Friday, September 19, 2014

Diary of a Mad Wolfswan by Lahni Wahpeton

Dear Diary, 

I have been home for nearly a month now and life as I know it has turned into one big mess. Xander is mending up which is a big relief, but now I have to deal with Shiloh Red Cloud aka. the Alpha A-Hole! Stalker alert, he followed me to Sully's. Just who does he think he is? My dad? 

My keeper? That's a big HELL TO THE NO! He had his chance a long time ago. He blew it. Perhaps I should call Dr.Phil because he's out of his damn mind if he thinks that I'm just going to become some Stepford Squaw. I won't be caged like some animal in a zoo not by him or anyone. God, I miss the road. I can't wait to get back to my band. Being on the road, playing gigs is my version of freedom. I love playing all night, staying in bad hotels-okay I like the good ones better, eating pizza with the my friends and writing songs, and doing what I want when I want. I'm not that little girl who stupidly gave her heart to the only boy outside of my brothers. Khloe and Nyx are both mated and I am happy for them but that is not my life. I don't have that dream anymore. However, I have to admit he still manages to take my breath when he looks at me with those silvery gold eyes of his and let's face it-manhood looks really really really good on him, but I'm definitely not interested. He expects for me to just want him after all these years and even if I did, it would never work. He has an entire clan he leads and I can't play the stay at home wifey. He'll never accept me for the woman I am now so the point is moot. My heart hurts and I feel like I'm breaking in two just with him near and that altogether sucks! Diary, why do some men have to be so thick headed? No use asking my mom or Khloe for advice because I damn well know what they'd say. "Lahni, give him a chance, you can't live your life alone." I have been doing just fine until now. Even now I know he's right outside the house, pure stalker mode, hoping I'll walk out in some virginal white gown and embrace him as if all these years between us never happened. I would have thought that the night four years ago, when he came to the show Pasadena, when I stayed hugged up with Jude that would have sent a message to him that there was nothing that would ever be between us. Did the stalker take the hint? Hell no. Dear Diary, what am I supposed to do? 


Lahni's Bio

Lahni is the second oldest girl of the Wahpeton family and is the current wild child. Lahni plays guitar but can kick ass on drums, keyboards, and can even play harmonica, however the guitar is her instrument of choice. Lahni plays for a rock/metal band called Misfits of Babylon. She loves playing any venue. Lahni is a shifter, and her wolf is pure white with pink flecks due to the hot pink tint to her hair which she changes when the moon suits her. Lahni also has a special gift aside from telepathy, she is also clairvoyant and bio kinetic. She also has a special connection to other animals even though her spirit animal is a predator. Lahni is fiercely protective of her family and those closest to her and in a fight she can hold her own. Ever since Lahni was a little girl, she's always shied away from being one of the girls preferring to run with the boys proving she can do just about anything they can do. Like her brother Nyx, Lahni is very close to her grandfather, the patriarch of the family, Night Horse. Her best friend is her sister, Khloe. When Lahni isn't playing or composing music, she likes to read and she's quite the adrenaline junkie. Her latest craze is base jumping. She also loves sky diving, extreme motor sports and even owns a Kawasaki Ninja ZZR. It's rumored she's been doing a lot of not so legal street racing but that's neither here nor there. Unlike her mother and sisters, Lahni hates to cook and her brothers have sworn that in the case of the zombie apocalypse, they would rather take on the zombies than her cooking. However, she does have one dish she's really good at: Pizza. Lahni took art classes at Tulane University in Louisiana but dropped out to pursue music. Aside from her first love of rock and metal music, Lahni loves rhythm and blues and jazz. When it comes to movies, she's a total movie buff. She says that being on the road can be long and she is addicted to Netflix. When she is at home with her family she loves to shift and run, something she doesn't get to do while touring. Lahni is pretty much fearless except for being Closter phobic. 

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