Monday, September 27, 2010

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Chad laughed and then scooped up another bite. By the time dinner was over, he was stuffed! He was hoping that he didn't pop any buttons off his shirt. Oh he would for sure be in the gym after this! They retired back to the living room when she got up to get them some coffee and clear the table. He had offered to help her but she had held up a hand and directed him back to the living room. Suddenly, he noticed he felt a little fuzzy; almost sleepy! Oh that was all he needed, to fall asleep at her house after all her hospitality and her being his first date in years. He could hear her humming and could hear some clinking noises in the kitchen. How a girl like her wasn't already attatched to someone, was beyond him but she was a rare treasure he had been lucky enough to find! In his mind he was already contemplating a Thank You letter to the website, where they had first met! His eye lids drooped for a moment, and he struggled to keep them open. He was going to have to get vertical here or he was going to fall asleep, and that would so be a bad ending to such a wonderful evening with a woman he hoped would want to maybe have a second date with. Heck, he hoped there would be alot of dates! She could be the ONE! He had to work at it, but after a few tries, Chad was upright on his feet! He staggered a bit to the kitchen and put a hand on the white door leading to the kitchen.

The kitchen was all white, almost sterile except fo the dainty yellow and pink flowered border around the room and the pastel colored dish towels hanging from the counter. Chad called her name but she was no where to be found! Then he noticed a door slightly ajar. He opened it and it looked like it led to a basement. A sudden flicker of fear swept through him as he suddenly had an image of her falling and could be possibly hurt! Chad steadied himself against the wall with his hand and took one stair step at a time. Damn, he was groggy! He called out her name but still no answer and the feeling of dread crept over him. He reached the bottom and when he turned, shock and horror filled his face! He wanted to scream but couldn't! He wanted to move but couldn't! Bile rose to his throat and he thought for sure he was going to choke on his own vomit!

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Many of you know,that is those that read my blog, I have recently built a new website. Tonight I am adding the very first short story in the series of many for the Month of October. I hope you'll join me and stop by and look at the site, lend your comments, and check out the featured authors. I'll be adding more! There is also a section to tell me you're own paranormal experience. I hope to make it as interactive as I can! So please join me at:

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

White Picket Fences

My wedding day was the happiest day of my life! It was a day of enchantment; the beginning of a fairy tale. It was as close to my dream of a wedding as money would allow. When he saw me, I couldn't overlook the pride and love in his face, he even shed a tear as my dad walked me down the aisle. The vows we took were timeless and all I could do was see the life we would share before us. Our honeymoon was filled with passion and romance. Those were the happiest days of my life!

The first time he hit me, I didn't know what to think! My heart broke and hurt worse than my face or my rib cage. He kept saying over and over "Why did you make me do this to you?" I even believed I had indeed done something to make him do this to me. So I tried even harder to be the wife he wanted me to be. After he would hit me, he always was sorry, he always cried and begged me to forgive him. Then in the blink of an eye, he'd be raging on me once again. When I became pregnant, I thought he would stop, but he didn't! To save the life of our unborn, I left and went back home. He came for me! My dad was furious and even got into a horrible fight with him. For weeks, he told me that he was getting help and he would never hit me again and he would die without me. To my parents's dismay, I went back. I didn't want a broken home or to be a single mother, and he seemed so sincere! It was about a month after our first child was born that the beatings and the fights started back up. I got to the place where I walked on shards of glass not eggshells. I left several times after that and tried to stay with friends instead of family because I had already hurt them enough, but he always came and I would go back. The night he beat me so badly I had to be taken to a hospital, I finally had enough, and filed the charges to have him arrested. I got a restraining order but he walked right through that. When it didn't end there, I finally filed for divorce and was granted full custody of both our children. I thought that I could piece back some semblance of a life, but it wasn't meant to be. He came one day and broke into my little apartment and stabbed me twenty-two times! He's in prison now, and my children live with my parents. I watch them from time to time hoping that they don't make the same mistakes I made. I hope that they never hit another person in anger or rage. I sit here at Serenity Hills cemetary looking at my grave, and think about the happiest days of my life and how I had the big house with the white picket fence that now sits empty.

