Monday, September 27, 2010

Come check out The Supernatural Realm of Nikki Noffsinger: Dark Carnival Short Story Snippet

Chad laughed and then scooped up another bite. By the time dinner was over, he was stuffed! He was hoping that he didn't pop any buttons off his shirt. Oh he would for sure be in the gym after this! They retired back to the living room when she got up to get them some coffee and clear the table. He had offered to help her but she had held up a hand and directed him back to the living room. Suddenly, he noticed he felt a little fuzzy; almost sleepy! Oh that was all he needed, to fall asleep at her house after all her hospitality and her being his first date in years. He could hear her humming and could hear some clinking noises in the kitchen. How a girl like her wasn't already attatched to someone, was beyond him but she was a rare treasure he had been lucky enough to find! In his mind he was already contemplating a Thank You letter to the website, where they had first met! His eye lids drooped for a moment, and he struggled to keep them open. He was going to have to get vertical here or he was going to fall asleep, and that would so be a bad ending to such a wonderful evening with a woman he hoped would want to maybe have a second date with. Heck, he hoped there would be alot of dates! She could be the ONE! He had to work at it, but after a few tries, Chad was upright on his feet! He staggered a bit to the kitchen and put a hand on the white door leading to the kitchen.

The kitchen was all white, almost sterile except fo the dainty yellow and pink flowered border around the room and the pastel colored dish towels hanging from the counter. Chad called her name but she was no where to be found! Then he noticed a door slightly ajar. He opened it and it looked like it led to a basement. A sudden flicker of fear swept through him as he suddenly had an image of her falling and could be possibly hurt! Chad steadied himself against the wall with his hand and took one stair step at a time. Damn, he was groggy! He called out her name but still no answer and the feeling of dread crept over him. He reached the bottom and when he turned, shock and horror filled his face! He wanted to scream but couldn't! He wanted to move but couldn't! Bile rose to his throat and he thought for sure he was going to choke on his own vomit!

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