Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's Vampire Hotties and Werewolf Hunks

             Welcome to Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Picks for

                          Vampire Hottie and Werewolf Hunk

                   Today's Vampire Hottie is none other than:

Julian Luna
from the television show

Kindred: The Embraced
Starring Mark Frankel as our fanged hottie
          Believe it or not, this television show came about from a loose adaption of the role playing game, "Vampire: The Masquerade" for only one short season. Julian Luna was the Prince of the vampire world working hard to keep peace with the vampire clans. The show had a mafia like essence about it and no one argued that it was Mr.Frankel's portrayal of Julian that brought the show together. The show was well received and had great ratings but due to an unfortunate motorcycling accident that claimed the life of the star of the show, was cancelled. The character Julian has went decades without love or anything for himself. Just like in all mafia stories, he had to work himself from the bottom to the top and wore a target on his back. However, in modern day, he falls for a reporter that is getting to close to who and what Julian and his world really is. There's also a human component to the series, actor veteran C. Thomas Howell's character police detective, Frank Kohanek. Julian to everyone else is a reclusive industrialist and is a law unto himself when it comes to his world. Julian Luna's striking features and power makes him a formidable vampire.
                                   Now for the Werewolf Hunk
                                                of Tuesday
                                           Taylor Kinney
                                     as Mason Lockwood
                                    From the Vampire Diaries
               Sculpted abs, piercing eyes, and all that animal magnetism is the werewolf, Mason Lockwood-uncle to Tyler Lockwood. Though his stint on the show was short lived, there's no doubting that Taylor Kinney had female fans going wild over him. The CW's adaptation of "The Vampire Diaries" by author L.J. Smith, needed a catalyst to introduce the werewolf storyline to the show and they found it with Taylor Kinney. Though he was killed off by another vampire hottie, he made his impact. Currently he's abandoned the full moon for the show "Chicago Fire", but we're still wagging our tongues for Mason Lockwood.
                      Stay tuned for Wednesday's picks and don't forget to submit your own on this blog. Who knows, you might just see your favorite fang master or wolf man featured!


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