Friday, September 25, 2015

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Getting Hippie for Zoey

I know this is normally a book blog but today, it's the Zoey Blog. Zoey is my grand daughter and she is two years old. Zoey is full of energy and very playful. She is an explorer, a charmer, some days a UFC champion, and the sunshine of my life. When Zoey was born, Zoey didn't have any complications and we never noticed anything wrong until she started to walk. She had a duck like waddle to her gait but the doctor and the local First Steps both said there was nothing wrong with her. They said she probably had Lordosis of the spine and would grow out of it. When it became apparent that Zoey was not going to be "growing out of it" my daughter, her mother, took her to Riley Hospital for a meeting with a spine specialist. We were relived because finally we'd get some answers as to if she really was going to grow out of it or not. We were not prepared not one bit for what we were told though. Zoey had bi lateral hip dysplasia; a condition of where both femurs do not attach to the hip sockets. What made Zoey's so bad was that not only did hers not connect but both bones had made a false pocket in the upper thigh and buttock muscles which had caused the balls to be shallow and surrounded by cartilage.

Zoey's actual CT Scan July 2015

Zoey had been misdiagnosed for two years and this was something that should have been detected from the day she was born. Zoey will also have to have each femur cut in two places to bring both legs to the hip joint. There is a danger in this because with every precious second that the bone is without blood supply, it can die. There's no saving a dead bone. Zoey will be in a cast that goes from just above her belly button down to her heel. She will be in this cast a total of  6 months. Zoey will have no lower body mobility. Zoey's mom is also a full time student at Ball State University in Muncie, In. Zoey's dad works in juvenile corrections. Zoey does not receive Medicaid, TANF, or any other financial program. Zoey will need extra diapers, a SPICA chair, and after care items that her insurance may or may not cover. Please help our Zoey Rae by purchasing our Get Hippie With Zoey Jamberry Wraps.

  The Get Hippie with Zoey wraps shown are not just Hip Dysplasia but also show some of Zoey's favorite things. I love that Jamberry is willing to donate $2 of each sale will go towards this fundraiser for Zoey. We are hoping that we can raise enough to at least get the SPICA Jelly Bean chair for straight casts (usually the casting of choice with kids that are Zoey's age ). I know we can do it with your help! Here's how you can help us reach our goals:

                    1.) SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE THIS POST! 

                     2.) Click the link and purchase a $24 e-Gift Certificate. If you are not into things for your nails  but still want to help, we will purchase either a sheet of these or a sheet of Junior Jams in your honor for a little girl at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, In through their Child Life organization that delivers goodies to children in the hospital. 

                     3.) Spread the word to make sure that every mother/mother to be should make sure their children are screened for hip dysplasia. In many European countries as well as Austrailia, families are given tons of help. Right now the US and my own local state of Indiana does NOT have any such association or program to help. Get the awareness out there that all babies and children need screened! My daughter was told SEVERAL times that Zoey would grow out of this. 

                      4.) By making ANY purchase from now until Oct. 14, you will be helping Zoey. Make those purchases! Get Hippie for Zoey Buy Link

                       5. Attend my fundraiser on Facebook and you can win a chance at some great prizes.

                                  Get Hippie for Zoey Facebook Online Fundraiser 

              Get Hippie for Zoey today!