Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Books On the Reading List

While Im creating my own possible best sellers and going through this maddness that is Publish America, I have been reading some good books. Here is a shameless plug, you can find many of these and even preorder the three soon to be released from Amazon.com.

The Masters of Time Rose Triology

So far I have read the first two:Dark Embrace and Dark Lover. The books are about immortal Highlanders who can leap through time and through their own magic save innocents from evil. The Rose women are all gifted in some way or another. Some are powerful white witches, lethal slayers(warrior women), and others have various psychic and empathic abilities. All the Rose women in these books are in the present day and are predestined for a Master of Time-the only hitch is neither of them knows it yet! The Highlanders are your very male and very ALPHA MALE warriors. So I totally recommend these books. Not only are they a highland historical kind of romance but they all the thrilling adventure that makes the Paranormal genre awesome!

The Breed Series by Laura Adrian

I have read all these books and OH MY GAWD! You will sooo not be sorry you tried these on for size! They are a total new approach to the whole "vampire" myth! These books currently can be gotten from Amazon at amazing low prices; much cheaper than the book store prices!

The Breed are beings that were sired by alien fathers. They do require blood to survive. Their biggest conflict is the fated blood lust that their "breed" falls prey to, however for the Breed Warriors with their Generation 1 and 2's the Blood lust isn't all they must worry about because an ancient evil threatens their exsistence and the exsistence of the world! The woman of the Breed warriors are no wilting wall flowers-they are strong women that have overcome alot in their lives and the decisions they make and how they fall into the lives of these warriors are life changing for them and are not some willy nilly Romeo and Juliet kind of romance. For when a Breed Warrior comes in contact with their ladies-all hell breaks loose-literally! They are rocked to their very core! So I totally recommend Laura Adrian's Breed Series.

Two books to check out from Sherrilyn Kenyon is the first of her Chronicles of Nick series, Infinity. The Chronicles of Nick begin where Nick Gautier enters the world of the Dark Hunters when he meets up with Kyrian of Thyrace; a Dark Hunter. These books are geared for a younger audience but if you are Kenyon Menyon-you'll be reading this book series and come to love it Im sure as much as you love her other books!

No Mercy-will be the latest installment of the Dark Hunter Series starring Dev Peltier and the Dark Hunter Dog's of War huntress Samia. Dev is a were-hunter; an Arcadian Bear that sports the Artemis Double Bow as a joke. Dev is ever the charmer and the doorman of his family's bar, Sanctuary. When Samia comes into the picture for the first time Dev has met his match! However Dev's story isn't the only one to be told in this book. No Mercy leaves off where Bad Moon Rising and Dream Warrior leaves off. Stryker has got a bag of tricks and a whole lot of mess is about to hit Acheron's beloved New Orleans. There will be No Mercy given and spoils will go to the victor!

Lover Mine by J R Ward-The first paranormal romance I read was Dark Lover by J R Ward and having read her entire series, I can honestly say that Lover Mine-has been well anticipated! The central story lies between John Matthews as he has come of age and his mission to save Xhex-the female he has pledged his life and love to whether she knows it or wants it! Xhex was kidnapped by the evil Omega's son, Lash and there is going to be hell to pay when JM finds her! I am sure there is going to be alot of action and drama as well as tears in this book and alot of questions will be answered. If you've not read anything by J R Ward-I suggest that you do, her Black Dagger Series is awesome and well worth the read.

All these books are and will be avail at amazon.com and I hope you check them out and share your own reading lists with me!

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