Friday, July 30, 2010

There is no joy in Mudville...Mighty Casey was killed in a drive by shooting.

I am trying not to beat myself up and not plotting ways to drive to Maryland to have a spastic fit on the people of Publish America. This last email I got from them just is the straw that has broke this camel's back! Since I signed with them my dream has been kicked and assaulted! First off my book is way to high for anyone to be able to buy it-so that means no book store(and I've called them all and can't tell you the money I've spent on long distance calling cards)will carry it unless I consign copies. I can't afford the copies. Second-they send me bogus coupon offers that really don't save me much money or anyone else. My aunt bought a copy at 29.99 plus shipping using a coupon that would make my book be 9.95 but they didn't. It's still well except for this weekend, its 34.95 because they put out a 70 percent discount coupon out there. But the one I got just minutes ago has just been the one to bite the big one with me! Here is a copy of the email:

Dear author:

PublishAmerica is hosting a book signing in Germany, during the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Signed copies of your book are also welcome at that event. Of course, you are too, and some authors have already said they will attend. But if you cannot travel overseas at this time, your book can participate at the signing anyway.

Softcovers only.

The signed books will be handed out with a brief introduction about you, the author, on a first come, first serve basis to any of the best and the brightest of the world's bestselling authors, foreign publishers, Hollywood producers, booksellers, and thousands of media that are expected to attend the show, who stop by our book signing event. The date is Saturday, October 9, the time is noon local time. Or in German, "Stunde zwölf".

This is an exciting opportunity to introduce your book to a broader range of book industry insiders.

Go to, find your softcover, use this discount coupon: EuroSign. Use it on your softcover only. All non-softcover orders under this coupon will not be processed, so you'll be throwing your money away if you try. Coupon invalid with other offers. Minimum order volume is only 4 softcovers. And your discount is a whopping 50 pct! We will ship your order fast, because:

Be quick. We'll need your signed books back by no later than August 20 so we can ship them to Germany in time. Mail them, signed and all, to PublishAmerica, attn: Frankfurt Book Fair. Only books purchased under the EuroSign coupon qualify.

Thank you.
--PublishAmerica Bookstore

I looked up the Frankfurt Book Fair and it is an October event in Germany.However when I looked there are only 2 yep you read correctly, T-W-O American publishing houses listed and they are not Publish America or afflites. Im thinking I need to get an attorney! I signed with them under the belief they were a legitimate publishing company! So far the have legitimately screwed me! I didn't do this to make money but I understand a publisher does want to make money but I don't want to be the only one they're trying to milk blood out of! So any of you reading this-hit me up! Register you a blogger account and leave me some feedback! I can't be the only one out there-actually I know I'm not but I might be the only one to take them on. There has to be a way-a way to either get out of my contract and get my book rights back or for them to do what any publishing house does for its authors.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Movies Movies Movies

Last night I rented two movies: The Runaways and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. So to take a brief break from the book and writing-I'll give you my opinion on both!

The Runaways-I can't tell you how totally excited I was when I heard this movie was being made. Hold up-before I go any further I want to say that since I AM Sam and Speak-I have been a huge Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart Fan! Okay now I'll continue with my review.

When I was a young girl-and take in mind, I was about five or six when MTV first came out and I really wasn't allowed to listen to rock music(grew up in a Christian home). I can remember visiting my mother who was living with her soon to be mother in law's house. I was sitting in the back yard at these kid's house that was known as the Baker Kids House. The Baker kids were probably some of the poorest kids in town but they were the original Bebe's kids-that is for sure! Anyhow-that's another story, back to The Runaways! I can remember on Arzella's sister Missy's radio came "CCCCC CHERRY BOMB!" I didn't know what the song was about but from that point on I was hooked! I loved Cherie Curry and Joan Jett's voices and the guitars and the insane beat of the drums to their songs! I didn't really know that by the time I heard them that the Runaway's had even broken up but thanks to my Aunt Jenny who now and again got rock magazines, I could see this all girl band and at that time-I can remember thinking I wanted to be tough like that! I mean you don't get anymore kick your ass than Joan Jett. The girl is beautiful but just when you think she might be some soft female she's right there to kick your ass back into the stone age! So I was pretty stoked none the less to see the movie.

