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             Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the Vampire Hottie Extravaganza!

     I'm doing something a little different since it's officially Halloween! Look at all the pictures of the vampire hotties and see just how many you can name and what movie or television show they star in. Later, I'll do the same for the Werewolf Hunks, but I thought we'd start with our favorite Fang Boys!

For an added bonus, everyone who plays along and guesses all the Vampire Hotties and Werewolf Hunks, I'll select 2 winners at random to win their very own E-Book copies of Lost To The Night I and Lost To The Night II.
So how many can you name and get right?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vampire Hottie and Werewolf Hunk Double Header for Wednesday Oct.30,2013

Double Header Hump Day!!!

       That's right, we have a double header for Wednesday October 30th!

It's a battle of the Draculas.

First we have
Gary Oldman
from "Bram Stoker's Dracula"
                        Dracula has crossed oceans to find Elisabetta who is in the form of Mina, played by actress Wynonna Ryder. Though Gary Oldman isn't the typical heart throb, he gave a seductive performance as Vlad Dracula. The movie starts with Gary as an older vampire who is reclusive in his haunted castle in the Carpathian mountains who meets with an unsuspecting Jonathan Harker, a London solicitor. When he by accident discovers a portrait of Mr.Harker's fiancĂ©e, Mina, he is certain this is the reincarnation of his beloved Elizabetta, who killed herself centuries before after believing that he had died in battle. So what does our European Gent do? Well he of course has to try and do away with the fiancee, snack on the BFF, and seduce the girl. Sounds simple, doesn't it? I won't spoil the movie or the book, but Gary Oldman gave a whole new look from Bela Lugosi's Dracula by abandoning the cape and greased back hair and opted for a more Victorian Goth kind of look and it didn't help that Francis Ford Coppola didn't skimp on the make-up and special effects. Gary Oldman may not have won any awards for his portrayal as Dracula, but he's in the Vampire Hall of Fame with vampire movie lovers everywhere.
Second Place Goes To....
*drum roll*
Gerard Butler
Dracula 2000

             Although there wasn't much of a romantic plot line here, Gerard Butler's portrayal of Dracula brought an almost animalistic ferocity. Mary, who is portrayed by Justine Waddell, is the daughter of legendary vampire hunter, Van Helsing. Unknown to poor Mary is that her father had been injecting himself with Dracula's blood which has allowed him to live for so long. She's also been plagued with horrifying visions of a mysterious and terrifying man. Gerard Butler's mission is to find Mary who shares a telepathic link with him while he leaves a bloody trail in his wake. It is later found out why religious relics and silver are his weaknesses. This Dracula acts without conscious and is as bad as bad gets. Again, this is not a love story or some emo and self-hating vampire. There are no sparkles here ladies, but it's GERARD BUTLER, our favorite Scottsman. So what's not to love, right? Maybe our Dracula here should have wore a kilt instead of going for an all black ensemble.

                                           Now for our Hunky Wolfmen!

                        First up we have:

                           Paul Wesley as

                            Lucas "Luke" Cates

            From the short lived show, "Wolf Lake"

                    We all know and love him as the vampire, Stephan Salvatore, from the hit show, "The Vampire Diaries", but before he became a vampire, he was a wolf shifter from Wolf Lake. Paul Wesley starred as the James Dean of the show whose father was head of the town and the werewolves of the Hill at Wolf Lake. The show was short lived, but Lucas Cates was the werewolf that kept drawing all us female viewers every week to the show. He was sort of the Romeo of the show with his attraction towards Sophia Donner, whom no one wanted to see with the esteemed son of the pack leader. Sophia was kept out of the loop that she was a werewolf, but like every teenage girl, hormones come into play and so does discovering that you're a werewolf. The show ended before these two could really explore their attraction but one thing is for sure, "Wolf Lake" was a great show that had some pretty good supporting actors that made up the cast such as Lou Diamond Phillips, Tim Matheson, Mia Kirshner(who would later star in "The Vampire Diaries"), and Bruce McGill. Those All American boy looks and James Dean-esque Rebel Lycanthrope With A Cause, is what gave Paul Wesley today's spot on Wednesday's Werewolf Hunk Double Header spot.
                                                  Last, but not least we have our
                      second Wolf Man Hunk: Enter The
                             Michael Corvin from
                           "Underworld" played by
                                Scott Speedman

