Monday, July 12, 2010

What's New with the Renegade Night Series

As promised, I'm keeping you updated on the Renegade Night Series. So the first tid of good news is that here soon everyone will be able to get the book for 9.95. I'll be crossing my fingers because should they do that, then I can start booking signings at local bookstores and such plus more people will be able to read Renegade Night. Now for the second tid, I will be posting soon, an exerpt from the second book in the series that has been tentatively titled: Renegade Heart which is the story of Dashell "Dash" Baptiste.

Dashell Baptiste hasn't been home in almost well a century give or take. Dash was born an immortal but one fateful night of excess cost him his family, his home, but more than that, the life of his dear sister. He was cast out and when he joined the Guardians, he never looked back. As luck would have it, his best friend and his wife who is expecting their second child, has Dashell back in the heart of Louisiana. Out of guilt or maybe some sick curiosity he finds himself drawn back to the home that he'd left long ago. Enter in, Zoey Harris-a woman who is determined to prove her independence and take on a delapodated piece of land that her ecentric uncle left her. She's never been out of Indiana where she grew up in a small farm town. Now she's finding herself not only going head to head with some stranger danger that "claims" that the house and property is his, but that they're meant to be together? Yeah, the man is definately half-baked and headed to the looney bin! Well that is what she tells herself until she gets thrust into a world she would have never guessed exisited outside the realm of a Hollywood movie or Stephen King novel. Yet there is something quite scrumptious about the man who's sarcasm and "charm" should be out lawed that Zoey finds both insane and sexy at the same time! Dash had never thought redemption could be so sweet, but then again he's never met a woman like Zoey.

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