Sunday, November 3, 2013

November is NaNoWriMo


            and so is NaNoWriMo!

     For those of us who participate in the NaNoWriMo, it's crunch month.  Just what is NaNoWriMo? It is an annual novel writing contest in any genre including children stories. Each participant spends the entire month doing nothing but writing. I have done this competition since 2009. There's no real prize other than you get to network with other writers/authors and you get the prestige of being part of the NaNoWriMo winners. What's the point?

       The point of doing the NaNoWriMo is challenging one's self. There are daily online workshops and information to be a better writer and to cheer one on. One would think that writing 90,000 words is a piece of pie, but I will tell you right now that you will start off confident and end up second and fourth guessing yourself towards the middle to end. The NaNoWriMo was where I first submitted my very first vampire story and the following year I submitted Cursed Awakening, which wasn't nearly as developed as a story as it is now. That's okay because with the NaNoWriMo grammar and corrections are out the window. It's write and get the story out and submit it by the end of the month. Many people have been signed to publishing contracts because of their submissions.

       NaNoWriMo also has well published authors like James Patterson who do lend their suggestions and experience to daily pep talks. So far James Patterson, Lev Grossman, Malinda Lo, Marie Lu, and loads more. For new authors/writers or just those who just want to set a goal and meet that goal, the National Novel Writers Month contest event is a great vehicle and a means to reboot creativity.  

     So while I'm not shirking my duties with my own novel projects that will hopefully be ready in 2014 (I know you all are waiting patiently or in Angie McIntire's case, impatiently for the follow up to my first vampire novel, but never fear-Dash is coming soon). The Blood Courtesan is going to be ready for second and third edits soon. Howling at my back is none other than Shiloh Red Cloud who is determined to get Nyx's sister, Lahni, to quit trying to kill him long enough to Claim her as his mate. In the midst of all this is my NaNoWriMo submission which is going quite well. Want a little 4-1-1 on it?

                 Sins Under A Blood Moon

           Soren stands looking out at the town of Moscow dreading his trip to America. Since his broken father abdicated the throne, Soren is now King of all Werewolves. He has everything he could ever want: money, power, prestige, and he's never been defeated in battle. However, beneath Soren's skin, his wolf is clawing at his insides.

       A werewolf shares his or her soul with an animal spirit. That animal is the Ying and the Yang of their souls. If balance is not kept-then the wolf takes over completely because it is strongest. When a Lycan loses their human self, they are a feral blood thirsty animal that is no longer ruled by a human heart or moon. Soren's worst fear is that his wolf is taking over. Each passing day, Soren feels his animal side being more dominant and harder to submit. His only salvation would be to find his mate. However, looking at his father waste away each day and the loss of both is mother and brother, Soren's not sure he cares or not anymore.

          Across the ocean in a little North Carolina town, Dani Harris is working hear butt off as a veterinary assistant so she can finish vet school. She left her family and everything in London, Kentucky to come down to White Lake, North Carolina. She'd inherited her grandma's little two story house and though it wasn't the start she had planned on, Dani was more than happy to take it.

   Just like her grandma, she'd always had a special way with animals, even Mrs. Torres's temperamental tabby, Hercules, was no match for her. Her life was mapped out. She would save every dime she could from working with Dr. Adams's Veterinary Clinic and Emergency Hospital and then she would go back to vet school and start her own practice. That was Dani's plan and no where did it involve men. As far as she was concerned, the world had far too many boys posing as men who ended up nothing more than dogs.

       There was more to the Dargo pack than Soren had been informed and he was certain he would unravel the secrets. Tatiana Renault, whose father had been pack master before, was an exotic beauty. To the untrained eye she was everything a man like Soren should want in a woman and mate. Aside from her looks, Tatiana was strong and cunning, and would do anything to get what she wanted by any means possible. Any man who was mated to Tatiana would no doubt have to surrender his balls to a lock box of some sort and he most definitely was keeping his attached. Soren had more important matters though.
   Soren and some of the pack males were on the chase of what they called, Lupe Garu Basically it was just another term for when one of their own kind had lost their battle and the animal had taken over and what was left was a blood thirsty and feral animal. Just as they were on the outskirts of the town of White Lake, Soren and the pack caught the scent of the Lupe Garu and heard the scream of a human woman. It was bad for humans and Soren's kind to mix. It never bode well for an introduction of the species, but Soren would not allow the woman to be harmed. The moment he caught her scent, something within him changed. Automatically he changed forms as if the power was not his own. A whole new feeling came over him; the instinct to protect and it struck hard like lightening through the sky. This human woman was his mate and for the first time in Soren's life, he didn't know what the hell he was going to do!

    Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on Sins under A Blood Moon and sign up and take the NaNoWriMo challenge! Hope to see you there!



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