Friday, November 29, 2013

Two Hot Reads To Start Your Holiday Reading Off Right: Cursed Awakening and Lost To The Night II

Start the holidays off RIGHT
with two great books for your
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Cursed Awakening is a paranormal romance that is more than girl meets boy, boy turns out to be a wolf but the girl has secrets of her own and a dark past. Can boy break down the walls and free the girl from the darkness while fighting a sinister evil at his own back door when there's the threat to girl and those he loves?
Join myself and four other talented authors as we give you five stories in one book that range from chilling thrills to sultry nights of danger and temptation.
Lost To The Night II featuring: Susan VanNort, Kayden McLeod, Brigit Aine, Trent Kinsey, and me of course, Nikki Noffsinger.
"Feral Fate" Blurb-from "Lost To The Night"
      No one is as wild as Cinjin. His only loyalty is to his pack and his people but outside of that he’s got a Kill ‘Em All and Let God Save Him The Left Overs kind of attitude. Cinjin is one of the most fierce and powerful wolf shifters of his pack and the only needs he has for a woman is that she knows where the door is when the sun comes up, that is until he encounters his mate, Khloe Wahpeton who is a local ER doctor and she’s definitely NOT INTERESTED!
                Well maybe she’s a little interested but Cinjin’s arrogance and ego are almost too much for her but when he brings in a broken and beaten woman, Khloe sees beyond the animal and to the heart of the man in front of her. If she can keep from killing him herself, they might have a chance.
Lost to the Night II and Cursed Awakening can be purchased in E-Book Format only @
Remember-EBooks make great gifts for the Holidays!

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