Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 and Vampires A Plenty

It's been four years since I sat down and wrote my first book from a simple short story from high school. It's been three years since I got a crash course in the pitfalls of publishing when I fell prey, no that's not entirely true; I swan dived into the black abyss that is vanity publishing. Renegade Night still is my baby and plans for the second book to follow it is definitely in the works, but not until I can get my rights back for Renegade and get it in the hands of a legit publisher. Just as I thought I would never find my way through the dark sewers of Publish America's nightmare, Lo and behold my dear friend and mentor, Denyse Bridger who is a phenomenal woman and author in her own right threw out the life preserver that led me to XoXo Publishing. My first project with XoXo was a feature story in an Anthology collection series called Lost To The Night with Denyse Bridger, Kayden Mcleod, Brigit Aine, and Sara Gonzalas Evans. In this collection, I wrote a short story about a very hot college professor that sported a nice pair of fangs and a shy but very determined no-nonsense kind of girl who had a few secrets of her own. Who hasn't had a crush on a teacher? I did, his name was Mr. Tucker Darby but I don't think he had fangs and he most definitely didn't notice me other than  he liked my Guns N Roses T-Shirt.

My first solo project with XoXo Publishing was an E-Book entitled, Cursed Awakening. Cursed was a labor of some sort because I got the inspiration from a news program and The Oprah Winfrey Show. I have to admit that because of the subject matter,someone might accuse me of trying to ride on the coat tails of a Team Jacob fad. Sorry, but no offense my loyal Twilight fans, but when I think of a man that shifts into a wolf-he's a man not a photo shopped and airbrushed teenage boy. My wolf man has to have more bite than bark. Or would that be howl? I also wanted to pay some sort of tribute to the Native American Culture which I think outside of romance novels has been lost. Native Americans were the first people of our country and their plight is something everyone should take notice of. I always loved Indian lore, and living in Indiana, our schools in the 80s required children to learn about the Miami and different tribes of Indians. In October my county has the Mississenwa 1812 reenactment that for one weekend not only is a historical re-enactment of the battle but brings the Miami Indian culture to center stage. One  of the great Native Indian nations is the Lakota Sioux and that was the culture I chose when I dreamed up Nyx and his family.

So that was 2012, what's new for 2013?
The question is, what ISN'T new for 2013!

I hope to add to Nyx's story, the story of his sister Lahni who is as wild as the wind until she finds herself mated to one of the most powerful clan leaders of their people-Shiloh. Shiloh is afraid of nothing and leads his clan in South Dakota with wisdom and strength. What he says is law and no one dares to oppose him except for Lahni Wahpeton who refuses to be a caged wolf to any man let alone the one man that broke her heart years ago.

Coming soon is the long awaited and 2012 NaNoWriMo winner, The Blood Courtesan. Once a beautiful Venetian Courtesan, Lia was sought after by men of state and even royalty. However one night one man would change her life forever when she awakens as a vampire. When fate would tear them apart, Lia decides to live her life on her own terms and when Darius returns into her life, will she deny her heart or will she risk being broken again for the one man who left her when she needed him?

I hope that you decide to visit not only my books at http;// but check out the other fine authors like Denyse Bridger, Brigit Aine, Kayden Mcleod, Annette Bower, Audrina Leone, G.Mitchell Baker,and many more. There is something for just about anyone's book reading tastes!

So bring it on 2013!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Shannon Phoenix, Guardians of the Abyss: Giveaway and Much More!

   Come join Shannon Phoenix as she is guest hosted by Kay Dee Royal and leave a comment on Kay Dee's blog for a chance to not only win a copy of Guardian of the Abyss but also Minister's Paige. Here is one of Shannon's favorite parts of her story as courtesy of Kay Dee Royal's Blog interview with the author.

Shannon Phoenix
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Number of pages: 127
Word Count: 43,500
Book Description:
Buried at sea by the sorcerers who created him, Abaddon is unable to heal himself and unable to replenish his energy. He has lived here for longer than he can remember, with no hope of escape. Time is against him as the sea eats away at him, body and soul.
When her diving partner tries to kill her to take over her company, Sarah finds herself trapped beneath the waves and dying. Having brought light to Abaddon's dark existence at last, only she can grant him the courage to do what must be done to escape his watery prison.
Abaddon must sacrifice his wings to save her. Sarah must come to terms with being trapped with someone she has been raised to believe is a demon, and face the betrayal that nearly destroyed her and the company she built. Together, they must take on the ocean and their own fears. The consequence of failure is death.

Stop by Kay Dee Royal's Blog for your chance to win not only this selection but Minister's Paige and discover yet another wonderful author, Shannon Phoenix!