Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Passionate Thrill Ride Continues with Savage Dawn

Shiloh knew the moment he laid eyes on Lahni that she was his. She'd always been his and now that the threat to their people and humans alike was over for now; it was time for him to claim her. He'd waited long enough and his inner animal wasn't going to be denied any longer. 

 Lahni Wahpeton is the family wild child and she's a force to be reckoned with both on and off the stage. As a child, Shiloh Red Cloud was her best friend that became her first love but when he went away and never looked back, she looked forward. No one is putting a claim on her; let alone a big silver wolf who thinks he's got her all figured out.


Lahni felt as if she could breathe as she entered the loud smoky bar called Razor Wire.  It had been her home away from home. A metal band was already tearing it up on the small stage towards the back. Dakota winced as he adjusted to the loud music. Lahni led him to the opposite end of the bar. The bar was not a pretty kind of place. It looked like the place Mad Max would have went after Thunderdome. The floor was concrete with metal tables and beaten up bar chairs. Rumor had it that it had once been an old steel mill that went belly up but the liquor was cheap, the beer was bad, but she loved it. Behind the bar was an old friend; Sully. Sully was about six feet and two inches tall, weighed almost 270, bald and tattooed, and to everyone but her he was a mean son of a bitch. Sully had given Lahni her first start in the music business at the rough neck club. He’d often told her that she was the daughter he never had.
            Sully came around the bar and shoved one of the patrons out of the way. The only place that wasn’t tattooed on Sully was his face. He was burly and had a few of his front teeth missing, but there was no denying that he didn’t love Lahni. He opened his arms wide and Lahni threw herself into those big strong arms.
            “Hey girl, where have you been you little hellcat?”
            Lahni looked up at him and grinned, “Everywhere and anywhere Sully.” She playfully squeezed him, “Hey there, you feel like you’ve lost a little around the middle. You take my advice and find some devil woman to curl up around and hold on to?”
            Sully gave a big belly laugh and shook his head, “Hell no! I’m too young for all that nonsense.” He looked over her shoulder to see Dakota standing behind her. Sully put on his best scowl but kept his arm draped around Lahni’s shoulders.
            “I take it that this piece of road kill came with you?”
            Dakota shrugged, “Yeah I am with her which explains me, but exactly who are you?”
            In a split second Sully had Dakota around the neck. He wasn’t really trying to hurt him but he always had fun with the “new blood”. Lahni rolled her eyes, “Careful old man, I have to take him home in one piece with all his important bodily functions working.”
            Sully leaned in and took a sniff of Dakota. Dakota looked at his sister just a little alarmed. Lahni winked at him.
            “Just remember here pup, don’t start no shit and there won’t be no shit and if you get too annoying, I’ll use you for target practice.” And with that he let Dakota go and walked back to Lahni.
            “So, are you going to play tonight? I got an open slot just as soon as Steele and his boys are done.”  He asked as he leaned back and grabbed two beers and sent them sliding down the bar.
            Lahni looked around, “Hell yeah man. I would love to but you might want to see if Steele wants a follow up act.”
            Sully sucked in his lip a little and managed to whistle loud enough over the Industrial Metal and crowd and pointed at Lahni when the lead singer popped his head up. Steele nodded and pointed at Lahni. She nodded back and headed up towards the stage.
            Dakota was left standing when a big hand clapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and Sully gave him a half smile, “C’mon kid, cop a squat at the bar and I’ll get ya a can of pop.”
            Dakota wasn’t going to argue that he was past the age of twenty-one. He sat down and watched as his sister took to the stage. He smiled at a lady in a Harley Davidson t-shirt and she pointed at his can of Coke with her longneck and laughed before turning her head. Dakota turned to look at Sully who just winked at him as he poured himself a shot. Lahni, you owe me! He projected at his sister.
            Lahni was having a ball playing with Steele and his band. She’d shed her jacket and was sweaty but she didn’t mind; she was lost to the music. When Steele cued up The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson the crowd went wild and Lahni fed off their excitement and it fueled her playing.
            Shiloh walked through the door of the bar with Cinjin and Khloe. Khloe hadn’t been comfortable telling Shiloh where Lahni had gone and it had put Cinjin in a bad mood but Shiloh was through playing games with Lahni. When she had pulled out he had tried to not let it affect him until he’d heard her sisters laughing about Lahni getting “a piece of strange”. He’d asked Cinjin what that meant and when Cinjin had told him, he’d nearly gone insane. Lahni was his and she’d always been his. When her father had reached out to his clan, he’d agreed to come and fight their ancient foe, but he’d also had a second agenda; claiming his mate.
            Over the years, Shiloh had kept tabs on Lahni. He’d even gone to some of her shows in area bars and festivals. Every time he’d hung back in the shadows. Five years ago, he’d caught her show in Tulsa and that wasn’t all he’d caught. After the show he’d made his way to the back to find Lahni draped over some mere human male with a stripe of neon green and purple hair and tattoos. Pain had struck him hard in the chest at the sight of her with someone else. Before he could reign in his emotions to speak to her, she’d left with the bastard on the back of motorcycle. He’d returned to his people thinking he could get over her. He’d been wrong but this time he wouldn’t be going anywhere with her. The past, he’d make up to her but right now he had to give her a reason for a future with him.
