Monday, July 11, 2011


Well after much anticipated wait-Cursed Awakening's book trailer has been made. This is only the first sneak peek so be sure you visit, rate, comment, and subscribe! Cursed Awakening is about a young woman who for years endured the hardships and horrors of growing up in a religious cult. I think I've said it more than once that a book I read about a woman who had fled Warren Jeff's LDS's clutches had inspired the character of Ivy or at least her story. I AM IN NO WAY PUTTING DOWN ANY RELIGION but I am against Cults. Nyx is my first ever shifter story. He and his family guard the Native American Reservation next to their home and have for decades. An ancient evil, The Chupacabra, which is not the rodent looking monster we've all seen in stories-but more like a 7ft tall hulking bunch of nasty scary mess that are the things that inspire nightmares. However, this ancient Evil that had been confined for so many years hasn't by chance just ended up in Nyx's neck of the woods-no they were summoned by someone-perhaps someone in town, the Res, or even in one of the many Wolf Clans-no one knows other than there is a traitor among them somewhere. Ivy isn't looking for love and it's dangerous for Nyx to get mixed up with with a woman that isn't like him-a shifter. They come from such opposite ends of the world and yet here they are! I didn't want Ivy to forever be the victim here, however throughout the story you'll be taking a journey with Ivy. That journey poses a question or two: Can you be so hurt and scarred that normalcy doesn't exist? Where does one find inner strength and confidence?

Ivy is one of my favorite heroines I have written so far just because she's had this really horrific past and she's not ready to give up. She doesn't just pop right out and say: "Okay I've found a man and now I'm perfect!" For Ivy, she's had to confront her own demons and has had to come this far on her own without solely depending on a miracle to fix it. Her close friend and Nyx both help her along the way but ultimately it's Ivy who has to find her backbone and stand on her own two feet!

Writing Cursed Awakening was a new adventure for me and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it! I will post a snippet here soon as well as a link when it's published!

So stay tuned! More to come!

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