Saturday, October 1, 2011

UPDATES!!!!!! Exciting Things Around The Corner!!!!

I am so happy to announce some new and exciting things! First off, I along with Denyse Bridger, Kayden McLeod,Brigit Aine, and Sara Gonzales in November will have a collection of stories in a series called "Lost To The Night" published online by XOXO Publishing!

The second exciting bit of news is that on my website: www.thesupernaturalworldofnikkinoffsing/ I have part one of a haunting story-it's not a romance, but with Halloween coming up I intend on sharing some chills and thrills. Part 2 will be posted shortly! I also want to hear of your ghost stories and things that give you the chills on my webpage.

If you haven't already-Go to or and get The Zodiac Chronicles:The Gifts By Sasha D. Oliver available for E-book format. Coming soon will be it's sequel. Sooo can't wait and The Gifts is an awesome read! You can find Sasha as well as many others on Facebook and at

And be sure to visit:

For those of you out there that are writing-keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep telling those stories!

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