Monday, September 5, 2011

Books and Movies for August-September 2011

Sorry I've been a little lax here in my book and movie reviews. The summer has just flown by and I'm wondering where it went! I've been busy writing writing writing! So in what little spare time I have had, here are the movies and books to either watch for or pass on by!


There have been a lot of rentals and Netflix let me tell ya.

1.Inheritance-this was a Netflix movie and let me say-the 3 stars was a gross exaggeration! This movie sounded interesting but fell short of the glory of being called a great scary movie!I appreciated the African-American lore, but the effects and overall story just went from interesting to blah. Unless you are extremely bored-I recommend nixing this one.

2. Priest-This movie totally rawked! For all my comic-manga fans this movie was a great adaptation from the comic-manga series! It stars Matthew Betthany as Priest and has Billy Burke, who you might recognize as Bella's father in the Twilight Saga. I won't ruin the movie by telling you which side he plays for, but the movie visually and story wise is well worth the New Release price! Heck it was worth the movie ticket.

3.Madea's Big Happy Family-another great from Tyler Perry. This movie will make you laugh until you cry and has Tyler's flair for putting a message or two in there. Great movie even with it's pulling at the heart strings.

4.Beaver-This movie stars Jodie Foster(one of my all time faves) and Mel Gibson. Mel plays a man who is suffering from massive depression which has left him displaced and dispondent from his family until he finds a Beaver hand puppet in a dumpster. In the beginning, you will chuckle and rejoice as with Beaver he is getting himself together, but when it's time to choose real life and his family over Beaver-it's not so easy. I really can't say as I really liked this movie. It made me chuckle in places, and it did bring light to the plight of depression-but all in all this movie just made me want to throw the DVD player out the window and listen to complaint rock. Unless you are a huuuge Mel or Jodi fan and you can't live unless you have seen every movie either have done-pass this one by.


1.Dragonfire Whisper Kiss by Deborah Cooke is an excellent read especially if you have been following the Dragonfire books. Niall is a dragon shifter; a Pyr, and he's been given the task of training a way ward Pyr who has never really been taught to embrace his Pyr side. What Niall doesn't count on is his firestorm happening in the middle of chaos with a pretty chaotic woman named Rox. Rox is a true spit fire and is tough as nails, at least on the outside. Though Niall fights the draw of mating, he can't help but fall for Rox even with her tough exterior and secrets. In the mix you have an ancient battle with Slayers who are gunning for Niall and Rox as well as the other Pyr. This book was awesome! Totally loved it and recommend it!

2.Dragonfire: Dark Fire Kiss by Deborah Cooke

This is the dragon we've all been waiting to read about, Rafferty. Rafferty has issued a deadly challenge to his nemesis, Magnus. During a battle, a reporter, Melissa happens to get caught up in Rafferty's world. He's waited 11,000 years for his own firestorm, but what he doesn't count on is the Darkfire. Melissa lives in the real world and when she's thrust into the world of the Pyr and Slayer her world is shaken upside down along with the fabled Darkfire. It will either consume them both or bring them closer but Magnus is waiting in the wings for his final battle with Rafferty. The book was awesome and thrilling! I loved it and recommend it.

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