Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feral Fate: She might fall for him if she doesn't beat him first and He might just let her just because he's into that kind of kink

            How does an ER doctor fit a near seven foot tall, arrogant, totally hot-but that is beside the point, ruthless, feral, egotistical, and wolfish male into her already complicated and VERY busy life?

                If you happen to know the answer, Dr. Khloe Wahpeton would like to know.

                   Khloe comes from a large family but she's determined to make her own life doing what she is passionate about: being a doctor; a healer. She's also a shifter which makes the night shift a bit sketchy but she balances it out, or did until one night when a member of Shiloh Red Cloud's clan comes waltzing into HER hospital like he owns the place and catches onto her scent. Yeah, apparently the scent of antiseptic, hand sanitizer, and latex are HIS thing. What is a woman to do?

                     Cinjin has been on his own since he was young and puts the BAD in BAD ASS which he's pretty proud of. One of his crowning achievements is making grown men piss themselves. Up until Khloe, he had few needs and as long as they left in the morning without getting all clingy and there is left over pizza somewhere in his kitchen, Cinjin is a pretty happy wolf. Who says that good deeds have no rewards? Really he wouldn't have thought of that but the night when he happen to scent a pretty little she-wolf, he was totally into the whole reward thing. At least he thought it would be that easy. Sure he's rough around the edges but what's not to love, right? Apparently the lady doc who happens to be a she-wolf and who just so happens to not be part of his clan and pack, has a list of reasons. SHE doesn't quite know it yet but he's not one to give up such a sweet challenge so easily. Most females found him charming. Okay that is pretty much a lie right there because most females found their way to his bed and then found their way to the door. However, this lady doc calls to his inner wolf and that is something he can't ignore or wants to but damn if she isn't making it hard. What's a guy to do?

                         In this short story, the elder of the Wahpeton clan, whom is featured in the full length novel, Cursed Awakening, tells the story of Khloe Wahpeton and the near feral warrior named Cinjin. Cinjin is everything that Khloe doesn't need in her life but she's everything he wants. When a woman is found nearly beaten to death and brought into her ER, Khloe is put front in center of Cinjin. Cinjin, who fears nothing or no one and who is used to getting his own way has to convince his fated mate, who happens to be a stubborn and uptight ER doctor that he's the one for her. However can his wild ways be tamed or will Khloe end up strangling him? Read the story in XoXo Publishing's latest installment of Lost to the Night Vol.2. Along with Feral Fate, four other authors have put together four great paranormal romance stories guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and take you one hell of a ride!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Being Thankful

              I want to say "Thank-You" to every person out there that has believed in me, bought my books, took the time to like and share my page, comment on my blog and crazy posts, who have given me their advice and took the time to read when they had a hundred other things to do, and I want to thank everyone who has weathered each and every storm right there with me and held that picture of Jack Sparrow high to keep me inspired when the inspiration was low. Each of you mean more to me than you know!
                So, what's all this mushy stuff about?
            I promise each of you that I am not sick or retiring from writing anytime soon. The Grim Reaper is keeping his distance and yes, I am fully aware that it is too early for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was on Facebook today or it might have been yesterday to be more accurate, and I was reading a posting by one of my favorite authors when I came across a critique from a woman who was going to cease being a fan of this writer because the author had addressed why he or she could not basically write every story the fans wanted them to. As an author, I know how important it is to create the story that is in your head first. It is great when fans truly fall in love with your characters-even your characters who are nothing but supporting or bit characters. I hope to one day have that with my fan base. (Yes ANGIE, I KNOW YOU ARE AWAITING DASH'S STORY-I'M WORKING ON IT BUT THE DANG CAJUN KEEPS PUTTING ME OFF. THIS WEEK HE WAS TOO BUSY WATCHING WWE'S RAW) Anyhow this woman felt as if this author cared nothing about the fans and how much each dime mattered and how fans go to great lengths. Now I want to stop right there seeing as I am still a HUUUGE fan of many authors and I will say that this particular author goes all out for the fans! I went to a book signing and this author who had been traveling in a huge tour bus many miles over night just to get to my state, came in and took her time. She left no one fan-which by the way there were well over one hundred people-the bookstore was almost over capacity and that is not counting the ones that stood outside just to be able to catch a glimpse and get their books signed, with a question unanswered. This author and the one traveling with her met with everyone well into the night after the store had officially closed signing books, taking pictures, and speaking to fans. Some fans had heart breaking stories and this author hugged them as if they were old friends. To me that is just going above and beyond a book signing. I hope to have one of those too, a book signing.
           After reading her tirade and telling this person in the nicest way that I could to get over herself that no author can just put books out like an assembly line. I mean, would we have ever discovered that starry night had someone told Van Gogh to paint the sky from their point of view? Would we have ever fell in love with Chopin's Nocturnes or Van Halen had they just composed or wrote what the masses told them to write? Fans, you are so important but come along for the journey and I promise you that you won't be disappointed! Let's take that adventure wherever it leads together and I promise that we'll make all the interesting pit stops and thrill rides along the way. I also realized something else, I have never truly thanked any of you for purchasing and reading any of my books and stories. I want to do that now.  I thank each of you! I want to thank all my readers all the way up to my publisher, XoXo Publishing (Penny, Gina, Ana, Shannon,  and crew). I also want to thank my fellow authors especially those like Denyse Bridger who have been mentors in one way or another and to Kayden Mcleod who renewed my faith in cover art. Had it not been for her, Cursed Awakening would have probably just had a black cover with red lettering. Thank you all so very much and I hope that my readers and fans will keep on reading my books and stories! You all rock!