This is not my story but it's the story of so many women and even men who are the victims of Domestic Abuse. If you are a victim of Domestic Abuse, there is help out there! You have a voice and the grave does not have to be the extreme that things have to come to! Please get help if you or someone you know is in this kind of relationship! It's not your fault-its the abuser's fault and the only help you're going to give them is to get yourself help and get out!

Love never means having to say your sorry nor does it mean having to be a punching bag! Love is never selfish nor does it demand a payment in blood!

Love never makes you feel ashamed nor does it mean living in fear!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Project 4 Update

Some of you or others anyhow have read the Project 4 preview. It's the latest finished project-even though it lacks a title. I've been working really hard on tweaking and my spell check has gotten its work out-let me tell ya! Sadly though there is a bit of bad news. I had planned to start sending query letters and submission packets to legit publishers and even a few electronic publishing houses. Sadly, I regret I won't be doing that. Right now Project 4 is going to be shelved. I loved writing it and it paid tribute to a friend. I wouldn't want someone using my name without permission and I don't want to do that to her. So I will be happy to announce that Dash's story, the second in the Renegade Night Series will be made available soon and it will be for E Publication soon.

Saturday Night Sept.4th Vid Pics

Okay I'll be brief, rented 2 movies earlier in the evening and here's my review of both of them.

Dorian Gray with Ben Barnes*you might know him from Prince Caspian-Chron. of Narnia* and Colin Firth-one of my favorite actors. The movie is the classic tale of a young man, Dorian Gray, who very vainly curses himself with eternal youth after his portrait is painted. Now unlike the black and white old movie, this one is filled with alot ALOT of eroticism. So this is one you don't want the teenagers seeing. Dorian arrives in London a bright eyed young man who has inherited his cruel grandfather's estate. He meets Basil, a very up and coming artist and forms a fast friendship with him. Basil introduces him to Henry(Firth) who after the portrait is painted molds Dorian into the reckless youth he wishes he could be. Along with the curse of the painting(that ages and takes on Dorian's soul which by the end of the movie is grotesque), Henry and Dorian both come to see just how really terrible things have gotten. Very good movie but it does have its dry parts. So is it worth the rental? Yeah I would say rent it-very good movie.

NeoWolf-horror movie

Neo Wolf is about a guy who falls for a girl who is in a traveling rock band. What he doesn't know is her and "the band" have a secret. This is no Team Jacob let me tell ya. It's got a B rating in gore and a pretty good bunch of make you jump scenes. It does have some sex scenes and some of the lines and movie ambiance is kind of chintzy. It was pretty good but nothing I would spend a New Release price for. Its not low budget but it barely breaks into the "medium" budget style movies. Not a bad rental but wait till it comes off the new release wall.

Okay those are the latest movies I've seen on DVD.

The last movie I saw theater wise was The Last Exorcism. Now to me this movie just blew! It was like a bad Blair Witch style movie in which all the effects is shot from the viewpoint of a camera man with a reporter that is doing a documentary on a preacher who admits exorcisms he's done have all been frauds. There are about 5 scenes in which you will jump out of your seat but the movie as a whole just blew goats! So if you want to see it, wait for the DVD. Save yourself the movie ticket!

That's just my opinion folks! Now my bed is calling me and I'll be having happy dreams of Kyle Schmidt since I caught Blood Ties. I know the series is cancelled but gah do I wish they'd show atleast the last season episodes instead of first season. But you know I needed my Henry fix so its all good!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


As many of you know-the author site I had with fizzled. So, with the help of a friend-I know have another site up and running with two interative pages-cool huh! You can not only find previews of up and hopefully coming stories from me but you can see other up and coming authors,poets, and artists as well. I will also be Co-Authoring a Blog with a friend that is in the works and I'll post about that at a later date! So without further adieu, I invite you to the maiden voyage of The Supernatural World of Nikki Noffsinger!