Thursday, September 8, 2011

To Share or Not To Share That is the Question

Who hasn't downloaded music? Who hasn't downloaded a movie or television show? We've all done it-well most of us have any how. Some argue that if it's on the information super highway-then it's free information since the internet is a compilation of freeware and shareware. I can see both sides of the argument. Our economy is crap, and we're all feeling the financial pinch especially when it comes to things that entertain us such as movies, music, books, etc., but knowing how bad the economy is should we still be downloading without paying?

As an author, it has put me in shock literally shock at all the book stores that are closing. This year alone, one of the nation's biggest book chains, Borders is closing its stores. Internet Shopping giant,,is having a negative impact to artists and authors. It's like taking a picturesque town where mom and pop shops have done buisness for years and provides it's citizens with shopping opportunities and a more personal experience and then bringing in Walmart. Soon you're driving down Main Street and all you see are "FOR LEASE", "SPACE FOR RENT", "GOING OUT OF BUISNESS" and nothing against Walmart but how did Walmart benefit these people? Sure it has provided jobs, but it also helped to deep sea six the very heart of the community that it came to. Amazon is doing the same thing to an extent. They moved in, and like Walmart-they're sucking up all the space because of what they can offer. Many of their products are high quality products, and they have a pretty good thing going on. I won't harsh on them for that-but sometimes you just have to support your local ya'know. For the greater good, you gotta shop local. I go to Walmart, but I also patron my mom and pop stores and places of buisness. Amazon and Walmart are not going to go out of buisness just because you limit your shopping there. Actually it will help the economy because that is less people that are going to have to drive their prices up for those who can't shop at these places, will help the community, and help you in general. That's at least how I see it. Again, I see the argument-I see all sides of it. The pro's the con's, and I get it! I GET IT, but please think before you download. Sure we've all seen artists that have been really successful and live in the big house and have the car collection-but half that has been from years and years of work. Some of that is from endorsements. Most musicians make their money from tours and concerts. Authors-we don't get world tours and concerts. A successful author such as Sherrilyn Kenyon, James Patterson, or even Stephen King might get a US tour maybe MAAAYBE if they're lucky their publishers will send them over seas to a few places-but there's no money-they're just promoting their book. I went to a Sherrilyn Kenyon signing last year, and Borders was selling her books of course but Mrs.Kenyon and Diana Love was GIVING stuff away in the line of t-shirts, posters, and other small things that were promoting their books. I don't recall the book store handing Mrs.Kenyon a check. I don't recall her sitting at a table with a tip jar. So what I am saying-it all has a trickle down effect. So just think before you download is all I am trying to say. No judgement here-because we've all done it. I believe the Internet is a wondeful thing-duh, but so was fire for early man and we have seen just how destructive it can be despite it's wonder. It has to be treated with care and respect or it can become a wildfire destorying everything in its path. I don't want to see an end to books or music. I don't want to have to think that the only way I could ever hear my favorite band is by hoping they'll come to my city or state and buying a concert ticket because they can't afford to put out anymore albums because there's no money to be made. I know many of you will disagree, and I accept your critisism, but remember we're all humans in this world and we all want survive here and enjoy what lives we've been given.

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