Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's New, Old, and In Between

Well I have to say I've been pretty busy here lately trying to take time with each of my projects. Right now I'm writing a very short and ghostly story that is an adult-romantic version of Thumbelina. Something to submit to a very good friend that I am very proud to have and give a plug to, Denyse Bridger, who is a wonderful author who has quite a variety of wonderfully written ebooks through Elora's Cave. Follow this link to her site:

The second project I have, well two rather-is 1. Finishing the ending and starting the editing for Nyx's book. So far it's got the name Cursed Awakening, but some how that just doesn't seem right. 2. Finishing the editing for book 2 in Renegade Night Series(Which will probably revert back to The Guardians of Night Series). Book 2 is going to showcase the ever lovable, rebelious Dashell Baptiste. It's been more than a century since he's been in his home town of New Orleans, Louisiana and if it weren't for the fact his new boss, Alexi has called him in to help with a Renegade that happens to be a missing billionaire, Dash would still be everywhere but New Orleans. What is worse is Dash not only has to contend with his demons of his own tragic past, but this spit fire, stubborn, know it all woman who know owns what used to be his family's home. Life in the Big Easy never got so good, huh? Well in between Alexi fretting like a mother hen over his pregnate mate, his walk through regret boulevard, there is still the Renegade at large and it seems someone is trying to resurect the banned practice of making Blood Slaves. Yeah, Dash's plate is over flowing at this point.

And you thought I couldn't get much busier, well hold on to your seat!

The Unnamed Project 4, has been edited and all it needs is a title. So far everything I've come up with seems hokey and I can't submit it with the title "Project 4". Was thinking maybe "Blood and Fire" or "Gifted: The Cursed". Who knows what I'll eventually settle on. So what is Project 4 about? Scroll on down:

In the late 2000's, The Institute was formed in the old Harvard University. A group of scientists along with Government officials discovered special abilities in children not to mention extra-terrestrials. To everyone else, it's a school for a gifted program. Children live and go to school there, protected. What very few know is that there is testing going on and children are being snatched from their families either by surrender, legalities, or by force if necessary. The children's gifts range from shape shifting, psychic abilities, children called Elementals that can control the elements at their bidding, and one alien boy who cannot take direct sunlight and has to have a diet of blood to survive. To the outside world, society is told that it is for the best interest of everyone that they be kept where they are, but what happens when the school is infiltrated and they are let loose upon the world?

As a grown young woman, Madi who has the gift of foresight;clairvoyance has been raised in the Institute for most of her life. Her earlier memories are sketchy at best, but what she does remember is that she was taken from her parents, and fire. Out of all of the Institute's inhabitants, her heart has only belonged to one...Jakrion, a Beydorian male that was found as a youngling after his ship crashed on Earth. When she loses him, she puts walls up around her heart and joins the rebellion, becuase no one ever escapes the Institute.

Ghost, he's the assassin that Henderson-one of the powers that be that emerged as a clear leader after the incident at the Institution, relies upon in catching anything or one that is not 100% human. He's never failed an assignment and no one has lived to tell the tale after a face to face with Ghost. The Resistance rebel forces would love to take him out, but that is just the problem: How do you take out a Ghost; a shadow? What is worse, is that Ghost's new assignment is to capture and take out Madi.

What will happen when his mission is compromised? What will happen when Madi meets Ghost face to face? Well you'll have to wait and read to find out!

Third project I am working on is a labor of love! I haven't worked a title yet and it's a non-fiction book. It pays hommage to my beloved grandfather and the life of a wonderful man. Lot of tears and some laughs have went into it, and it's been excruciatingly hard to write it. It's not been easy at all, but I felt compelled to.

Fourth project is my first erotica book. Okay,okay I know what you're thinking and well you're probably right, but hey...I'm no prude and it will be tastefully done! It's called: The Blood Courtisan. It is the story based on Centuries ago one of Venice's most beautiful courtisan's who was a rumored protoge of the legendary Victoria De Franco, was entranced and bitten by a vampire. A whirl wind love affair took flight, but to save her he would take her to Paris,France to friends to be protected and educated where he would be absent to. Eva learned a cold cruel lesson from Countess De Loncraie and the legendary Elizabeth Bathory. She would suffer indignity,humiliation, and abuse beyond anything left to the imagination. Hundreds of years later, Eva is doing what she does best, selling fantasies to men as Venus,the premier attraction at a New York Gentelmen's club. Little does she know, she's about to get a visit from her past. Vincent Gammeletti has tracked his soul mate to streets of New York City and hopes to make ammends. What he doesn't know is that his fledgling is no longer a mere innocent, but a strong woman who has been forged through the fires of hell and he'll have to go through hell to win her back!

Last but not least, I am half way done with my first Highland Fantasy Novel.

How far would you go for your true love? Would you leave everything and one behind and jump through time and space?

Iain MacLean was a revered and feared Highland Laird. He was known for his fairness and for his negoitiations when it came to joining the clans together. He was ruthless on a battle field and lived for only two things-His woman and his clan. One eve, twelve warriors in black spiked armor came to his lands. They were no mere mortal men; but demons. They had come for what they called, "The Relic". The Relic it turns out is an ancient power source that in the beginning of time to keep corruption from the Gods and to keep those of the underworld from seizing it, Relics were placed inside the souls of worthy morals whose souls were pure. When it was his own dear wife they came for, Iain was ready to fight to the death, but then the Celtic War Goddess, Morrigan appeared and hurled his wife through time. To make sure that she would be protected, she sent Iain through time as well but they didn't end up at the same time. So for the next 100s of centuries, Iain has searched for his beloved.

Rina can't hide the fact that she isn't quite satisfied as a seamstress, but it's a living, right? Most of her social experiences have been with picky brides and groomsmen making passes at her while she's doing alterations on their clothing. Let's not even bring up Prom season. Rina is Gladys's most talented seamstress, and only one. One night, her life is forever changed when she is nearly taken by ghostly looking men in what looks to be Medievel armor. Then a stranger with a funny accent enters to save her life and her wild ride to adventure and possible love begin. The end of the world is fast approaching and it's up to Rina, the mysterious stranger, a few Goddesses, and all of what Rina thought to be mythical beings to save the world and all of mankind.

Okay thats what's new, old, and inbetween! Stay tuned!


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