Saturday, August 6, 2011


I know I said that Dash from my book, Renegade Night was next in line and I had begun his story but a funny thing happened on the way to the French Quarter, Faroh-one of my other Gurdians decided he wanted to be the next in line. So, graciously with few whimpers-Dash has bowed out and gave up the spot to Faroh. What can you expect from Faroh, you might ask well here's the basic synopsis.

Faroh for centuries has been looking for the sword that was once belonged to his father. Faroh and his clan were attacked centuries ago by Vikings. Faroh had been enslaved by the Viking Queen and as he watched as his village burned and all that he had loved was slaughtered, he vowed his vengence. Fate would put that mission off for several centuries and as luck would have it Vikings are long gone. Putting his duties as a guardian aside, he has finally found in the heart of Scandanavia, his father's sword and it's his for the taking except for one problem: A woman who is bent on making his task next to impossible.

Mia Ohlson has one mission and that is to discover who the tall stranger is that she's found late one night roaming the halls of the museum she works in. There's something off about him and she's not buying that he's a new security personnel. She's not about to be intimidated by the handsome and feral looking stranger! Her ancestors was one of the most feared tribes of people and she was a descendant from one of the most powerful Queens to ever rule.

Faroh's desire for his father's sword is only equal to his desire for Mia, but when he finds out the truth about her, will he be able to put aside his bitterness and quest for vengence or will they both be consumed by the fires that seek to end the Bitter Winter.

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