Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Anonymous Email

I don't usually read Forwards, but I got this one and I couldn't help but share it here. This month is National Child Abuse Awareness month and if you've gotten this in your inbox, I know you probably were as impacted as I was.


I don't know why you were mad at me. I can't understand what it is I did wrong! Please stop hitting me, please stop screaming and calling me names. I didn't ask to be born, why can't you love me enough to stop?


None of my friends' dads ever came into their rooms at night. I thought when I finally let you the first time, you'd get it out of your system! I screamed and cried and all you did was promise me sweet things and then threaten to hurt me or mom if I told anyone. How can I tell anyone what you did to me in the car? How can I tell anyone what you took and made me do? How can I tell anyone that you don't even ask anymore, you just do as you please? Please stop, please hear my voice, STOP! Stop ripping my heart and soul into pieces!


Boys don't cry, and only God knows how hard I've tried but when I begged you for just a bowl of cereal, I didn't mean to make you so mad that you'd actually throw me down into a basement and lock me away. The nights were cold and I had to use the bathroom where I slept then you would come and beat me some more. You're my parent, why are you doing this to me? Did you ever love me? Why did you keep me if your life was too complicated for me? Why? Please Stop, Please let stop!


I was brand new, and I didn't understand that I wasn't supposed to cry. I didn't mean to, but I couldn't speak. I didn't mean to make you angry. I-I didn't know my brand new life would be a short one! Please, Please Stop!

Please Please Stop the abuse of children! Just because you don't see bruises doesn't mean that they're not there! Abuse of any kind is wrong regardless if it's to a child, adult, or animal.

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