            “Shiloh, do you want to grab a table or are you just going to stand there planning how best to grab Lahni?” Cinjin barked.
            Khloe elbowed Cinjin in his side, “You are sleeping on the couch.” She looked up at Shiloh, “Listen Shi, if you go all Tarzan Lahni will only push you further away. I know my sister and believe me, you will lose her.”
            Cinjin leaned down to his mate’s ear and nuzzled as he whispered, “You love it when I go all Tarzan Khlobear.”
            Shiloh arched an eyebrow at the two of them. “Maybe we should find you two a room.” He grumbled.
            Cinjin put an arm over Khloe’s shoulders and nodded at Dakota, who he’d just spotted. They headed to the bar while Shiloh made his way towards the back where the band was playing. He watched Lahni play and saw the crowd’s response to her and the group of musicians. The lead singer was too close to his mate and the animal inside the man snarled and growled.
            Lahni ddidn'thave to look into the crowd to know that she was being watched and who it was. She’d bet her life that he was scowling. Using her kind’s common means of communication, she flexed her telepathic muscles.
            I know you are there and you can leave the same way you got here. I don’t need a baby sitter and even if I did, it isn't your place.
            Shiloh narrowed his eyes, at her demands. You wouldn’t need a baby sitter if you would stay put. We have a lot to discuss Lahni.
            Hmm, let me pencil that into my schedule….sometime NEVER! I have nothing to discuss with you other than a wave or a semi-fond farewell when you leave. Go. Shoo; be gone.
            Lahni raised her head and smirked as she leaned her back into the side of the Steele who was more than happy to wrap an arm around her shoulders as he sung the chorus to the song.
            Shiloh was keeping his control by threads. You will move away from that man or you can watch me tear him to pieces! His mind snarled.
            Lahni kept on playing and kept giving the crowd a show. I am a grown woman and have been for quite some time you lame ass chauvinistic pig. I don’t take orders from anyone except from my daddy and baby you ain't him. Leave Shiloh, you’re a buzzkill.
            Shiloh immediately sent mental images of him bending her over his knee and spanking her. Lahni sent him mental images of her with a pair of garden shears pointed at his crotch.
            Just wait Little Bird, when this is over you’re going to regret that.
            Don’t call me that. You lost that privilege a long time ago. Who says this is going to be over? I might just join Steele back at his motel room. Go back to the valley Shiloh and get a life.
            Shiloh felt rage tear into him. Lahni was his and he’d claimed her long ago. There was much he had to atone for but he’d be damned if he let her keep running from him. What did she mean he was a buzz kill? He wondered.
            Lahni played well past last call. Every time she looked up, she saw him glaring at her through thick black lashes and eyes that reminded her of mercury and gold. When they were teenagers, Shiloh had been tall but he was built like a body builder only a hair leaner than Cinjin, her sister’s mate. She looked towards the bar and found her brother, sister, and Cinjin talking with Sully. When she’d seen Shiloh years ago, long after he’d left her and broke her heart, she had paid a guy to take her to her hotel after making quite a scene in front of Shiloh of being all over the guy. She had hated leading the guy on but seeing him at one of the clubs her band had played was too much. In truth, Lahni hadn’t been interested in a guy since Shiloh had destroyed the na├»ve love sick calf she’d been.  When Steele finally called it quits he leaned over and invited her to hang out at the motel they were staying at. It was tempting, but she knew Shiloh wasn’t just going to let her simply leave. No, he’d make a scene and there would be bloodshed. Steele didn’t deserve that and neither did Sully. Those were child games and she was a grown woman. She’d show him who the alpha female was and that she could kick some ass.
            Shiloh waited until the band had packed up for the most part and had restrained the urge to kill when he heard the lead singer’s invitation to her. Lahni had smiled as she’d given him a hug and shook her head. It was that dismissal that kept that man from being torn to shreds. He watched as she returned her guitar to its case and grabbed her jacket before stepping off the stage. A few patrons that had stuck around had complimented her and moved towards the guys in the band. Some of the women who had been close to him, had tried to come on to him or press their numbers into his hand but he had eyes for only one female and right now he couldn’t wait to get her alone. Cinjin and Dakota moved to stand by him while Khloe took a bottle of beer to her sister. He watched as the two girls embraced.
            “So, are we killing anyone tonight?” Cinjin mused.
            “Man, have I missed my hearing. How does she put up with that loud ass shit?” Dakota whined.
            Shiloh would have grinned if he wasn’t so pissed off. Cinjin rolled his eyes and elbowed Dakota.
            “Listen pup, I know you lead a sheltered life, but that was some good music. When you’re grown, you’ll appreciate it.”
            “Listen? Who could listen to that? My ears are going to be ringing for a week.”
            Cinjin looked over at Shiloh, “Do you think Khloe would miss a brother? I could make it almost painless.”
            Dakota moved over a few spaces from Cinjin and narrowed his eyes. Khloe, you’re mate is making death threats. Tell him I’m not a pup.