                    What do you get when you take a human doctor and give him a bite from a lycan then have his vampire girl friend bite him? A Hybrid; a mixture of both werewolf and vampire. Then you get the movie series, "Underworld". The first movie introduces us to Seline, who is played by Kate Beckinsale, a vampire who hates all lycans since she believes they killed her family. She has become a deadly hunter and when it's found out that there is some sort of treachery within not only her own clan but those of the lycans as well, then she sets out to find out exactly what is going on. She not only finds a human doctor, Scott Speedman's character at the center of a mastermind plan but finds that the treachery and deception goes much further and deeper. When Michael is bitten by Lucian, the head Werewolf in Charge, she must find some way to keep him secret so that her clan will not kill him before she can try to help him. Knowing that she is going to betray all her vampire brethren, Selene also finds herself in love with him. I won't spoil the movie because it's a great movie as are its sequels, but Scott Speedman is a total hunk in this movie. His innocence about all of this going on, his love for Selene, and his protective nature for his "mate" makes him irresistible and those abs and muscles don't hurt either. The connection between Michael and Selene is somewhat of a Romeo and Juliet story in the sense here are two unlikely people whose clans are at war with one another, and yet they some how find a way to fall in love and strike out on their own knowing that both factions are going to be gunning for them. Doesn't that just make your heart sigh or what? "Underworld has four sequels including one that is a prequel. Be sure to check out the "Underworld" series which just happens to be based on a comic book series and is the ultimate Vampire vs. Werewolf saga.
                           There's the picks for the Double Header Hump Day. Now chime in and submit your own picks and see if they make Thursday's Halloween Vampire Hottie and Werewolf Hunk Extravaganza! Keep Howling at the moon, and neck nibbling until Thursday!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's Vampire Hotties and Werewolf Hunks

             Welcome to Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Picks for

                          Vampire Hottie and Werewolf Hunk

                   Today's Vampire Hottie is none other than:

Julian Luna
from the television show

Kindred: The Embraced
Starring Mark Frankel as our fanged hottie
          Believe it or not, this television show came about from a loose adaption of the role playing game, "Vampire: The Masquerade" for only one short season. Julian Luna was the Prince of the vampire world working hard to keep peace with the vampire clans. The show had a mafia like essence about it and no one argued that it was Mr.Frankel's portrayal of Julian that brought the show together. The show was well received and had great ratings but due to an unfortunate motorcycling accident that claimed the life of the star of the show, was cancelled. The character Julian has went decades without love or anything for himself. Just like in all mafia stories, he had to work himself from the bottom to the top and wore a target on his back. However, in modern day, he falls for a reporter that is getting to close to who and what Julian and his world really is. There's also a human component to the series, actor veteran C. Thomas Howell's character police detective, Frank Kohanek. Julian to everyone else is a reclusive industrialist and is a law unto himself when it comes to his world. Julian Luna's striking features and power makes him a formidable vampire.
                                   Now for the Werewolf Hunk
                                                of Tuesday
                                           Taylor Kinney
                                     as Mason Lockwood
                                    From the Vampire Diaries
               Sculpted abs, piercing eyes, and all that animal magnetism is the werewolf, Mason Lockwood-uncle to Tyler Lockwood. Though his stint on the show was short lived, there's no doubting that Taylor Kinney had female fans going wild over him. The CW's adaptation of "The Vampire Diaries" by author L.J. Smith, needed a catalyst to introduce the werewolf storyline to the show and they found it with Taylor Kinney. Though he was killed off by another vampire hottie, he made his impact. Currently he's abandoned the full moon for the show "Chicago Fire", but we're still wagging our tongues for Mason Lockwood.
                      Stay tuned for Wednesday's picks and don't forget to submit your own on this blog. Who knows, you might just see your favorite fang master or wolf man featured!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Vampire Hottie and Wolf Man Hunk For Monday October 28,2013 and

