Friday, April 30, 2010

Great and Fantastic Read

Again Im going to do some advertising. I just got Lover Mine by J R Ward yesterday and it has been really really hard to put it down! I mean it! I think that this one might be her best book out of the series yet! I mean I don't see how True Blood(and I loooove True Blood the show)has HBO to make a series out of it and here J R Ward doesn't have squat for her Black Dagger Brotherhood! I mean these books are so much more than just a "romance"! I mean you have a total and complete story here-a world here that deserves either a TV series or a movie at the very least! It's a full on action that even Rambo would be proud to read let alone watch. I sooo love the Twilight Saga-it will always have a soft part of my heart but OMG THE BLACK DAGGER SERIES SOOOO TRUMPS THE CULLENS! Seriously even our favorite, Underworld and Blade Trilogy. They are THAT DAYAM GOOD! It reminds me of my own writing in the sense that I WANT to be able to tell a story that good! I want to make my characters come to life with a vengence and create a world for them. J R Ward and authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon,Laura Adrian,Lynsay Sands, and others deserve your respect and hommage so reguardless of what genre of books you love to read, make sure you patronize not only your local book stores, online stores like Amazon, but your favorite writers as well!

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