Sunday, June 5, 2011

Starting off the Summer Reading Challenge

Well I started off the Summer Reading Challenge that I issued to all of you with these books:

Sex and the Single Vampire by Katie MacAllister

I didn't enjoy this one much and it was hard to really get through. It is written in the first person narrative. There were parts of the book that were engaging, but again it just kind of flopped for me. Allegra Tellsford is in London as a Summoner-trying to get proof for her employer that she can summon ghosts. She's a former battered wife and has a limp. The last thing she's expecting is love, and when she meets up with this vampire, Christian Dante, love is the last thing on her agenda. That part of the book was pretty good and the snappy comebacks between those two characters is pretty funny and interesting, however-the rest of the book was just kind of bland. Maybe it was that the story was in the first person, but I've read others in that format and liked them-but still this book lacked something.

The Zodiac Chronicles: The Gifts by Sasha D. Oliver

This E-book was awesome! It really was and the only critical thing I can say is that it was over too quickly! The vampires in this book are identified by their Astrological sign as to what house they belong to. Each of them has their own strenghs and weaknesses. Jennifer Matthews: House of Leo-she is the love interest of our main hero, Max Kincaide-who is from the House of Sagitarius. However their love has many obstacles. Max fell in love with Jennifer who was dying of cancer, and when he could no longer bear to see her leave this life, he had her brought across but instead of falling head over heels for Max and being happy for what he done to her-she flew into a fit of rage which tore their fragile relationship apart and now in this book-they're struggling against all the odds to get it back. Other players involve a techno-geek that is quirky named Shaw Rourke who is a Capricorn, Ramey Gilbert-Ares-who is naturally a warrior and an empath. Brother and sister team: Ruby and Marco De Soto who are from the house of Taurus-which represents strength and patience and stubborness, and Emily Kincaide who is Max's ghost sister, and so far it's not known how she met her demise and she gives cryptic clues and random appearances. The villian in all this is Max's uncle. Max is not your average vampire love struck dude either. He may not be an Ares, but he is volitile and he can read and control minds. All in all this is an awesome book to add to your E-book library.

3. The complete Larisssa Ione Demonica Series and 1st Horseman book:

There are just too many to name individually but let me say these books are really quite awesome. They have great heroes, even if they are sex demons and really nasty villans. The imagery is well written and each of the books have really strong emotion and plot points. So if you've not discovered Larissa Ione-do it! You owe it to yourself!

4. Hide and Secret by Denyse Bridger

If you love historical romance as much as I do, then this is a must for your E-Book collection! Hide and Secret is about a relationship seen through the eyes of Bella who has been in love despite how society would view their relationship-with Quinn, a wealthy aristocrat who has to marry well. Can Bella handle being the "other woman", will Quinn be able to give up his heart? Will he be able to marry his childhood sweetheart that he was betrothed to since he was a young child for a woman who makes his blood boil and his passion flame? Well...I'm not going to tell you-you'll have to find out for yourself!

Okay to get the two E-books here are links where they can be purchased from:
Hide and Secret by Denyse Bridger

The Zodiac Chronicles: The Gifts by Sasha D. Oliver

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