Monday, July 18, 2011

Publish America: The True Story of American FRAUD

My PA peeps-you already know what I'm going to jump into here. The latest mailers from my publisher have been: YOU AND HARRY POTTER, YOUR BOOK HITTING TARGET STORES, and my favorite...YOUR BOOK FINALLY HITTING BOOKSTANDS IN GERMANY AND JAPAN.

Sounds gravy, doesn't it? Well if you read these mailers they basically all say they will do little of nothing to make good on their fraud-tastic mailers if we(the authors) pay a fee. If you want your book in Spanish,French, German...they'll do it for a fee. Now if this is a pay on demand(which means you pay and they get your book printed up and shipped out) why would we have to pay extra for a translation? Why would we have to pay extra for our books being made into E-formats? Why should WE HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING TO THESE PUBLISHERS? Why since none of us have been buying into these offers and no one is buying our books because of Publish America's overpriced cover price-then why wouldn't they want to let us out of our contracts since we're not making money? My guess is they feel we'll crack. We'll starve ourselves and our families just to buy into one of their offers that aren't going to yield any results at all. What I do wish is that I had the money myself to go to one of these book conventions just to see the "love" for Publish America. I mean they say they are there for us if we want to secure a space or buy x amount of copies of our own books to sell to vendors all over the world-I'm thinking that they must have one of the biggest booths at these events. Heck I even bet they got some politician kissing babies seeing as the State of Maryland can't seem to find anything wrong with the way they are conducting buisness. I bet they even have the sponsorship of the Slick Willy Attorney Services that hands out pencils and post it notes. They probably even go as far to have someone wearing a Nora Roberts Mask to wave at people as they walk on by. I mean didn't they promise that if we paid x amount of money that Nora Roberts as well as John Grisham would endorse our books? The mighty James Cameron's film company would be sent a manuscript of our books to make into movies? I mean what's Avatar compared to our books anyhow, for Publish America, I'm sure James Cameron would be willing to drop Avatar in a heartbeat! If you're buyin what they're sellin, then let me show you some swamp property.

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