Monday, October 28, 2013

Vampire Hottie and Wolf Man Hunk For Monday October 28,2013 and

The Author Blog of Nikki Noffsinger
is proud to present the Vampire Hottie
and Wolf Man Hunks for the week of Oct. 28-Nov.1
Henry Fitzroy
"Blood Ties"
                           Oh ladies, ladies, ladies when the deadly sin of lust was being written, it was with
Henry Fitzroy in mind. "Blood Ties" was a television show that aired on the Lifetime Movie Channel and sadly was canceled after only just one year. I, for one was so sad that it was cancelled. American actor, Kyle Schmidt took on the role of this sinfully decadent, clever, lethal and flirtatious vampire, Henry Fitzroy. Henry is exactly 470 years old and is a bastard son of England's King Henry VIII. Like many a poor lad, he ended up one night in the clutches of a vampire who brings him across. Henry isn't bitter, and he actually loves being what he is. In this lifetime he's a horror comic book artist and writer. He teams up with a police detective, Vicki Nelson who has a run in with a demon who marks her. She and Henry embark on what starts out as a friendship but towards the final season, it's plain to everyone that these two have more than just a few curious sparks flying about. 
                           Blood Ties is based on the "Smoke" book series by Canadian fantasy author, Tanya Huff. One thing is for sure, Henry could nibble my neck any night of the week!
Jason Behr
from the movie
"Skin Walkers"
                         Okay, so the movie might have been a smidgen of a disappointment, but Jason Behr as Varek, the leader of a warring werewolf faction that is stalking a mother and 12 year old child, who just so happens to be his son that holds the cure for the dreaded werewolf curse, doesn't disappoint in making us all pant for more shirtless pre-wolf scenes. Varek has been overtaken by the curse and is the leader of a pack who goes from town to town on motorcycles hunting not only for human blood but also for his son, whom he doesn't remember because of the curse. His rugged good looks and acting chops is why I still count this movie as a pretty good flick to watch not to mention the eye candy. Skin Walkers comes from Native American lore of a creature who is half human and half wolf who shapes shifts. Like many of the werewolf legends, Varek and his crew as well as their enemies who are protecting the boy and his mother, are ruled by only being able to shift at night. Unlike the good guys, Varek and his pack have tasted human flesh and blood and are evil. The boy, however, if he makes it to his 13th birthday holds the cure for the curse. Jason Behr is definitely a wolf man that would drive any one's hormones crazy.

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