Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wolf Legends: Embrace Wild Passions with "Cursed Awakening" and "Red Cloud Rising" by Nikki Noffsinger

Cursed Awakening 

Get the book that started it all, Cursed Awakening. This paranormal shifter romance begins with a young woman, Ivy Morgan, who is rebuilding her life after abuse at the hands of a cult. Romance is the last thing on her agenda until she meets Nyx Wahpeton, a local Lakota Sioux man who stirs desire, within her for the first time in her life. 

Nyx has grown up on the outskirts of town with his family protecting the local Native American reservation, New Hope. Every sense that Nyx has tells him that Ivy, a human woman, is his mate but can he trust Ivy with the truth about him and his family? 

Ivy has secrets of her own but the more she falls for Nyx, she wonders if she can not only trust him with her secrets but also with her heart. 

An ancient evil has returned and the clans are coming to fight. Ivy and Nyx are going to be thrown into the middle of hell but can their love survive? 

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Red Cloud Rising 

Shiloh Red Cloud grew up at New Hope Reservation, but his duties took him away from not only his mother but from the only woman he's ever truly loved; Lahni Wahpeton. He's returned to help her family secure their lands, but the mighty clan chieftain has also returned to claim Lahni. 

Lahni Wahpeton is her family's "wild child". After her heart was shattered, she discovered a passion for hard rock and heavy metal. She's toured all over the south and West Coast living her life by the seat of her pants until she's called home. What she's not expecting is a reunion with the very one who shattered her heart. Lahni wants no part of him and she's going to make damn sure that she gives Shiloh Red Cloud a wide berth.  

Shiloh isn't letting the past stop him from claiming Lahni, but when the Elders of his clan try to undermine him and tries to keep him from his mate, Shiloh must make a decision; Lahni or the very tribe that he leads. 

Betrayal, dark magic, and a burning passion that will not be extinguished. 

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