The Author Blog of Nikki Noffsinger
is proud to present the Vampire Hottie
and Wolf Man Hunks for the week of Oct. 28-Nov.1
Henry Fitzroy
"Blood Ties"
                           Oh ladies, ladies, ladies when the deadly sin of lust was being written, it was with
Henry Fitzroy in mind. "Blood Ties" was a television show that aired on the Lifetime Movie Channel and sadly was canceled after only just one year. I, for one was so sad that it was cancelled. American actor, Kyle Schmidt took on the role of this sinfully decadent, clever, lethal and flirtatious vampire, Henry Fitzroy. Henry is exactly 470 years old and is a bastard son of England's King Henry VIII. Like many a poor lad, he ended up one night in the clutches of a vampire who brings him across. Henry isn't bitter, and he actually loves being what he is. In this lifetime he's a horror comic book artist and writer. He teams up with a police detective, Vicki Nelson who has a run in with a demon who marks her. She and Henry embark on what starts out as a friendship but towards the final season, it's plain to everyone that these two have more than just a few curious sparks flying about. 
                           Blood Ties is based on the "Smoke" book series by Canadian fantasy author, Tanya Huff. One thing is for sure, Henry could nibble my neck any night of the week!
Jason Behr
from the movie
"Skin Walkers"
                         Okay, so the movie might have been a smidgen of a disappointment, but Jason Behr as Varek, the leader of a warring werewolf faction that is stalking a mother and 12 year old child, who just so happens to be his son that holds the cure for the dreaded werewolf curse, doesn't disappoint in making us all pant for more shirtless pre-wolf scenes. Varek has been overtaken by the curse and is the leader of a pack who goes from town to town on motorcycles hunting not only for human blood but also for his son, whom he doesn't remember because of the curse. His rugged good looks and acting chops is why I still count this movie as a pretty good flick to watch not to mention the eye candy. Skin Walkers comes from Native American lore of a creature who is half human and half wolf who shapes shifts. Like many of the werewolf legends, Varek and his crew as well as their enemies who are protecting the boy and his mother, are ruled by only being able to shift at night. Unlike the good guys, Varek and his pack have tasted human flesh and blood and are evil. The boy, however, if he makes it to his 13th birthday holds the cure for the curse. Jason Behr is definitely a wolf man that would drive any one's hormones crazy.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Werewolves vs.Shifters: Who Wins Your Vote?

                   Werewolves versus Shifters who wins your vote? I've often thought about this and I've come to the conclusion, I think it's an even draw. Just what is the difference you ask, well let's break it down.

                 Werewolves have been a creature feature in folk lore since well the birth of superstition, I believe. Way back in 550 BC, (get your togas out for this one), the story goes that King Lycon of Arcadia served human flesh to the Greek God, Zeus. Zeus, I'm guessing was not big on the new cuisine because he cursed King Lycon by turning him into a wolf, which sparked the term "lycanthrope". In 60 AD Roman poet, Petronius, (Harry Potter fans will see the similarity here) wrote his poem Satyricon about a solider who turns into a werewolf. From then on there have been stories of men who turned into a wolf-like beast during a full moon cycle. In 1598, a Frenchman by the name of Jacques Roulet was arrested for being a werewolf. In 1623 there were 18 women and men condemned and imprisoned for suffering from lycanthropy. So from its humble beginnings in Greek mythology, Werewolves have been found all over Europe and some how made their way to American shores. So just what is a werewolf? Well if we look at all the stories and lore, a man or woman infected by a single bite from a lycanthrope or whom s cursed with lycanthropy, turns into a monstrous wolf creature by the light of a full moon that is blood thirsty. Up until the past decade or so, thanks in part to paranormal romance authors an Hollywood, Werewolves have become less of a monster and more of a tortured romantic soul.

                     Shifters on the other hand have a better reputation. Shifters may have gotten their start in Native American lore as men who had the ability to shift from their human state to that of their "spirit" animal. Shifters can be any animal such as a bird of prey to that of man's best friend. Thanks to books and television shows such as True Blood, Kressley Cole's Immortals After Dark, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters series, and The Twilight Saga by Stefanie Meyer Shifters seem to have a better turn than their predecessors the Werewolves. Since Shifters are neither cursed or sufferers of lycanthropy, they are mostly seen as "good" or "protectors". Still who wins the debate?

                   One of the negative sides to either story has led to persecution of not just human beings such as the 18 men and women in France who were imprisoned or put to death for fear but wolves in general, were killed because of stigmas that wolves were evil and blood thirsty animals. Even today, many species f wolves are on the endangered species list hunted for their pelts as well as for merely being wolves. The loss of there natural habitats are real threats facing many wolf species and that has to stop. Wolves are only threats when their pack, their dens, and their territories are threatened by humans. Many animal conservation groups and animal activists are fighting for wolves as they should. We should ALL be fighting to protect our wildlife species including wolves.

                So have you taken a side yet? Are you a Werewolf fan or a Shifter fan? For me, I like both my wild men and women. I love the horror side of the werewolf but then I have come to love the softer side too. I also adore Shifters. Who wouldn't love to be able to form the picture of an animal or connect with their own "animal spirit" and roam free or soar through the sky? So whether you be a Werewolf fan or Shifter fan, it's totally up to  you but the best way to discover these two are to pick up some good books where both these types are featured.