            Cinjin looked at Dakota and snarled, flashing his canines, “Snitch”.
            Shiloh ignored their banter and watched as Khloe looked over her shoulder and scowled at her mate who only snorted.
            Lahni ignored the three of them and laughed it up with her sister.
            Lahni, don’t push Shiloh too far. You’re in the frying pan sister getting ready to be thrown into the fire if you don’t watch yourself.
            He’s the one who sshouldn't push Khlo. I don’t want anything to do with him and he needs to get it through his thick head. That ship sailed a long time ago.
            He’s in love with you, you know that right? He’s not going to just walk away. He’s every bit as stubborn as Cinjin. So what’s your plan because we can’t stand here all morning laughing like crazy old women? They’re going to get suspicious.
            I’m driving my Jeep with Dakota or Dakota and Shiloh can take your ride and you and Cin can ride with me.
            Khloe raised an eyebrow at her sister’s plan. She had a funny feeling that Lahni’s plan was going to go down the crapper.
            Lahni waved at Sully who was wiping down the bar and walked right between the two hulking giants who were standing like guard dogs at the entrance. Khloe snickered behind her sister. Without looking behind her she called out to her brother Dakota, “C’mon Koda, we’re leaving.”
            The moment she stepped out into the cool night air, an arm grabbed her around her waist and lifted her off the ground. Her temper snapped as she tried to wiggle free.
            “Let me go you prick!” she hissed and fought against his hold.
            Shiloh tightened his grip around her waist, “Cinjin, take Dakota with you and Khloe back. Tell Dyami and Mai that I have Lahni.”
            “Oh fuck no you don’t! Khloe don’t you dare leave and Shiloh put me down or you’ll regret it!”
            Shiloh grabbed the guitar case before she could maneuver it to hit him, and tossed it into the back of his pick-up truck. He then set her back on her feet but turned her while still keeping hold of her. If looks could kill, he’d already be skinned and his head mounted on her wall. Determination set into his jaw.
            “You’re coming with me and that’s final. Fight or better yet, run Lahni because when I catch you, and I will catch you, it will make it sweeter; but either way you’re coming with me.”
            Lahni was tempted to shift and give him a run for his money but there was too much open ground and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to out run him. She could scream for help, but she wouldn’t risk Sully being hurt or anyone else. Besides, those were coward things and she damn sure was no coward. Lahni glared up at Shiloh and squared her shoulders.
            “I.HATE.YOU.” she snarled through clenched teeth as she enunciated each word. 
            He leaned into her face, “Good, right now I’m not too thrilled with you either.” He pulled her over to the truck door and opened it. She leaped up into the seat crossing her arms over her huffing chest looking straight out of the windshield. When she got home, there was going to be hell to pay.
            They had driven in silence. Shiloh had slowed the truck down to let Cinjin go on ahead. Lahni refused to look at him.
            “Lahni, we need to talk.” His voice was tense but he tried to keep his tone soft.
            She looked out the window, “I have nothing to say to you.”
            “Fine. I’ll talk.” He started to open his mouth again, but she turned on the radio, and turned it up loud.
            He growled as he shut it off. When he started to speak again, she pulled out an iPod and placed the buds in her ears. He pulled the truck over and pulled them out of her ears and grabbed the iPod and clutched it in his hand with the urge to throw it out the window.
            “Give me that back. I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.”she hissed as her eyes flashed in warning.
            Shiloh smirked, “You’re going to listen to me if we have to sit her all night.”
            Lahni flexed her hand and looked at her nails, “Fine. Speak.”
            “Lahni, this has gone on for far too long. You’re my mate and I won’t allow you to keep running circles around me.”
            She turned to him and covered her mouth with mock emotion, “Oh Shiloh, yes darling, I’ve been waiting all these years just to hear those words fall out of your mouth. My life has meaning now! I bet we can finally cure cancer since you've finally decided that I’m your mate.” Her  syrupy sweet tone in her voice didn't match the murderous glare in her eyes.
            She “tsk’d” him, “Gimme a break. You are delusional if you think for a moment that I would tie myself to someone like you.” Her disgust was palatable. His control finally snapped. She was his and he'd had enough of this. Shiloh hadn't expected her to forgive all the years lost to them but he did expect her to be reasonable. At least that was the thought until she spoke to him as if he hadn't meant anything to her. 
            He grabbed the back of her head, and bared his canines at her, “You’re mine Lahni, whether you want to admit it or not. We were tied to one another long ago.”
            Lahni jerked out of his hold, “I belong to no one but myself and my family. We were children long ago. Get a life and get a new dream.”
            Those mercury gold eyes burned a hole into her all the way to her soul. He had broken her once, and she wasn't going back for seconds.
            “Shiloh, this is the 21st Century and Stepford was just a movie. You can’t just demand and declare shit of me. I won’t be anyone’s prize, especially by force.”
            Shiloh heard the venom she spat, and sure she was pissed off but there was a sadness and longing in those bi-colored eyes of hers. He wanted to take her into his arms and soothe her and mend the heart of the only woman he’d ever loved in his entire life. Shiloh knew though if he eased up now, she’d only run again and he’d go insane chasing her down.

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