Thursday, August 26, 2010


Soon to come a video for Renegade Night as well as the so far untitled Project 4. I'll be hosting a title contest for Project 4 and if you win, I'll send you a free copy of Renegade Night! Stay tuned for details!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Project 4

Think -picture if you will something along the size of Harvard University. Within the walls are students that for the most part look like every day students at a prep school. Imagine if you will, these children being very special! Some are telepaths-they can read minds. Others are telekenetics that can move things with a single thought. There are even ones from different worlds beyond our own. Shifters that can turn into animal forms even dragons! Some of the children at this school, are called Elementals and can control, you guessed it, the elements!

W.I.S.P is not a school though-its an institute for psychic empowered children and those of other worlds. Within their cold stone walls these children are put through riggorous testing and taken from their homes. For one, Madi Stennette, she was ripped from her parents and brought to the W.I.S.P because she is a pre cog. She has the ability to see things before they happen. A small child who comes to befriend an orphan alien named Jakrion. Jakrion is without home or people. For him, there is no one like him in the world! Jakrion has to have a diet of blood to survive and has powers that can be right down fatal should he ever unleash them. Together the two of them will form a bond that will grow into something more.

The Present Day-

There is a war going on! Anyone deemed "psychic" or "shifter" is immediately arrested by the Enforcers and shuffled away or killed! The psychic/shifter abled are fighting a battle to gain equal rights in the eyes of the world but there are those out there to stop them; to start a genocide! Madi has known the pain of loss! First with her parents and second with Jakrion. She doesn't allow herself to feel anything but a sense of duty! When the W.I.S.P was evaucated, her heart died within those flames and birthed was an elite fighter! Her biggest enemy besides Henderson of the Enforcers, is his one man brute squad that is only known by the name of Ghost. The winds of change are coming, and if she can meet with her contact, perhaps her people will finally have something to take to the World Summit that will decide whether or not her kind should have the rights every humanbeing has. Little does she know, her death warrant's been signed, and Ghost is watching every move she's making!

Just giving you some insight into project 4!