Friday, July 23, 2010

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Last night I rented two movies: The Runaways and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. So to take a brief break from the book and writing-I'll give you my opinion on both!

The Runaways-I can't tell you how totally excited I was when I heard this movie was being made. Hold up-before I go any further I want to say that since I AM Sam and Speak-I have been a huge Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart Fan! Okay now I'll continue with my review.

When I was a young girl-and take in mind, I was about five or six when MTV first came out and I really wasn't allowed to listen to rock music(grew up in a Christian home). I can remember visiting my mother who was living with her soon to be mother in law's house. I was sitting in the back yard at these kid's house that was known as the Baker Kids House. The Baker kids were probably some of the poorest kids in town but they were the original Bebe's kids-that is for sure! Anyhow-that's another story, back to The Runaways! I can remember on Arzella's sister Missy's radio came "CCCCC CHERRY BOMB!" I didn't know what the song was about but from that point on I was hooked! I loved Cherie Curry and Joan Jett's voices and the guitars and the insane beat of the drums to their songs! I didn't really know that by the time I heard them that the Runaway's had even broken up but thanks to my Aunt Jenny who now and again got rock magazines, I could see this all girl band and at that time-I can remember thinking I wanted to be tough like that! I mean you don't get anymore kick your ass than Joan Jett. The girl is beautiful but just when you think she might be some soft female she's right there to kick your ass back into the stone age! So I was pretty stoked none the less to see the movie.

On a scale from 1-5 with five being really suck-I would have to give the movie a 3.75. Now this is Joan's story but it seemed like the movie was more about Cherie-which Cherie was a big part but you don't have a band with just one or two people and the book is amazing! I can't believe Joan let her book be sliced and diced! I really think Dakota done her best but there was something awkward something missing during her portrayal. Again you have to hand it off to the director and the script writers I guess. Save this one for the discount movies folks! And read the book-its better!

The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo was awesome! It's subtitled but its a raw,gritty movie that has more than a few twists and turns! It's a crime story and it was awesome! I've watched it twice now, and I'm thinking of getting the book and reading it! It's not a movie you want to watch with your teenagers that is for sure-but its an awesome movie none the less! It gets an awesome 5 starts in my opinion!

Okay there are my movie reviews! Enjoy!

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