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Renegade Night Questions and Answers

Hi, and thanks to those who have sent me questions about my book. I don't know why this isn't letting ppl post but hey I want to answer your questions so here we go!

Charlotte M. of Oxliner,California asked: "What are the histories of your characters?"

Okay Charlotte, I answered this on my Facebook page, but in case you didn't catch it, here goes:

I have always loved history. One of my favorite time periods is the Reign and Fall of Nicholas II Romanov, the end of one of the greatest Royal dynasties in history. The Tsar and Tsarina had 4 daughters and one son, Alexi. Alexi, as many of you know was quite ill through his life. He had hemophillia and at the time there just wasn't any treatment for the disease. So when I was thinking of my star vampire, Alexi Romanov Tussier, I didn't want him to be the young son but rather a cousin. I thought it was cute when I envisoned his life, two little Russian cousins both named Alexi,since Alexi was a very popular name back then, and what the fall of the Romanov empire must have looked like to a boy having to see his uncle shot while his other uncle and Aunt and cousins were taken by the Bulshavics. Unlike the few Romanov survivors that fled to France such as the Grand Dame and her sister, Alexi's mother was in fear not to mention sickness had killed his sister and the grief and poverty took its effect on the mother. So here you have a young boy who went from the top of the aristicracy to penniless on the streets. I tried to envison that when I thought of everything for Alexi's character. It's part of what makes him a cold and lethal killer and what has given him a "work ethic". There is also the heartache of having to have lost his wife-the short brief time when Alexi was really happy.

Mordacai Vermeer-Mord was fun to craft. His name popped out at me by chance and I hated the name Mordacai-too 'Children of the Corn' for me, ya know, but that name just kept grabbing at me. Vermeer came from one of my favorite painters, Johannes Vermeer. I didn't really give a date persay as to Mordacai's birth as a vampire but as the series goes on, and I do hope to further it out, it will be revealed. All I will say is that he could predate Greece and he could have some Egyptian ties to Nepheritti, the Egyptian Queen that was erased from Egyptian history.

Yvonne Vermeer-During the time of Charles the First, a woman held her family's future in her hands by whom she married. Yvonne's uncle, like many men, saw a golden opportunity for wealth and all that implied when he began search for a suitor. Upset by her attraction to Mordacai, thinking him a lowly soilder-sent Yvonne to a nunnery. This is another tradition among unwed women-if they did not marry well-they were sent to nunneries to be in the service of the church.

Warren Langford-Warren in his beginnings was a young doctor, fresh out of the King's University where young men went to become doctors. During the reign of Charles the First, the Plague swept through London. I tied this in with Mordacai and Yvonne because I was so enthralled one night, while watching a documentary on the Plague Doctors, that I suddenly got the idea for Warren. Warren in my book is a doctor and also like Mordacai, was a founding member of the Guardians and governing council. Until he goes Renegade, he proves to have had been a great doctor.

Ezra and Tristan-the twins-there was no denying that the very moment that I got the vision for two twin Guardians, that they would be survivors of a horrific vampire attack but also Veterans of the Civil War. During the Civil War, a boy as young as 14 could be drafted into the Confederacy and many mothers and fathers were left at home while their boys were off fighting and trying to stay alive.

Faroh-Faroh is my Scottish Highlander with plenty of attitude. Faroh doesn't say too much about his life but I will reveal this-Faroh was a fierce Highland Chieftain. Faroh pulls no punches and says exactly what is on his mind and could care less what you think about him.

Nathaniel-Nathaniel is my Irish tech God. Nathaniel hales from the Emerald Isle but don't expect for his story to be all that grand or Fey like. Nathaniel was born to a wealthy land owner and you might be suprised to know that his fall from grace was saved by his transformation and introduction into the Vampire world.

Raith-Raith is one of my favorites. He's my Aussie who was raised in Aboriginal Austrailia. There's a past with him, but if the saying is true that 'Still waters run deep', then they must be nearly to the Earth's core with Raith. He's fun loving, but his smile hides a multitude of things lurking beneath the surface.

Ian-Ian, what can I say about Ian-I had nearly rounded out how many Guardians I wanted and could actually mention in one book, and then came Ian. Ian is the result of me on a British Invasion kick. Ian is pre British Invasion but definately anti-establishment. If there is a prank to be pulled, it's usually Ian behind the scenes.

Sebastian-Sebastian is my mystery man. Rumor has it, he was best friends with Lord Dudley in Elizabethan England, but then it's also rumored he helped Queen Margot flee France during the French Revolution. Sebastian is quiet-and rarely speaks. However, when he does, everyone listens and takes notice. Sebastian loves to work with his hands and loves to work on either mechanics or music. He's got soul, but you'll have to read to know more about him.

Dashell Baptiste-Dashell is a wine,women, and song kind of guy. He loves the women, loves to eat, and trumps Ian when it comes to pranks and cut ups. So where better to place Dashell,than in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dashell is a Playboy like no other, but there's a method to the maddness of Dashell, and it's not pretty. Inside Dashell is tormented by something tragic and his book is nearly ready and I'll keep you posted!

Hayes-Okay Hayes is not a vampire but nor is he human. He is a blood slave.
The movie "The Serpent and the Rainbow", inspired Hayes. I thought, Warren needs a henchman. Then I thought about Nosferatu and I didn't want to go there and then for some reason I thought about zombies which led to the movie I remembered seeing. So in a quasy sort of way I fit it in about Hayes being a rich aristocrat that was self absorbed and gets taken in by Warren and instead of Warren making him immortal he dupes Hayes into being a Blood Slave which is made from the dried blood of a Nosferatu which the practice is against the law in my book. You'll just have to read the book-I'm giving away too much already!

Carla L. from Madison,Indiana asked "How are your vampires different than other vampires? and Hello from a fellow Hoosier"


Okay my vampires are different in a few ways, first of all they can tolerate light, but it burns their energy. They also do not drink blood from the source but drink bagged or donated blood. I wanted my vampires to be somewhat modern in the sense that if they're over populated and hunting humans, there would be no food source for them. I fell in love with Lindsay Sands view on vampires living ordinary lives somewhat, but I didn't want to reproduce her ideas, so I drew on the myths of Lilith and fallen angels and the whole Angels that came to Earth to battle Lucifer's minions at the beginning of time, but these Angels fell in love with mortal women. The "Holy Four" as I call them, were the four strongest of the angels that came and when they had offspring with mortal women, they pled for the lives of their offspring. The trade was that their children would have immortal lives but that they would have to return to heaven and never lay eyes upon them again. Lilith takes them under her wing and creates a sanctuary for these children and their mothers and they flourish for many years until something tragic happens thrusting them out into the world of man. To find out more, read the book!

Valerie C. from Centerville,Ohio asks "Why Paranormal Romance?"

Well why not Valerie. I never was into gushy romance novels but I adored historical romances. I also have loved vampires since I was a kid watching Dracula movies and reading books such as Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. So in high school, I had written a short story about an odd stranger who falls in love with a girl who thinks herself ordinary and plain. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found that short story and the ideas came rolling in. I did a total overhaul and thus my novel was born.

I do hope more of you send me your questions or post them here on the blog. I read everything! I hope this answered some questions you might have had about the book and I hope to hear from all of you that have read the book!

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