectic in the music I listen to, anything from inspirational to instrumental to country and rock.

6. My favorite book is 11/22/63 by Stephen King, but I also love Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks.

7. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. I watch it once a month or more.

8. I listen to music when I write, watch TV while I edit.

9. I’ve lived in three states: Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.

10. I’ve always wanted to open a tiger sanctuary. The need is great, with too little help.

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