Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday Night Sept.4th Vid Pics

Okay I'll be brief, rented 2 movies earlier in the evening and here's my review of both of them.

Dorian Gray with Ben Barnes*you might know him from Prince Caspian-Chron. of Narnia* and Colin Firth-one of my favorite actors. The movie is the classic tale of a young man, Dorian Gray, who very vainly curses himself with eternal youth after his portrait is painted. Now unlike the black and white old movie, this one is filled with alot ALOT of eroticism. So this is one you don't want the teenagers seeing. Dorian arrives in London a bright eyed young man who has inherited his cruel grandfather's estate. He meets Basil, a very up and coming artist and forms a fast friendship with him. Basil introduces him to Henry(Firth) who after the portrait is painted molds Dorian into the reckless youth he wishes he could be. Along with the curse of the painting(that ages and takes on Dorian's soul which by the end of the movie is grotesque), Henry and Dorian both come to see just how really terrible things have gotten. Very good movie but it does have its dry parts. So is it worth the rental? Yeah I would say rent it-very good movie.

NeoWolf-horror movie

Neo Wolf is about a guy who falls for a girl who is in a traveling rock band. What he doesn't know is her and "the band" have a secret. This is no Team Jacob let me tell ya. It's got a B rating in gore and a pretty good bunch of make you jump scenes. It does have some sex scenes and some of the lines and movie ambiance is kind of chintzy. It was pretty good but nothing I would spend a New Release price for. Its not low budget but it barely breaks into the "medium" budget style movies. Not a bad rental but wait till it comes off the new release wall.

Okay those are the latest movies I've seen on DVD.

The last movie I saw theater wise was The Last Exorcism. Now to me this movie just blew! It was like a bad Blair Witch style movie in which all the effects is shot from the viewpoint of a camera man with a reporter that is doing a documentary on a preacher who admits exorcisms he's done have all been frauds. There are about 5 scenes in which you will jump out of your seat but the movie as a whole just blew goats! So if you want to see it, wait for the DVD. Save yourself the movie ticket!

That's just my opinion folks! Now my bed is calling me and I'll be having happy dreams of Kyle Schmidt since I caught Blood Ties. I know the series is cancelled but gah do I wish they'd show atleast the last season episodes instead of first season. But you know I needed my Henry fix so its all good!

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