Thursday, August 18, 2011

Publish America-yeah we're back to that again. Please Read!

We have established that Publish America LLC. of Franklin,Maryland is not only an author mill but a predator as well. Short of selling your soul to the devil or stealing your first born to give to Rumplestilskin, there aren't too many lows to which they will not go in order to suck the ever living life out of your hard work and dreams. I wonder how my favorite painters, Dali and Degas would have felt if the places where they pitched their paintings to would have said, "We'll only sell your artwork if you let us bastardize your reputation and rob what coin you have in your pockets." That is exactly what Publish America has done to all of us writers and authors. When I wrote my book and submitted it to them and signed their contract, I wasn't motivated by royalties, I was more motivated that I had written a book, a story that people would enjoy reading and be known for my accomplishments. It is no different than a person who becomes a doctor who studies and wants to have a reputation as a good doctor or surgeon. It's no different than anyone who wants to be successful at something-anything. I have begged for my contract to be closed and I have written and called Maryland's State Attorney General's office as well as the BBB of Maryland to no avail. They stay just on the edge of where they're within the law. Publish America is a very good example of "Let the Buyer Beware!" They are worse than a shoddy used car salesman! The latest farce is that they promised for just $49, that not only will your book be given to world famous author, J.K. Rowling, but you will also be represented in the Edinborough Book Fair. If you buy X amount of your books(and if you check, you'll find out soft cover books are horribly over priced-mine in soft cover is $35.99) you can also be represented at the Frankfort Book Fair in Germany. For a nominal fee Costco, Wal-Mart, and Sam's Club's book buyers will be contacted to carry your book. For one, a publisher should want to get their writers as much exposure as possible and wouldn't ask writers to pay fees to get their books promoted. When you contact Publish America they send out condescending tone letters. I've had my fair share of them and I'm sick of them really. So I want each of you who see and read this to get the word out on your blogs,websites, Twitter, and other social networks to get the word out that Publish America LLC of Franklin, MD is a fraud and a parasite. Perhaps if no one feeds into their scams, someone's dream and pocket book won't be taken advantage of like so many others, including me. If we can stop people from signing contracts with Publish America then we can keep them from making money. If you are a Publish America author-save your E-mails. Any offer they make is false-no celebrity nor author who is already a well known published writer such as Nora Roberts, James Patterson, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, or etc., is going to read or endorse your book! They are under agreements and contracts with their own publishing houses as well as they're busy-they don't have the time to read books when they have their writing and scores of fans. Why would a publishing house like Random or Little Brown want their authors like Stephanie Meyer and Dan Brown(Davinci Code series)want their authors reading for another lesser known publishing house like Publish America who hasn't had one author make it into the big time? I know on their site they have a woman whose book was made into a movie for the Hallmark Channel-which if you do a little digging-the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Networks have never heard of the woman or her book. My advice is when you write something, go through the proper channels. All great authors had to pay their dues and had to face rejection and had to fine tune their books.Do your research and really really do your homework on a publisher. Join author blogs and ask questions. Visit places like:Author's Den, Absolute Write, and Writer's Beware. If you're on social networks, look up your favorite author and ask questions-you may not get a quick response but most of them will answer questions when they can. I wish I had done that but I was green and naieve. DO NOT SIGN WITH PUBLISH AMERICA AND IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AND ARE IN THE SPOT I AM IN, LET'S STAND UP TOGETHER-THERE IS STRENGH IN NUMBERS! DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR HYPE AND OFFERS!

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