On a scale from 1-5 with five being really suck-I would have to give the movie a 3.75. Now this is Joan's story but it seemed like the movie was more about Cherie-which Cherie was a big part but you don't have a band with just one or two people and the book is amazing! I can't believe Joan let her book be sliced and diced! I really think Dakota done her best but there was something awkward something missing during her portrayal. Again you have to hand it off to the director and the script writers I guess. Save this one for the discount movies folks! And read the book-its better!

The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo was awesome! It's subtitled but its a raw,gritty movie that has more than a few twists and turns! It's a crime story and it was awesome! I've watched it twice now, and I'm thinking of getting the book and reading it! It's not a movie you want to watch with your teenagers that is for sure-but its an awesome movie none the less! It gets an awesome 5 starts in my opinion!

Okay there are my movie reviews! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New from Renegade Night

For those of you who have finally gotten the book, I want to share with you that I know have an Author's site on Facebook and on Myspace. . On myspace I added a short little story that tells the last thoughts of Warren Langford's blood slave, Thomas Hayes. I'm still not happy with my publisher but what can one do? So I'm trying to make the best of a situation. I still believe I have a great book/story and I still hope that they will drop the price of my book! I won't hold my breath though. If you purchase Renegade Night, I want to hear from you-good or bad reviews-I want to hear from you! I already have a second in the series, almost complete as well as two others that are nearing completion. One story is about a wolf shifter named Nyx, who has dedicated his life to the protection of not just his people but the people of a peaceful Indian Reservation. Nyx's animal spirit is wild,fierce, a predator, and when a young woman named Ivy comes into his sights, he can see nothing else! The animal in him claims her but she has claimed his heart! However, Ivy holds a secret and only time will tell if Nyx will be able to accept her for it, or simply walk away.

Another book, that has been dubbed: Project 4, is my first book that borders on a somewhat quasi Sci-Fi theme. I don't want to spill any deets on it just yet but I believe it will be a hit with paranormal romance readers as well as fans of sci-fi everywhere! So stay tuned!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What's New with the Renegade Night Series

As promised, I'm keeping you updated on the Renegade Night Series. So the first tid of good news is that here soon everyone will be able to get the book for 9.95. I'll be crossing my fingers because should they do that, then I can start booking signings at local bookstores and such plus more people will be able to read Renegade Night. Now for the second tid, I will be posting soon, an exerpt from the second book in the series that has been tentatively titled: Renegade Heart which is the story of Dashell "Dash" Baptiste.

Dashell Baptiste hasn't been home in almost well a century give or take. Dash was born an immortal but one fateful night of excess cost him his family, his home, but more than that, the life of his dear sister. He was cast out and when he joined the Guardians, he never looked back. As luck would have it, his best friend and his wife who is expecting their second child, has Dashell back in the heart of Louisiana. Out of guilt or maybe some sick curiosity he finds himself drawn back to the home that he'd left long ago. Enter in, Zoey Harris-a woman who is determined to prove her independence and take on a delapodated piece of land that her ecentric uncle left her. She's never been out of Indiana where she grew up in a small farm town. Now she's finding herself not only going head to head with some stranger danger that "claims" that the house and property is his, but that they're meant to be together? Yeah, the man is definately half-baked and headed to the looney bin! Well that is what she tells herself until she gets thrust into a world she would have never guessed exisited outside the realm of a Hollywood movie or Stephen King novel. Yet there is something quite scrumptious about the man who's sarcasm and "charm" should be out lawed that Zoey finds both insane and sexy at the same time! Dash had never thought redemption could be so sweet, but then again he's never met a woman like Zoey.