Monday, June 27, 2011

Writers A.D.D

You've heard of writer's block, well I've had that but I also have Writer's A.D.D. Folks here lately I have had so many ideas that distract me from one story that I have to write them down and before I know it, I'm mid way through yet another. Don't fret, for those of you waiting for Dashell Baptiste's story, the second in the Renegade Night Series, don't worry I'm still working on our guy Dash. I will disclose this-Dash is not having as much fun working his old home town of New Orleans, a city he's avoided like the plague since leaving before the city of New Orleans was even given a name. To complicate matters, he's met the most confusing and frightening woman that knows her way around a shot gun. Holly recently aquired the old Baptiste property from her great uncle and she's not handing it over to the bank or the local historical society-this is her chance to make it on her own, even though her mother is dead set against it. She doesn't know quite what to think of the hunky and arrogant man that just so happened to pull up in a Jag, but if he steps one foot out of line, Smith and Wesson will definitely put a damper on his day! To quote the great Bruce Campbell, "I've got my boomstick!" and Holly isn't afraid to use it! Plus there's a Renegade on the loose but there's more to the story, Dash just has to figure it out and not to worry you'll be seeing your favorite couple, Alexi and Lainey in Dash's story as well as the mysterious Faroh.

Back to the A.D.D., I have the story of Nia, who in her day was a Courtisan in Renaissance Venice, and was almost as popular as the famed Veronica De Franco. Like De Franco, Nia was of lowly birth with a mother of whom was a Courtesan, and no marriage contract-she had the choice of a Convent or the life of a Courtesan to make a living. Being pushed and educated in the life of an Italian Courtesan, she's determined to make the best of the hand dealt her. Then one night at party given at the Doge's palace, she meets a man who despite his finery, has a wild look about him. In that single moment fate has yet dealt her another hand. Fate would also take her away from the man who has not only changed her stars yet again, but she would endure trials unlike anything she's ever conceived of before and both of them will not only war against one another but will have to over come the past for the battle with ultimate evil in the present day. Then my A.D.D. has taken a different turn, because one night I found myself inspired by none other than Skype. Lyric Andrews is just a young woman trying to work her way to something better. She works at a night club called, Dark Side. During the day she attends a few classes at the community college but Lyric is special-Lyric is telepathic. Although she's not indulged in her "curse" as she views it in years, but one night a lonely voice touches her mind-a soul that is filled with such sadness that she can't ignore it. The voice is connected to a vampire named Adrian who lives in Italy, and Adrian has grown weary of his eternal gift and has made plans to walk out and greet the sunlight. Not knowing what Adrian is, Lyric reaches out to him and just her simple act of kindness starts a friendship that not only takes Adrian's mind off his solitude and his life, but gives him something to look forward to. Their friendship develops and he's agreed to come for a visit. Meanwhile, something is going on in the small city where Lyric lives, there's been a series of unexplained and violent murders that have occured and for some reason her boss Delilah and her security/bartender, Roc are more than on edge.

The A.D.D didn't stop there because while I finished Cursed Awakening(tenative title), my first shifter story, I found myself writing another one. Shyloh Peters is a Leukemia survivor and her two friends Julie and Trina have taken her on a vacation to see Scotland and Ireland. Deacon MacCray is on the run from scientists and a government lab in Russia. It's taken years for him to get his freedom, but a chance encounter with Shyloh bounds him in ways he never thought possible, but can she take a chance? Can he risk putting her in danger of not just what he's running from but from himself? Well you'll just have to wait and see where my A.D.D. takes me.

Writing for me, as I have said many times, is a passion and I get inspired by the weirdest things and before I know it, there's a story playing out in my head. What stories are in your head? Write them down and see where they take you! We only get one life and who knows, there could be a best seller there! The world is always in demand for new stories! So take a chance, take a roll of the dice-write it down! Let's all get a case of Writer's A.D.D.!

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