Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Movies and Books pt. 1

Okay March isn't even half way over but here's the movies and books worth or maybe not worth checking out.


You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger-This movie stars Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin. Okay this movie starts out with Anthony Hopkins who plays a man well onto his senior years that after 30 plus years of marriage, has divorced his wife and fell for a woman that is probably 30 years or close to it his junior. Not to mention she's a quasi actress/prostitute. Alfie wants a son, and yes, his prostitute wife is his hope for his genetic future. His ex wife, is devestated and had even tried to kill herself, but no fear-she's put her fate in the hands of a psychic that her daughter found for her(enter Naomi Watts) however-she's not really a psychic but is basically someone who tells this woman what she wants to hear. Naomi Watts is married to basically a bum-yet this bum finished Medical school and could work-but doesn't. He is working on his next great war novel-which his publisher has refused. Naomi's character wants to be able to not have to have her mother to help them out financially and wants to have a child of her own which her husband(Broilin) does not. However, her husband is falling for a Indian woman across the way that always seems to wear red and always seems to have her window open. Naomi on the other hand has a crush on her boss at this art gallery she works at (Enter Antonio Banderas) who ends up sleeping with an artist friend of Naomi's character. Confused yet? I was confused as to why I rented this to begin with! Not only does it make the Marriage of Figaro-the metal version seem likable but it doesn't show any resolve by the end of the movie other than Naomi's mother's boyfriend she ends up meeting, gets the "Okay" from his dead wife, and they end the movie with them on a bench talking about their past lives and possibly the woman was Joan of Arc. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE! Really I don't. I thought it would be funny, it has all the stars who lended talent to this movie, but it just is flat and like I said has no resolve; no ending other than you find out that Naomi's character divorces her worthless husband to which ends up with the lady across the way. He ends up stealing his friend's book manuscript because he finds out the man is dead-which he's not-he's in a coma and by the end of the movie or towards it-the man is coming out-so basically her ex has comitted fraud. Again do not rent this movie.


Okay I took my son to see this movie and he was sooo excited that he fell asleep the first 30 minutes. I thought it was just okay...nothing extraordinary but just okay-perhaps not something for little kids but my son when he woke up, did seem to watch it-but he wasn't as animated as he was when he watched Yogi the Bear or other cartoon movies he's watched before. I think it will be great as a DVD release but don't waste your money at the movies unless your kids have to see it. Be prepared to hear "Hell" alot and "Go To Hell". Rango is rated PG. Which is kind of weird.


I may not have blogged about this movie but like Rango it was just okay for me. I think it was meant for tweens. It had a really good plot line and the whole "curse" part really grabbed my attention. I thought it would be a new spin on the whole 'Beauty and the Beast' but its like it kind of tried but epically failed. IT was an okay movie but nothing that you wouldn't find on Disney or in the Disney Teen flick section at the video store. Beastly is great for a rental unless your 12-15 years old.


Okay books, books, books.....and I've not been reading a whole lot lately but I have been reading some stuff from 2 new authors.

1.Denyse Bridger-okay folks you have to go to and check her out! She has e books online at Elora's Cave and all I can say is the woman CAN write and it won't suprise me if she doesn't get into the mainstream really quick! She has a great range in the subjects/stories she writes and is a real talent.

2.Sasha Oliver is another brand new up and coming author. She has just published her first book *Nook,ebook format* and is featured at Barnes and Noble bookstore:

Her book, The Zodiak Chronicles is a really unique spin on the vampire story and it's a mixture of suspense, mystery, and romantic flair. Please check her out!

Okay that's so far what I've been reading and watching!

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