Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cursed Awakening, the Creature Feature

In the past few years, the popularity of vampires and wolf men have become really popular. Cursed Awakening, the first book I have ever written came from something in my own life. No I did not grow up in a religious cult nor do I have any friends who wolf out at will. Well, sometimes I think my husband grows claws and fangs when the bills come due but that's another story. However I will say that I grew up hearing all those urban legends. Even now I love to watch those paranormal television specials on haunted places, The Jersey Devil, and the Ghost Lights. One of my favorites were the stories about the Jersey Devil and the famed Chupacabra. So when I had Nyx howling in my imagination and threatening me with Scooby Doo Re-Runs I thought aside from the "human" struggles of both Nyx and Ivy what else could I add to my canvas here, and then it came to me one night after I had watched this movie called Splinter, a movie I recommend but i warn you it has the creep-ew factor to it times ten. So I took what I could from the Jersey Devil and the Chupacabra legends and even artists renditions and viola, I had my monster. I had to think, "What would scare me?" and I flipped through all my favorite movie and book monsters. Which ones had really done a number on me and my bladder? I couldn't have a psychotic clown-that has been done already and a psychotic clown stalking the woods was too bad B horror movie. So I quickly dispatched some magical sadist wielding knifed or bladed hands and no one in the Southwest is getting into Hockey unless it's on the television. So I x'd off teenage twisted Wiccans and put my Vampires back into their blood bank cafe promising them I would play with them again soon. They were a little long in the tooth about it but they got over it. So I thought about my old friend Ripley and the Aliens. Yes, I still cannot watch the first two Alien movies in the dark-sue me. I had my creature feature! I kept my monster a beast but one with some sort of intelligence; one that hunted in packs. I wanted a blood thirst like the legends of the Jersey Devil who killed indiscriminately. Think Pumpkinhead meets Bigfoot and you've got the Chupacabra from Cursed Awakening. I even added long serrated poisoned fangs and long curled claws. I wanted them to be able to speak so my mind went to that creepy seen in Independence Day when the Alien manipulates the vocal cords of a scientist. I wanted their voices to be distorted, insect like, and menacing. I think the end product was a grand success! So tell me, what's your favorite monster? What creation leaves you breathing hard, looking for a place to run and hide, and makes your bladder react? Come on, let me hear ya! Leave me a comment and let me know what bump in the night makes your skin break out in goosebumps!

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